Corporate Media Websites Ignore SCHIP Veto

These are the headlines right now on the major American news websites:

CNN: Timeline shows how dad, not cops, found dead son.

MSNBC: Hybrid Hopes.

FOX: Iran Working on Missile That Could Hit U.S.

ABC: Embedded In the Middle East: Inside the ER

NBC: Private Security Contractor Blackwater Under Fire

CBS: Flight Delays Soar to All-Time High

But Britney could be getting her kids back, cuz she got her license. Just thought you’d want to know.

UPDATE:  Ok, to be fair, CNN and MSNBC mentioned the veto in a sidebar, and I don’t have television, so I don’t know what they’re reporting there.  Maybe someone can put up a comment about what the Corporate Media is reporting on the teevee.  — Zooey