The Watering Hole: Thursday, September 1, 2011: “Rick Perry wants to get all up in your uterus and take a picture.”

From Raw Story:

Filling in on the Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday night, Tulane professor and MSNBC commentator Melissa Harris-Perry took Texas Governor and GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry to task for supporting “government so small that you don’t even notice it” on the one hand and the inconsistency of supporting the Texas sonogram law on the other.

Harris-Perry said that Gov. Perry “wants the government to be so small that it doesn’t provide a social safety net, that it doesn’t support you when you grow old and retire and need health care. That’s big government and he wants to set us free from those shackles …So, Rick Perry’s version of small government conservativism means government so small it’s not there to help you.”

“Rick Perry wants to make the government so small you don’t event notice it …unless you’re a lady. In which case, Rick Perry wants to make the government so big that it can control the pregnancy of any given woman in Texas. On nearly every other issue, Rick Perry wants government to be practically non-existent. He wants government to be nowhere near you as a citizen. Not even if you want it or need it. But on this one issue, on the issue of abortion, he wants government to be right there with you. Handing your doctor a script, whispering in your ear, that you should be ashamed of yourself. Rick Perry wants to get all up in your uterus and take a picture.”

The Texas sonogram bill requires women to get a sonogram at least 24 hours before getting an abortion. It also requires doctors to describe the fetus to the woman. Critics of the Texas sonogram law, as Raw Storyreported in March, say “the bill is really about shaming women into deciding against terminating a pregnancy.”

The video is from MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show. This episode, being hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry, can be viewed here.

So… What do you think? What is it about the GOP that wants SMALL government when it comes to programs that help American citizens, and creating a social safety net for the most vulnerable citizens among us, but BIG government when it comes to what you do in your bedroom, and what you discuss with your doctor. What IS that?? Is that the role of government?

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