Sunday Roast: April 14th, 2013 – Four Cups of Coffee

Good Morning Zoosters. Tired? I am. So this is what I found for your Sunday Morning reading over my morning coffee:

Having my first cup of coffee, I discovered that being all powerful and so full of yourself doesn’t mean people love you. Au contraire in some notorious cases, including this:

Protesters could be arrested for “alarming or distressing” mourners at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, a police chief in charge of security at the event has warned. (full story)

In the UK this song is No 1 in ITunes Store downloads. Ah well.

Having my second cup of coffee was my “banging head on desk” moment. I have discussed some Right Wing terrorism in Germany here and it beats me, how the court could have excluded foreign newspapers, especially Turkish ones from this trial. The Verfassungsgericht ( our version of Supreme Court) set things right.

Germany’s top court has ruled that foreign media must get access to the trial of a suspected neo-Nazi charged in connection with the murders of 10 people, including eight of Turkish descent. A Turkish newspaper had filed a complaint. The row had threatened to harm Germany’s image and was overshadowing the trial starting April 17. (full story)

Cup Number Three: It won’t go away, not in our lifetimes. The Deepwater Horizon Spill has caused more damage than BP could ever pay for in damages. Can’t we, please, start taking care of our planet? It’s our home. The only one we’ve got.

Hundreds of beached dolphin carcasses, shrimp with no eyes, contaminated fish, ancient corals caked in oil and some seriously unwell people are among the legacies that scientists are still uncovering in the wake of BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill. (full story)

That required some lighter reading for cup four. Lest I ruin my day. Are women unrealistic when it comes to  the male of the species? I am, totally, that’s for sure, but here’s some evidence, or not.

Men have long wondered what exactly it is that women want. Some pore over men’s magazines, with their promises of “washboard abs”, for guidance. The more scientifically minded look for experimental data. (full story)

So, now I have my fifth cup, have a peek into the Formula 1 Race, then I am off to Brunch with a friend, we will then discuss what I’ve read over my fourth cup of coffee.

You all have a very pleasant Sunday, sunny happy and warm. See you all later!

This is our Open Thread. Let’s go.

Music Night – Man Pain

Depending on who you ask, all men are assholes, or most men are assholes. So when a typical guy doesn’t get the relationship to work the dialogue goes something like this:

Buster: So where’s Sherry tonight?
Billy Bob: We split up.
Buster: Oh. So it’s just the two of us tonight at the BarB Que?
Billy Bob: Yep.
Buster: So why don’t we hit the billiards hall afterward then.
Billy Bob: Yeah, I guess. But only if we chug a 6-pack before going in.

So to prove the theory that only most men are assholes, I offer two who are not, singing about man pain in the most evocative, visceral moods of anguish and eloquence.
Jimmy Dale Gilmore doing a Butch Hancock song Just a Wave Not the Water.

Jeff Buckley performs what most think is the hands down best version of the Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah

The Watering Hole: July 18th – 101 uses for a (wo)man

I meant this as a party thread initially, but then I will be sound asleep when you all  get started to comment.  The Times brought us the list and there are gems like..

Ensuring that the children learn to play happily on their own by applying special male method of childcare, namely sitting on the sofa reading the paper while they set fire to the house.

Replace “sitting” with “lying” and “reading” with “snoring” and it rings a bell. That one definitely  never happened to me..

Reading, and actually understanding, instruction manuals for small electrical devices.

I am the only one in this house who reads manuals. The men toss the manual in the bin, start the device, get it wrong and send it back for warranty replacement.

Get the whole list here and as we are an equal opportunity blog, here’s the list for you guys: 101 uses for a woman.