Sunday Roast: Happy Mother’s Day

Mom on a pony

Awwww, it’s my Mom… on a tiny pony.  She looks to be about three years old, which dates this photo to the WWII years.

I’ve always wondered about this photo — why was such a photo taken, when her parents weren’t country people?  They lived in the big city of Cleveland, Ohio!  Then I remember that, of my maternal grandmother’s many pregnancies, my Mom was her only living child.  So when the opportunity arose to put her only baby girl on the back of a pony for a photo-op, you know that was totally happening.

I never met my maternal grandparents — my grandmother having died of breast cancer when my Mom was 13, and my grandfather having died suddenly when Mom was in her last year of high school — but I like to think they were nice people.  She didn’t talk about them much.  They gave her a good foundation, and she made the best of it.  Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?  Especially on a shortened time frame…

Miss you bunches, Mom.

This is our daily open thread — Call your Mom!  Or spend time with happy memories.

Sunday Roast: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

This is my Mom on her wedding day, age 19, thirteen months before I was born.  Her own mother had died when she was 13, and her dad died when she was 18.  She was never afraid to try anything, and never had a problem telling someone where to go — in the nicest possible language, and always with a smile.

Dad was in the Navy then, so we moved around A LOT.  Wherever we went, Mom always seemed to find an older lady to adopt.  They’d have coffee together, go shopping, get to doctor appointments, etc.  It took a shocking amount of time for me to figure out that she was adopting a Mom everywhere we went.  I don’t think we ever talked about it…it was just something she always did.

When I was in junior high and high school, we managed to live in the same housing for about six or seven years — the longest I’d ever lived anywhere in my life at the time.  We lived on Fallon Circle, or as Mom liked to call it “Fallon Circus.”  She was the ring leader of a gang of moms who moved from apartment to apartment doing the coffee klatch thing and smoking like chimneys.  They  supported each other because most of the men were in Vietnam, and I swear, those women were a network of spies — because we kids got away with very little in those days.

Mom got to looking around Fallon Circus one day, and decided that she was sick of all the buildings looking the same.  The solution:  Everyone should paint their door a different color.  But this was Navy housing, and you can’t just paint your doors!  The housing authorities were aghast!!  Well, Mom kept at them for weeks and finally they said, “Fine!  Please go away!”  After all that, Mom painted our door the god-awfullest green I’d ever seen in my life.  Mom!?

At the end of the war, the dads were coming home all around Fallon Circus, and in May 1975, the USS Coral Sea was coming home.  My Dad was on that ship, along with a couple other dads from the Circus.  Mom got together with the other ladies, and they brewed up a plan…

A large “Yellow Ribbon” was created by the Navy Wives at Alameda Naval Air Station (NAS) and was installed near the top of the Coit Tower late May 1975 for the returning of the U.S.S. Coral Sea (CV-43) from an eight month WestPac tour (1974 – 1975) in the Viet Nam / West Pacific area. The Yellow Ribbon was made from a large chicken wire skeleton with hundreds of small pieces of yellow cloth tied to it to make the large Yellow Ribbon. Several Sailors (including Robert P. Hampton, Radioman, 17 years old, awaiting upon the ship’s return to Alameda NAS) carried the Yellow Ribbon up the Coit Tower inner-stairwell and with the help from a couple of San Francisco City workers draped the large and heavy Yellow Ribbon over the top arch opening, under very windy conditions. It was directed towards the Angel Island direction. A banner “U.S.S. Coral Sea (CVA-43) – San Francisco’s Own” was also [draped] below the Yellow Ribbon (Another similar banner was placed on the Golden Gate Bridge, ocean side for the returning Sailors to see).

It was a sight to see, let me tell you.  The men on the ship were thrilled!  I’m sure there’s a picture of it out there somewhere, but I sure couldn’t find it.

Anyhoo, that was my Mom.  What about your Mom?  If you’d like, you can share your Mom stories in the comments section — or whatever else you have on your mind.

This is our daily open thread — Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday Roast: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers!!

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.
~Honore de Balzac

The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants, but when she resolutely holds him to the highest standards and is content with nothing less than his best.
~Hamilton Wright Mabie

There’s a lot more to being a woman than being a mother, but there’s a hell a lot more to being a mother than most people suspect.
~Roseanne Barr

An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest.
~Spanish proverb

For the hand that rocks the cradle – Is the hand that rules the world.
~William Ross Wallace

This is our daily open thread — If you have one, share a story about your Mom!!

House Republicans vote against their own Mothers.


Obstructionist Republicans continue doing everything in Washington DC except their jobs, including voting against their own resolutions.

On Wednesday, the House took up the seemingly uncontroversial H. Res. 1113, “Celebrating the role of mothers in the United States and supporting the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day.” The resolution initially passed 412 to 0, until Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) rose in protest:

Mr. Speaker, I ask for a recorded vote because I’m sure every member wants their mother to know that they have supported the goals of Mother’s Day.

Well, 177 mothers of House Republicans will be disappointed to know their sons and daughters voted against them — or maybe they won’t, these moms must know by now what kind of children they raised.

House Minority Leader John Boehner dismissed the bizarre vote of his Republicans saying, “Oh, we just wanted to make sure that everyone was on record in support of Mother’s Day.” By the way, Boehner is against his mother as well.

In the comments section of this post on ThinkProgress, MsJoanne reported on her conversation with Rep Tiahrt’s staff:

I just got off the phone with Mr. Tiahrt’s office in DC. Apparently, they are going to stop votes on EVERYTHING until they get what they want in the Emergency Supplemental Bill. The goopers will be doing Motions To Reconsider every bill presented until they get what they want in the supplemental.

Great…thugs, thugs, and more thugs.

She expands on that conversation in another comment:

The guy I talked with said that they are going to use this procedural motion to stop everything “to bring to light” what they want in the bill. This man said that they have no say in it. I asked if this was a war funding bill and he replied that it was war, medicare, science, etc. (That made me a bit afraid in that they probably want to further reduce everything but the war.)

He also said that Mr Tiahrt’s district fully supported the war.

This is your government at work, folks. Not only do they throw trillions of dollars at a war which can never be won, but they piss away time and tax dollars on petty obstructionist games. This is how they “represent” us.

Both of the Representatives from my state voted against their mothers as well. How does your Rep feel about his/her mother?

ThinkProgress has video of this shameful waste of time here.