The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 1, 2015

Away from food politics and environment for a moment, here is an essay on the presence of guns in the US with respect to other countries and the comparative murder and suicide rates. Surprised to actually find this at a CNN site.

Amerikans love their guns to death.

Papa bear, momma bear, and baby bear.

The Watering Hole, Wednesday, May 2, 2012: Corporate Person Hood, Part IV

"Tweeter," our investigative journalist hard at work.

Once again, The Zoo has learned exclusive inside information into the developing story of Corporate Person Hood. According to sources deep inside the executive branch, Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., has convened a secret grand jury for the purpose of seeking indictments for First Degree Murder against Bain Capital.

This stunning development began shortly after Presumptive Presidential Candidate Mitt, Corporations are People, Romney stated, in public, that Corporations are People. With that admission, investigators sprung into action.

We’re focusing on the period from 1984 to 1999” an insider revealed. That’s when Romney ran Bain, driving 17 companies into bankruptcy or complete closure. “The bankruptcy cases don’t interest us right now. That’s kind of like sending a Corporation Person into ER, and they recover. We want the cases where the Corporation Person ceased to exist because Bain sucked all the life out of it. That’s murder, and there’s no statute of limitations on murder.”

Sources also indicate the DoJ is looking to indicte Romney as a co-conspirator with the Corporation Person Bain Capital. “He may well be the master-mind behind the whole thing,” another anonymous insider stated. The insider then added, off the record, that the indictments are being planned for the week of the Republican National Convention.

The Zoo stopped by Romney’s headquarters for comment, but staffers there were too busy shaking Etch-a-Sketches to speak. One harried staffer paused just long enough to say, “look, we’ve got thousands of Etch-a-Sketches to shake…one for each of Romney’s positions he has held over his entire political life. We don’t have time to respond to every little rumor about Romney killing this Corporation Person or that Corporation Person.” With that, a moving van arrived. “Oh God, it’s his Stances on Women Etch-a-Sketches – they’ve finally arrived.” The staffer ran screaming into the headquarters, “A LITTLE HELP HERE!!!”


Scott Roeder: CONVICTED MURDERER (updated)

The jury deliberated for 37 minutes, and then convicted Scott Roeder of first degree murder, for killing George Tiller, MD in church.  He was also convicted of aggravated assault for threatening to shoot two church ushers as he ran away from the scene.  Hey, if he was so convinced murdering Dr Tiller was the right thing to do, why did he run away?  Why not stick around and proudly claim credit for shooting a man point-blank in the head?

The Judge in the case previously ruled that this murderer could not use a voluntary manslaughter defense.  Rightly so, in my opinion, since this murder occurred after ten years of pre-meditation and stalking of Dr Tiller, and there were no fetuses in danger of being aborted in the Reformation Lutheran Church lobby — Roeder’s main purpose for murdering Dr Tiller.

Abortion is legal in this country, even though anti-choicers have succeeded in making it very difficult to access legal abortion services.  Scott Roeder failed to accomplish the end of abortion by murdering Dr Tiller, and any future violence against women’s clinics and doctors will meet with the same failure.

Scott Roeder is no martyr to the cause — although he tried very hard to become one.  No, Roeder will be just another murderer in the prison world, having murdered a law-abiding citizen in church.

Rot in jail forever, Scott Roeder.  The Court will be far more merciful than you.

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UPDATE: Wayne A. Schneider’s take on Roeder’s conviction.

UPDATE 2:  Scott Roeder was today sentenced to life in prison:

Sedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert could have made the Roeder eligible for parole after 25 or 50 years, but gave him the harsher sentence because he said the evidence showed Roeder stalked Tiller before killing him.

Wilbert also sentenced Roeder to serve an additional year in prison on each of two counts of aggravated assault for threatening two church ushers in the melee. That means — allowing for possible time off those sentences for good behavior — Roeder won’t be eligible for parole for 51 years and eight months.

Roeder is 52 now, so he won’t be eligible for parole until he’s over 103 years old.

Rot in prison, murderer and domestic terrorist.  As predicted, Roeder received far more mercy from the Court than he showed Dr Tiller.


Religious White Christians Can’t Be Terrorists, Part 2

This is a continuation of 5th Estate’s blog post entitled, “Religious White Christians Can’t Be Terrorists.”  You can read the entire post at his blog, The 5th Estate 2009.

It seems I wasn’t the only one to notice the disparity of Dr. Tiller’s murderer being charged only with murder, whilst Private William Long’s murderer is being charged with murder, attempted murder and 16 counts of “terroristic” acts’.

On the cross-post over at The Zoo, houseofroberts commented “5th, I’ve heard three different talk show hosts use this same comparison on their shows, SINCE you posted yours.”

Last night (June 3), Rachel Maddow spent a significant portion of her show addressing the exact same issues I’d already written about, the day before her show.

Coincidence? …..Definitely! In a nation of 200 million-plus mass-communication-connected adults unique observations on a national story are going to be very hard to come-by!

But Rachel Maddow drilled a little deeper than I did.

She asked a former FBI counter-terrorism agent how it was that Private Long’s murderer under an active FBI ‘watch’ for a year, Muhammad/Bledsoe had acquired an “arsenal” of weapons.

She also asked how Dr Tiller’s murderer, Scott Roeder, had complete freedom of movement when the FBI had been provided with multiple positive witness and security videotape identification of Shroeder violating federal FACE statutes multiple times and particularly just a few days before Dr Tiller’s murder?

The former FBI agent responded with a statement of fact–for whatever reason, the ‘system’ failed–a disappointing analysis but fair-enough on its face; nothing is perfect.

Radio-host Hal Turner — accused of hosting a website that incited Connecticut Catholics to “take up arms” and singling out two Connecticut lawmakers and a state ethics official — was taken into custody in New Jersey late today after state Capitol police obtained an arrest warrant for him.

SO, New Jersey State police (NOT the FBI) arrested a known racist (and pal of Sean Hannity, incidentally), Hal Turner, of simply inciting violence against officials of another state!.

What does this have to do with Shroeder, Muhammad, politically- and religiously-motivated murder and the responses of secular and egalitarian legal authorities?


Hal Turner has multi-year history of inciting violence.
Scott Shroeder has a multi-year history of being incited to violence.  Muhammad/Bledsoe has about one year (by the FBI’s reckoning) of being incited to violence

Hal Turner was just arrested for simply inciting violence, by local police, even though to the best of anyone’s knowledge no-one has acted on his incitements (interestingly he’s also apparently been an FBI informant precisely because of his connections with extremists).

Scott Roeder had a public record of violent intent and was an active participant in aggressive demonstrations promoted by “pro-life” anti-abortion organizations that have a record for inciting violence and praising violence against its “spiritual/intellectual”and political enemies.  From their extremist ranks, extreme ‘Christian soldiers’ have sprung who have terrorized and murdered for the anti-abortion cause–which is to render abortion in any form, illegal.  (Except natural abortion of course, otherwise known as miscarriage. When God Himself kills babies it’s perfectly okay, even though godless sinners may have the capacity to prevent miscarriages through the application of secular, sinful, medical science.)

Scott Roeder, even though he was known to the FBI and to Wichita locals, even though he had publicly expressed violent tendencies and participated in threatening actions towards a specific individual, even though he had been proven to have violated anti -terror FEDERAL law multiple times, was NEVER arrested for his actions, let alone his own incitement or his propensity for being incited by others.

And those organizations that incited Roeder, and continue to incite others to violence, were likewise allowed to continue and remain untouched by federal and local authorities.

Muhammad/Bledsoe, a newly-minted ‘terrorist’ with no local support whatsoever faces the maximum punitive weight that Federal authorities can bring to bear against him.  Roeder, on the other hand is faced with the minimum sanctions available.

And yet Hal Turner who hasn’t killed anyone or personally threatened to kill anyone or even engaged in any targeted property damage has been arrested by local authorities for verbally threatening ‘across state lines’ ( that’s the only way I can express it).

Anyone CAN be arrested for verbal threats–it happens all the time, and when such official action is taken it usually results in a misdemeanor charge.

So why, if Hal Turner can be arrested by local police on one instance of ‘verbal’ (communicated) threats (supported by a record of threatening verbiage) wasn’t Scott Roeder with a record of aggressive behavior and proof of violation of federal law also arrested by either local or Federal law enforcement?

And why wasn’t Muhammad/Bledsoe (under investigation for a year apparently) hauled-in for simple questioning at least, as the FBI is authorized to do? Did the FBI need him to actually commit a criminal act before charging him with anything?
Compare Muhammad/Bledsoe’s case to that of any other ‘domestic terror plot’ the FBI has supposedly thwarted in the past 8 years. The ONE time a domestic MUSLIM ‘terrorist’ actually kills someone symbolic of US hegemony, and the FBI has to LET SOMEONE GET MURDERED before they DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!!!

Read the rest of this post here.

Religious White Christians Can’t Be Terrorists

Another great post by our bloggy friend 5th Estate:

On Sunday May 30, 2009, in Wichita, Kansas, Dr George Tiller, a specialist in late-term abortion procedures, was murdered in the foyer of his church during a service.

On Monday, June 1, 2009, in Little Rock, Arkansas, Private William Long was murdered and Private Quinton Ezeagwula was wounded outside a military recruiting station.

Dr. Tiller’s ‘suspected’ murderer, 51-year old Scott Roeder, faces “possible first-degree murder charges, according to the Kansas City sheriff’s department.”

Private William Long’s ‘suspected’ murderer is 23-year old Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad (formerly known as Carlos Leon Bledsoe). Muhammad was apparently being investigated by the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force since his return from Yemen (after his religious conversion).

Muhammad was “not part of a larger group or part of a conspiracy” (according to Lt. Col. Thomas F. Artis of the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion) but was nonetheless driven by “political and religious motives” (according to the Little Rock police) and will be charged with capital murder and 16 counts of committing a terroristic act.

So Scott Roeder is facing one count of murder (and two counts of aggravated assault) whilst Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad/Carlos Bledsoe is being charged with murder and sixteen counts of terrorism?

In 1996, when Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad was 11 year-old Carlos Leon Bledsoe, Scott Roeder was a 38 year-old member of the anti-government Freemen group and was charged in Topeka for having bomb components in his car (for which he served 16 months in jail and 8 months on probation before the conviction was overturned on appeal due to issues with the search of his car).

Roeder was known to Morris Wilson, a commander of the Kansas Unorganized Citizens Militia in the mid-1990s, who said “I’d say he’s a good ol’ boy, except he was just so fanatic about abortion. He was always talking about how awful abortion was.”

According to CNN, Roeder’s associates describe him as a regular participant in anti-abortion demonstrations in Kansas City and Wichita—a characterization corroborated by one worker at the Kansas City Central Family Medicine clinic, who said that Roeder was “hard to miss” because of his height. Roeder had been interrupted several times trying to disable the locks of the clinic with epoxy, but was never convicted. Another employee of the clinic memorized Roeder’s license plate number.

Roeder has spent at least the last 8 years physically interfering with Dr Tiller’s legal and medically necessary practice with the explicit or tacit support of a network of “pro-life” religious organizations that have been pandered-to and encouraged-by the GOP, the Catholic Church and influential media personalities who have been calling abortion providers “mass-murderers” for the past 30 years or more.

And then, convinced of his ‘moral’ duties Roeder succeeded in killing Dr Tiller where others before him had failed.

Over the past 8 years Carlos Bledsoe, along with a growing number of Americans that has become a majority in the past two years, apparently became aware of the constant killing, mass arbitrary incarceration and torture of non-Christian human beings—babies, children, women and men—by a US military under orders from a wholly Republican and Christian government; and presumably convinced of his own ‘moral duty’ decided to side with the Muslim faith and then ‘protest’ by murdering a new Army recruit as blameless as anyone for the actions of the organization he’d just joined.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad/Carlos Bledsoe apparently acted on his own volition and without any 30 year-long explicit or implicit support from issue-specific organizations propped-up by a major political party, or exhorted to action by any media personalities with long standing social and business relationships with the same.

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad appears to have been driven to an act of murder solely by the brief evolution of private personal convictions.

Go read the whole post at 5th Estate’s blog here.

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Add Your Voice

Earlier today, Crooks and Liars reported that after Katrina, white militias in Algiers Point, Louisiana hunted down and killed and injured any black people who dared to venture into their ‘hood.

Color of Change adds:

A new report in The Nation[1] documents what many have claimed for years–for some Black New Orleanians the threat of being killed by White vigilantes in Katrina’s aftermath became a bigger threat than the storm itself.

After the storm, White vigilantes roamed Algiers Point shooting and, according to their own accounts, killing Black men at will–with no threat of a police response.

“It was great!” said one vigilante. “It was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it.”

The Nation’s article tells the story of Donnell Herrington, Marcel Alexander, and Chris Collins–a group of friends who were attacked by shotgun-wielding White men as they entered Algiers Point on September 1, 2005. As they tried to escape, Herrington recalls, their attackers shouted, “Get him! Get that nigger!” He managed to get away. Alexander and Collins were told that they would be allowed to live on the condition that they told other Black folks not to come to Algiers Point. Herrington, shot in the neck, barely survived.

And there’s the story of Henry Glover, who didn’t survive after being shot by an unknown assailant.[2] Glover’s brother flagged down a stranger for help, and the two men brought Glover to a police station. But instead of receiving aid, they were beaten by officers while Henry Glover bled to death in the back seat of the stranger’s car. A police officer drove off in the car soon afterward. Both Glover’s body and the car were found burnt to cinders a week later. It took DNA analysis to identify the body.

1. “Katrina’s Hidden Race War,” The Nation, 12-18-2008

2. “Body of Evidence,” The Nation, 12-18-2008

Take a moment and go here to voice your call for justice.  Ask that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, and the U.S. Department of Justice–to conduct a full investigation of these crimes and any police cover-up.