Caller To C-SPAN Host: “Why do you keep bringing these neocons & their failed policy on?

Great question from Mary in Florida!   If you watch this video, you will see that the host doesn’t answer Mary’s question, she defers the question to Lowry.   Lowry, of course, didn’t answer her question either, his response was “thanks for not calling me a traitor.”


PNAC’s got a new name…

Or should I say.. PNAC’s got a new game..

Just like Blackwater, oh, I mean “Xe“, and AIG, I mean “AIU“, PNAC has formed a new group and changed their name.

Is changing their name supposed to fool anyone? From Raw Story:

The Neocons are back. The same Republicans who sold the country on the war in Iraq have formed a new group called the Foreign Policy Initiative, and declaring their last group as “mission accomplished.” Rachel Maddow is joined by’s Matt Duss.

Hmmm… “Foreign Policy Initiative”.. FPI. Sounds almost like FBI… Is that an accident?

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Robert Parry on the ‘real’ John McCain

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Who is the REAL John McCain?

Investigative journalist Robert Parry talks about McCain, his defense of Bush/Cheney and Iraq war on theRealNewsNetwork:

For a continuation of this interview with Robert Parry:

Lieberman and the neocons around McCain – Robert Parry on Vietnam era hawks, the neocons and McCain Pt2

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You won’t see this on the MSM

The surge didn’t work. Instead, we built a city of walls, both physically and psychologically.

Thanks to the Diary at DailyKos posted by ‘panicbean’ for sharing these videos. It is recommended by the blogger that we post these videos everywhere because you won’t see these on the MSM.

Baghdad – 5 Years post invasion Part 1

It only gets worse in Part 2

This is what George W Bush and his NeoCon friends gave to the Iraqi people.

What about the children? What George W Bush did IS NOT family values.

Baghdad – 5 Years post invasion Part 3

This is Iraq’s future and our future. How do you make friends with someone that blames you for the death of their parents? They don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us because we have destroyed their lives.

A John McCain presidency will only continue with this disgrace. The old man is planning on winning. Winning what? I don’t know. It certainly won’t be the hearts and minds of Iraqis.

Glenn Greenwald vs. the Neocons

In his column today, Glenn Greenwald defends Jim Webb and goes after the Kagans and William “The Bloody” Kristol.
via: Salon

American War Culture in a nutshell
by Glenn Greenwald

..”If troops want more time at home, Kagan says, there is an easy way to achieve that: “win the war we’re fighting.” Of course, that would not even work, because Kagan and his friends at the Weekly Standard and the American Enterprise Institute have many more wars planned beyond Iraq for other families’ sons and daughters to fight. For that reason, Kagan actually had the audacity several months ago to type this:
The president must issue a personal call for young Americans to volunteer to fight in the decisive conflict of this generation.

That’s the history of our country for the last six years at least. The Fred Kagans and his dad and his brother and his wife and his best friend Bill Kristol sit back casually demanding more wars, demanding that our troops be denied any relief, demanding that the President call for other families to volunteer to fight in their wars — all “as an intellectual or emotional exercise,” as Webb put it.”..