Silence Has Told Them (A Song Parody)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has kept impeachment “off the table” for too long, and she has met the nation’s cries to impeach the Vice President (and, later, the President) with silence. This silence has spoken volumes to Bush and Cheney, the “them” of the following song parody. It’s yet another message to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “Impeach them or else”. Enjoy.

Silence Has Told Them
Original Words and Music “Silence is Golden” Bob Crewe
Additional Lyrics Wayne A. Schneider copyright 2007

Oh, how it hurts deep inside
To see Nancy do nothing to them
Oh, don’t it pain to see someone lie
Oh, especially when someone is them

Silence has told them
They will both go free
Silence has told them, told them
They will both go free

(to see the rest, go here.)

Please visit the petition to remove Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House. Thank you.

The Detainee’s Lament (A Song parody)

Well, call it a Freudian slip, call it what you will, but it sure sounded like Vice President Dick Cheney (who once downed a beer, shot his friend, and blew off the cops all in one day) said we’re using torture on the detainees. No, he didn’t come out and say it. He may have accidentally alluded to it. But at this point, what’s the use of constantly beating up on the prisoners? Is it going to get you any current information seeing as we’ve had many of them in custody for a few years now? So I started wondering, what must life be like for those guys in Guantanamo Bay (not necessarily the ones that had been “renditioned” to other countries before)? Well, let’s see if The Lovin’ Spoonful’s hit song “You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice” can tell us. Original words and music by John Sebastian and Steve Boone (1965).

The Detainee’s Lament

You didn’t have to be so mean
I would have told you anyway
If you had known who I had been
I might not still be here today

They said the time was right for me to talk to you
I knew I wouldn’t last a day or two, and it’s true

You beat me on a “quiet day”
You simply throw me round the place
I know when it will be that way
The minute that I see your face


And if I live a few more days (if I live a few more days)
I wonder if I’ll get to say (wonder if I’ll get to say)
You didn’t have to be so mean (be so mean)
I could have died the other day (could have died the other day)

They said the time was right for you to execute
I knew they’d never want to prosecute, and it’s true

You didn’t have to be so mean (didn’t have to be so mean)
The end result was just the same (end result was just the same)
The things you did were so obscene (so obscene)
I know you’ll say I was to blame (was to blame)

Madame Speaker (A Song Parody)

This is just one of the songs written as part of a full (almost) rock opera parody called “Georgie”.  (The full rock opera parody can be found here.) Perhaps as I find some of the other songs from “Tommy” I may post some of the other songs individually.  Obviously it didn’t really happen this way.  But it would have been cool if it did, eh?  I hope you enjoy “Madame Speaker”.   (Original words and music by Pete Townshend, of course.)

Madame Speaker

Inside the House Speaker Nancy announced
That Georgie wouldn’t face an impeaching.
She went on banging her new gavel
And we went insane screeching.
She got to her room and laughs filled the place from
Living out this fable.
She picked up a book of impeachment rules
And took it off the table.

She knew from the start deep down in her heart
That she and Georgie were worlds apart.
But her country said, “Never mind
Your part is to heed what we need.”

(to see the complete Rock Opera Parody, go here.)

Senate Queen (A Song Parody)

An ode to Senator Larry Craig (R-ID).

Senate Queen
Original Words and Music, “Killer Queen”, by Freddie Mercury
Additional Lyrics Copyright 2007 by Wayne A. Schneider

He keeps roaming the bath stalls
In his favored habitat
‘Let me have men’, he says
Just like Marie Antoinette

(see the rest here.)

Capitol Hill (A Song Parody)

I felt like taking it personally this time. Enjoy “Capitol Hill”, a parody of Peter Gabriel’s “Salsbury Hill”. (You know the one. “My heart was going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…” yeah. That one.) Zooey was kind enough to find a nice version where he sings it well. Thanks Zooey.

(To see the original post and comments, you can see it at my blog here.)
Capitol Hill
Original Words and Music “Solisbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel
New lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider ©2007

Climbing up on Capitol Hill
I could see I’d have a fight
Legislators standing still
Need to show ‘em what is right

Here is something I observed
Came up here to have my voice
No one seemed to have the nerve
Had to tell ‘em, “You have no choice”

They did not believe the information
Just have to trust in my persuasion
Iraq is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
I said, “Do what’s right
And bring the troops back home!”

To keep in line with my design
I couldn’t act like I was nuts
If I stood and moaned and whined
All their doors would soon be shut

So I went from face to face
Though I felt that in my gut
I could slow the dying’s pace
If the funding I should cut

I was seeing part of democracy
I looked right down at the debauchery
Iraq is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
I said, “Stop right now,
And bring the troops back home!”

When delusion spin her net
I wanna know how this could be
And liberty is no sure bet
I don’t think that I’ll stay free

Watch their empty rhetoric
They close their eyes and will not see
Why should I use etiquette?
I will show what I can be

Today I got placed in confinement
I told them what the words on my sign meant
Iraq’s still going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
“Hey”, I said, “You can keep me here
Just bring the troops back home.”
(Yeah, back home)

By Request, “Lying Man”

As some of you know, I enjoy writing song parodies. What I find fun is to listen to the song and read along with the new lyrics. For those who would like to see the original post (my first song parody), you can see it here. Please enjoy my song parody about Bill O’Reilly, to the tune of Mr. Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”.

“Lying Man”
Original words and music “Piano man” by Billy Joel
New lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider 2006

It’s eight o’clock on a weekday
The regular viewers tune in
There’s a young man sitting next to me
Saying, “No war in Afghanistan.”

He said, “My father died nine-eleven,
But I don’t think that’s reason for war.
Yes, I’d rather have peace so let’s let the police
Be the ones who will settle the score.”


Spin us a lie, you’re the Lying Man
Spin us a lie tonight
Well we’re all in the mood for mendacity
And we know you work for the right

Now Paul at the Times is no friend of mine
He says that my show is fact-free
So I challenged the guy to look me in the eye
And say I don’t know reality

He said, “Bill I believe that you’re killing me
With your lies that you spread ‘round the place
When I think that I could watch Keith Olbermann
If you would get out of my face”


Now Ann is a real insane columnist
Who never had time to play wife
And it’s okay to say she’s gone totally crazy
And probably will be for life

And it’s fun sitting here talking politics
As the liberals slowly get stoned
Yes I’m sharing a head void of truthfulness
But it’s better than lying alone

Spin us a lie, you’re the Lying Man
Spin us a lie tonight
Say the Malmedy Massacre was our fault
Insist that you got that one right

It’s a pretty good show for an idiot
And Roger Ailes gives me a smile
‘Cause he knows that’s it’s me that they tune in to see
To forget about truth for a while

In the studio my guests can be rude to me
As my microphone talks in their ear
But they come on my show and tell me where to go
And say, “Man, what am I doing here?”


Spin us a lie, you’re the Lying Man
Spin us a lie tonight
Say the Liberals declared war on Christmas
But you’re gonna show them the light