Sunday Roast: Color

Jade 036

Jade 015

Photos by Zooey

Sometimes, the color of the ocean is unbelievable.  I was going through some old photos on my computer — these are from 2011 — and found these in a folder called “Jade.”

I’ve never seen the ocean look like this since then, and I feel lucky to have captured these photos that day.

This is our daily open thread — What’s your favorite color?  😉

The Watering Hole: April 6 — The view from the top of Cape Foulweather

Photo by Zooey

This is the view from the tiny gift shop, called The Lookout, at Cape Foulweather, Oregon.  500 feet above the beautiful blue ocean and jagged basalt rocks below, this was an amazing view on a truly brilliant day on the Oregon Coast.

It’s Friday, people.  Start thinking about your Music Night selections early!

This is our daily open thread — You know what to do.

The Watering Hole: May 8

Oregon Coast

Photo by Zooey

I’m studying hard today, so won’t be around much (except for breaks).

The picture is of the Oregon Coast around the Newport area — no oil wells.  I’m already looking forward to my Thanksgiving week trip — which is SO far off right now.

This is your daily open thread, so have at it!