Sunday Roast: Happy Zooniversary!!

Freddie just owns that whole stadium, doesn’t he?  Absolutely fantastic.  🙂

Anyhoo, I guess TheZoo has been a thing for a little over eight years — which is kinda nuts, actually — but in a good way!

Our Critters and Zoosters “met” about ten years ago on the ThinkProgress blog, when it was just a wee little thing with barely any comments.  Awwww, it was so cute.  Damn, look at it now!!  As good things tend to go on the interwebs, it eventually became overwhelmed with smelly ol’ trolls and several of us decided to just bug out — hence TheZoo!

We used to be a more serious blog, with lots of political posts, cartoons, and massive snark, which was linked on occasion by Crooks & Liars and ThinkProgress itself.  Srsly, cool, right?

These days we’re a comfy little online neighborhood pub, with daily open threads by the Critters containing wisdom, poetry, essays on politics/religion, photos, videos, the occasional bizarre rant (usually by that Zooey nutter), live-blogging political debatey-type things, and a multitude of insightful/snarky/sarcastic/snide/thoughtful/naughty comments by our loyal and well-loved Zoosters.

Thank you so much for hanging out, all y’all, and Happy Eight Years, everyone!

This is our daily open thread — Party on!

Rapture Party!!

The end of the world as we know it...?

Well, the world is supposed to end today.  Again.  I guess I won’t have to pay back my student loans.  🙂

But if the end doesn’t come today, there may still be some hope for the doom and gloom crowd!  Sir Issac Newton calculated that the Apocalypse could not happen before 2060, so at least we that to look forward to.  Maybe Harold Camping will discover that he forgot to carry the 6, and his gullible followers will once again have a reason to carry around dumb signs while they demonstrate to their families why they should be medicated immediately.

But this is a party!  Rule #1:  There are no rules.  Clothing optional (just in case); open bar; soft drinks and snacks abound (get yours before the polar bear gets here); and please compliment the chimp waitstaff on their sexy Cat Woman outfits (they’ll have new appreciation for their little tuxedos next time).

Join us in the comments section with your sense of humor in-tact, your past Rapture experiences, dirty jokes, clean jokes, and as always, remember that there is no valet parking for the Rapture party.