Watering Hole – July 4, 2011 – Independence Day

I have been contemplating several ideas for today’s “Open Thread”.  My thoughts started with the re-writing of the history of our nation.  Should I focus on Sarah Palin’s poor knowledge of the birth of our nation when she claimed that Paul Revere rode a horse, while ringing bells and firing a musket and telling the British that they couldn’t take our guns from us?  Or is Michele Bachmann’s revisionist history more interesting when she insisted that nine year old John Quincy Adam was a “Founding Father” and that Lexington and Concord were located in New Hampshire?  Instead,  I decided to focus on our national anthem.

Why does the United States have a boring war song as its national anthem?  First of all, most people can’t reach all the notes when singing the song.  Secondly, the melody is depressing.  And thirdly, it is uninspiring and unexciting and it doesn’t evoke patriotism or the love of one’s nation.  Here are some other choices. Just look at the excitement and joy in the crowd.

My personal favorite is Stars and Stripes Forever.  Here’s a link to the lyrics.  And a link to information about John Phillip Sousa.  I have a little personal connection to the “March King”.

This is our Open Thread.  Do you have a favorite patriotic song or other ideas?  Here is a chance to Speak Up!  And if you have the time, be sure to scroll down the page or the side bar and look for other new and exciting posts.  One more thing… the teabaggers and the Republicans do NOT own the flag.  It is our flag, too.  So they can go…

Students Harassed for Wearing Peace Shirts

From FloridaToday.com, via RawStory:

A group of students at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High have started wearing Peace Shirts, and the response to said shirt wearing has been less than polite…

“People just turned on us like that,” [Lauren Lorraine] said.  “At least 10 boys stood up and yelled things at me at once, and we couldn’t even walk through the halls without a harsh comment being made.”

A second group of students decided to show their intelligence by wearing Confederate flag shirts, in opposition to the Peace Shirt group.

Soon, a second group started to wear Confederate flag shirts to oppose the peace group, Skylar said.  She saw shirts with sayings such as “This is America, get used to it,” and “If peace is the answer, it must be a stupid question.”

Well….I guess the Chimperor knows where to find his newest batch of recruits.  Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High.

Read the whole story here.