The Watering Hole: December 30, What’s happened to peace?

I followed a link on Pam Spaulding’s facebook page, and found this post by David Mixner at Live From Hell’s Kitchen.  He wonders whatever happened to peace, which is something I’ve been wondering myself — and he states his

case with way fewer f-bombs than I would.

Over the last decade, something has happened in America. We are afraid to engage in dialogue about peace. Maybe it was the horrible attacks on 9/11 that made us fearful to advocate peace. Or perhaps we have been intimidated by the constant beat of the right wing drums that somehow proclaim peace as a goal is unpatriotic or unrealistic. What is clear the word “peace” has fallen out of fashion except for the annual holiday cards.

For most of my life, even among the most distinguished diplomats, peace was a desirable goal and there was no fear about embracing it. War was always an unnecessary evil but sadly, today peace is viewed as useless rhetoric from the fringe. Even while accepting the most prestigious award for peace in the world, the Nobel Peace Prize, our president felt compelled to make his acceptance about “just wars.” One would have hoped just for one day the speech could have been about ‘peace’ and the urgency to embrace the concept.

More than ever before, now is the time for the word ‘peace’ to become a serious part of our governmental and personal lives.

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It seems like peace fell out of favor as the “norm” when we finally weren’t embarrassed or appalled at profiting from war — the free market rules, if you will.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Photo Activists for Peace

Photo Activists For Peace is a photo-sharing network of activists dedicated to stopping the United States from starting a war with Iran. Our mission is to counter the lies and distortions of the Bush Administration and the mainstream media by giving the American people a real picture of Iran..

Explore our site. See if you’re surprised by our photo galleries and essays. Send in photos of your own of Iran. Or ones you’ve found on the web. Invite your friends, acquaintances and organizations to visit the site. That’s what being a photo activist is all about. It’s fighting for peace by letting Americans see the real Iran for themselves. Together we can create a virtual rally for peace right here on this site.

Bush isn’t interested in peace. No sooner did Iran help us overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan and create a new republic there than Bush turned around and labeled Iran part of his “Axis of Evil” in his State of the Union address in 2002. He rejected a peace offer from Iran in 2003. Bush’s real agenda is to destroy Iran’s economy, topple its elected government, and grab its gas and oil-even though war will kill countless Iranians, endanger American troops and civilians throughout the region, send gas prices through the ceiling, and spread radiation from Iran’s vaporized nuclear sites around the world. Bush has to be stopped.

Visit the Photo Activists for Peace website, and view their photo albums.

Students Harassed for Wearing Peace Shirts

From, via RawStory:

A group of students at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High have started wearing Peace Shirts, and the response to said shirt wearing has been less than polite…

“People just turned on us like that,” [Lauren Lorraine] said.  “At least 10 boys stood up and yelled things at me at once, and we couldn’t even walk through the halls without a harsh comment being made.”

A second group of students decided to show their intelligence by wearing Confederate flag shirts, in opposition to the Peace Shirt group.

Soon, a second group started to wear Confederate flag shirts to oppose the peace group, Skylar said.  She saw shirts with sayings such as “This is America, get used to it,” and “If peace is the answer, it must be a stupid question.”

Well….I guess the Chimperor knows where to find his newest batch of recruits.  Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High.

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Martin Luther King Leads Us Still

by willyloman

They will not give us what we will not take. That much is clear.

An article posted at TPZoo included a video taped confrontation between a peace activist and a supporter of the current administration. I viewed the video and left a comment and went back to work on a project of mine. But it lingered in me. Somehow, I know I am wrong; I am configured wrongly at a time when all around us, precision of purpose is the only relevant virtue left to choose.

As I attempted to lose myself in the mundane business of everyday living, this thing grew inside me and I began to recognize it as a voice not my own, somewhere from long ago, speaking to me. Directly to me. A voice I had heard, and thought I understood. But I knew nothing till today.

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