Picture of the Day- November 15, 2012

This kid is 10 years old and was protesting against cuts to education in Italy. Poor thing. This is a hard way to learn, that the ruling class doesn’t pull any punches. He deserves a huge hug from mommy.

(Source: I segreti della casta di Montecitorio on Facebook)

Picture of the Day: Castor II

The Castor transport has reached it’s destination.

The overwhelming majority of protesters remained peaceful, which in itself is surprising, given the official contempt for their cause. Since the first CASTOR rolled in 1995 all they got was more police in full riot gear, but noone listened to their just complaints. The Gorleben storage site is labeled temporary, that is a lie. As of yet there are not even serious attempts at finding a final storage place, I can’t blame the residents of the area for their wrath.

The State of Lower Saxony has another site, which is already in deep trouble.

Police justify use of taser on deaf man — he was armed with an umbrella

The Raw Story

Antonio Love, age 37, a deaf man with the mental capacity of a 10 year old, was shopping in a dollar store when he began to feel sick to his stomach.  He went into the bathroom and sat down in a stall.  A report was made to the store management that someone had been in a stall for over an hour — how anyone would know how long he was in there, I don’t know.

The police were summoned, and they called for the person in the stall to come out, and banged on the door.  Mr Love was frightened, and tried to hold the door shut, so the police shot pepper spray under the door.

“The police arrive General Dollar and throw poison through under the door,” Love’s note continued. “I can smell poison and I’m amazing and shock.”

Love turned the water on to wash the irritating chemicals off his face.

“Then I’m think someone gone.”

Apparently the police went to get a tire iron to force the door.  At this point, Mr Love still does not know it was the police trying to get through the door — he thought it was “the devil.”

“Then again someone knock knock,” the note reads. “My head hold door, and my hand put hold lock the door. I spit poison with water. Someone hit hard hard.”

The officers broke into the room.

“I’m almost fall and surprise the police here. The police get the tazz three strings in my stomach, chest and hand and hit my head. I’m falled.”

The police hauled Mr Love to the station and tried to charge him with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and failure to obey a police officer — but the Magistrate refused to accept the charges.

The Mobile police say the arrest was justified:

Deadly weapon?

Deadly weapon?

“A spokesman for the Mobile Police Department said the officers’ actions were justified because the man was armed with a potential weapon — an umbrella.”

The police then drove Mr Love home, which took a while because he had difficulty giving them directions.  Rest-assured, the police took time to laugh at him and tell him he was crazy.  Then they dropped him at his door and sped off — without letting his family know what had happened to him.

No credentialed translator was made available to Mr Love, and he was not read or shown his rights at the time of arrest.

The police are supposed to “protect and serve” the people, not humiliate and arrest them for sitting in a bathroom stall while deaf and mentally challenged.

Since the incident, Love’s family said, he hasn’t been himself. He’s been scared of anyone in a police uniform, they said.

The disabled are at the world’s mercy on a good day, and now Mr Love is afraid of the only people outside of his family he might have depended on for help.

I’ll say it — the Mobile police acted stupidly.

Cop Kicks Surrendered Suspect’s Head – High Five Follows

As you watch this video witness the suspect laying flat on the ground with his arms and his legs spread.  You will see the replay and the slow motion of the cop kicking Richard Rodriguez of El Monte, right in the face.

Then you will see this same cop, who is so proud of himself, giving a high five to another cop after Mr. Rodriguez is handcuffed.   He didn’t deserve to be kicked in the face, let the courts dole out the punishment for possible felony evasion.

Simply unbelievable…

The Raw Story, by Roger McLemore

This story is a horrifying example of out of control police officers…

As the girl, Dymond Milburn [age 12], walked in her front yard, three men jumped out of a van and beat her about the face and throat, one of them telling her, “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”

What would any 12 year old girl do when three men jump out of a van and try to drag her away?  That’s right — she’d fight with all her might!

Three weeks after Milburn was hospitalized for her injuries, police went to her school and arrested her for assaulting an officer during the incident.

Yes, this little girl fights to defend herself from three men trying to grab her and stuff her into a van, and she winds up being arrested for it.  Dymond now suffers with nightmares, behavior problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Milburn’s father had also been arrested for attacking the officers after his daughter called for him when the police attacked her. [The officers’ attorney, William] Helfand said both would face consequences for their actions.

Give me a fucking break.  Dymond Milburn, a 12 year old girl, mightily fights off what surely must have seemed to be a kidnapping attempt, and her father comes to her rescue — and THEY are the ones facing criminal charges!?

“It’s unfortunate that sometimes police officers have to use force against people who are using force against them. And the evidence will show that both these folks violated the law and forcefully resisted arrest,” Helfand said.

What kind of world are we living in?  I hope the Milburn family gets every dime they’re asking for in their lawsuit against the city of Galveston, Texas.

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Big Trouble in St. Paul over Journalist Arrests

Journalists and St. Paul citizens assembled outside St. Paul City Hall today to deliver more than 60,000 letters to Mayor Chris Coleman and prosecuting attorneys demanding that they immediately drop charges against all journalists arrested this week as they covered the Republican National Convention

By Friday morning, dozens of journalists, photographers, bloggers and videomakers had been booked by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office in what appears to have been an orchestrated round-up of media makers covering protests during the convention.

In St. Paul this week, a new generation of media makers is under assault by the city’s mayor and law enforcement officers.  These local officials think freedom of the press extends only to their allies in mainstream media.  

For the rest of us, practicing journalism is a crime.

“From the pre-convention raids to the ongoing harassment and arrests of journalists, these have been dark days for press freedom in the United States,” said Nancy Doyle Brown of the Twin Cities Media Alliance, who delivered the letters on behalf of the nonpartisan media reform group Free Press.

Stories That Will Never Be Told

She was joined by a crowd of local activists and journalists, including Amy Goodman and Nicole Salazar of Democracy Now!, KFAI-FM radio host Andy Driscoll and Mike Bucsko, executive director of the Minnesota Newspaper Guild.

“Tragically, there are stories that the world needed to hear this week that will never be told,” Brown said. “They won’t be told because reporters working on them were sitting in the back of squad cars, were stripped of their cameras, or were face down on the pavement with their hands cuffed behind their backs.”

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Breaking: FBI, ATF, and St. Paul Police Amassing at 1162 Juliet Ave.

A few minutes ago, at approximately 2:25 am, I was awakened by a tweet from the ColdSnap Legal Collective. According to the message, police are raiding a house at 1162 Juliet Ave. in St. Paul.

I called ColdSnap for further details. Greg, the volunteer manning the legal hotline, confirmed that there were agents on the scene. (As a rule, ColdSnappers working the hotline don’t give out their surnames to the press.) Greg is in contact with ColdSnap legal observers on the ground.

“A little bit ago, we got a call saying that police were massing at the house,” Greg said. “Then we got another call saying they were entering the house.” Greg said their was some confusion about whether there was actually a raid in progress.

According to Greg, his legal observer has confirmed the presence of agents from the “FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, and Firearms, and St. Paul Police.” Law enforcement is reportedly checking on a “suspicious vehicle.”

1162 Juliet Ave. is a residential address that is also associated with a medical clinic.

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