Blogging Allows Venting

It’s been years since I posted something here.  In 2016, my political venting was done on Facebook.  Since then, I have become acutely aware that Facebook is NOT my “Friend”.  Where, o where can I vent?  Tpzoo provides a safe and friendly environment for that.

The campaign season is quickly approaching and there are still too many choices.  Ha!  I predict that by January 2020, the number of candidates left with any money in their campaign funds will be down to 10.  It would benefit our nation and the world if we replace Fatsolini with a Democrat.  In order to reap any benefits from having a Democrat in the White House, it is imperative that we keep the House and we take the Senate back from Moscow Mitch.

That’s about all that I have for now.  It isn’t much, but, it is a start.  I will leave you with what I saw written on a bumper sticker; “Carry like 1776”.  Hmm, guess that means muskets.

Feel free to vent.  It’s good for the soul.

The Watering Hole, Wednesday, August 7, 2013: WELCOME TO AMERICA

Welcome, immigrants, to the land of the free, the land of opportunity. The land where all are equal before the law.


The more I know about the United States, the less I like about the country of my birth.

You want opportunity? You got it – if you’re already rich. If not, we’ll saddle you with student loans that you can never get rid of in bankruptcy – even if, once you graduate, the only job you can find is flippin’ burgers.

Land of the free? Nope. Everything comes with a price. Freedom of choice? sure, if you’re independently wealthy. If not, you’ll soon find out what “at will employment” means. You want to vote? Ok, if you’re white, and register republican.  Want to go out at night? Better be white. Ok, in some neighborhoods, that might not be wise, either.

Equal under the law? I guess you’d buy into that if you’re too rich to jail. But now there’s reports of women given full cavity searches on the side of the roadway for — traffic violations.

We seem to be dominated by misogynist, racist, selfish God-fearing white males with guns.

The Left is giving Obama a pass on things they would have raised holey hell about when Bush was President. Drone strikes; ordering the execution of American citizens without a trial; evesdropping on all of our phone communications, all of our emails. Sure, Obama’s better than what the Republicans ran against him, but what does that say about our choices? We have none. It’s orchestrated by the rich and powerful, for the rich and powerful.

Sad thing is, they’re succeeding in pitting the rest of us against each other.

History says this country has already started to collapse. But we’re like sitting in the front car of a rollercoaster…we’ve gone over the top and have started to head downhill. When the rest of the cars crest the top, we’re gonna pick up speed real fast. It’s a ride I don’t look forward to.

rant off. your turn.


Get Your Act Together! Now!

The Economist:

TODAY is July 19th. Two weeks from today, it will be August 2nd. On that day, or very soon thereafter, the Treasury will run out of room to use extraordinary measures to keep meeting its obligations without issuing any new debt. To avoid a default at that point, which most economists agree would be catastrophic, the Treasury will then need to slash spending immediately and precipitously—by about 44%. The process won’t be tidy; depending on what bills are coming due on a particular day, the shortfall will affect payments to state governments, public employees (including soldiers), payouts to entitlement beneficiaries, and so on. Absent an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, spending would be slashed by $134 billion over the month of August. That would represent a sudden fiscal consolidation of over 10% of GDP—enough, in all likelihood, to tip the economy into recession. And at some point, if no agreement were reached, default would become inevitable. (read all)

Anybody home in Republicanland? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? I am pissed. So, setting the economy on fire wasn’t enough in 2008? Want to blow it up one more time? A really spectacular blowup this time that destroys government, so Grover Norquist will love you all and rapture you into everlasting economic bliss, as promised for his true believers?

You know what? YOU ARE THE PITS!

Greek people go hungry, because your rating agencies saw fit to play monopoly with their assessments and caused the worst currency crisis ever. Hey, just a hint. If the agencies and banks thought Greece’s debt was a problem, why not stop lending before? Maybe because you could get top interest and then socialised your losses to a point where the beast you so busily starved can’t do anything to relieve you anymore? Now it’s time for bilking, eh?

Being able to eat to sustain yourself is by now considered an entitlement obviously in the US. We don’t want that over here, we don’t think like you do, we actually practise a Democracy on Christian principles of caring for our neighbour! Now you are about to present us with another economic crash three years after the last one, which we, using our socialist methods, mostly rode out fairly well. But we won’t be able to just right now. We can’t breathe anymore.

Corporate greed Republican-style caused the stock market crash in 1929 and gave the Fascists here the final push into government. With the most terrible consequences imaginable. In 1945 Europe was reduced to rubble.

This time around fascism rears it’s head on your side of the pond, the consequences may well play out on your soil. So be careful what you wish for. And don’t expect any help. We can’t, your style of capitalism has already stripped us clean.

You’re on your own.

This is how to take on the GOP – Mr Weiner, you’re doing it right!

HT: Crooksandliars

Crooksandliars has the following exchange between Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Peter King (R-NY) as a followup to Weiner’s rant on the GOP blocking the 9/11 responders bill.

Listen to some more of Representative Weiner’s rants: Continue reading

Rush’s big fat ashes…

The same self-righteous, destructive, hatefilled, lying, over-inflated, overbearing, arrogant, condescending, racist/bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic, over-paid, egotistical, in-love-with-the-sound-of-his-own-voice, drug-addled, hypocritical, pompous gasbag… After all these years… Some things NEVER change. (Somebody pass me the Tylenol..)

And, who in their right mind even LISTENS to this guy??

He-is-an-entertainera circus clown. And now he is being elevated to be head, the great hope, the leader of the GOP? Is that really the best they have when it comes to leadership and new ideas? That is actually pretty frightening.

Why is it that everyone on the “Right” loves a bully?

Geez, I guess I now owe Rush an apology as well…

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
John Cole, Scranton, PA Times-Tribune

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