Sunday Roast: Feel the SNL Bern

Bernie Sanders, one of the Democratic Presidential candidates for 2016, made his debut on Saturday Night Live last night.  He appeared in a Titanic skit with his twin separated at birth, Larry David.  Naturally, Bernie always gets his message across!

Sanders shouted, “I’m so upset with the one percent getting this preferential treatment,” before making a suggestion: “Enough is enough. We need to unite and work together if we’re going to get through this.”

“Sounds like Socialism to me,” David said, dismissing him.

“Democratic socialism!” Sanders countered.

“What’s the difference?” David asked.

Mimicking Donald Trump, Sanders replied, “Yuuuuge difference.”

Pretty damn good timing, Bernie!!

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The 2012 GOP Debate – SNL style!

Tina Fey was back on SNL this last Saturday night to reprise her role as Sarah Palin, and nailed it! This skit included the potential candidates that did not attend Fox News’ actual debate last week. The guy who played Donald Trump, Darrell Hammond, was also pretty entertaining..

Also appearing were other potential Republican candidates who haven’t yet officially announced. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was played by Jason Sudeikis and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was played by Bobby Moynihan.

SNL: Who’s smarter.. Rush or Hannity?

Is that a trick question..?
Raw Story:

Dan Aykroyd returned to Saturday Night Live to parody House Minority Leader John Boehner. Aykroyd and members of the the Saturday Night Live cast mocked Republican Congressional leaders’ attempts to plot against president Obama.

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Can you figure out who all these characters are sitting around the table..?

CNN: McCain-Palin Campaign Follies

If the campaign doesn’t end soon, the ladies on the View are going to kill each other.  Ellen DeGeneres says she has been watching CNN so much that she is now calling her den “The Situation Room.”   Which pales next to the X-rated Sarah Palin look-a-like film that Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt has made.  Poster of the day is “Attack of the 50ft Palin.”  The conservative blogs are attacking Family Guy for sticking a McCain/Palin pin on a character wearing a Nazi uniform.  The McCain campaign keeps pinning it’s hopes on a certain Joe, that would be “Joe the Plumber.”  A Portland, Oregon radio station KEX organized a donation drive to help “Joe the Plumber” pay his overdue tax bill.  They raised more than what Joe needed, they raised $1,800.00.