The Watering Hole: December 2, 2011 — The religious right vs every woman on earth

This video is pretty long, but I think it’s worth listening to.  Humor and common sense go well together.  :)

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Sunday Roast: Sexual weirdness

Thom Hartmann has a discussion with Dr. Elizabeth Reisman, who is a serious nutcase with major problems around the topic of sex.  Apparently Dr. Kinsey (she refers to him as the man who “mainstreamed perversion”) unleashed a true horror when he studied how the body works during sex.  OMG, NO!!!  Sorry, I’m not linking her site; it’s toxic crap.

Seriously, listen to this woman talk.  If you listen to her, there were no sexual problems until the sexual revolution and sex education.  She claims that the sex ed aimed at kindergarteners recommends “explicit materials.”  She’s even against teaching proper names for body parts — that’s dirty stuff, man.

I do disagree with Thom on one point — that the internet is the main problem with young children seeing inappropriate sexual images.  Yes, young children may be exposed to such things on the internet, but that’s a PARENTING problem, not an INTERNET problem.

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