Good Morning from Europe – Monday, DST is finally over Edition

(San Benedetto del Tronto, Art on the Seaside)

Good Morning Everybody! Daylight Saving Time has finally seen it’s last day for the year for us and all, who are sleep deprived since it started, are rejoicing the fact.

Iraq: Yesterday the military was celebrating the successes in Iraq’s Anbar province and today, sadly, the news is back to gruesome. Ten Iraqi sheiks have been abducted, coming from a meeting with the government to discuss actions to pacify Diyala province. A suicide bombing in Baquba, Diyala province cost the lives of at least 24 police recruits. In Kirkuk and Baghdad car bombs exploded yesterday and cost six and two lives respectively. Meanwhile, the US army has handed over Karbala to the Iraqis

Some more trouble is at hand in the north of Iraq. The Kurds have categorically told Turkey, that they would not suffer an intrusion into their territory. Military action would be taken. This is not deterring Turkey from planning a crackdown on the PKK on Iraqi soil.

Meanwhile the UK has an illustrious guest. King Abdullah is on a state visit to Great Britain. While some point out the many shortcomings of the Saudi regime, the King himself started his visit by criticizing his hosts for failing to act on 7/7 intelligence. Unlike the UK, the US are in fact tackling terrorism thoroughly, indeed.

The Iran sanctions, mentioned in this blog yesterday, are not likely to have an effect, says the Washington Post. Meanwhile, an attack on the country will be more and more likely.

For Sale: Whenever we see pictures of babies and small children in refugee camps in Darfur our hearts go out for them. International aid workers are doing their best to help under dire circumstances. There are exceptions to the rule, however, and this is simply outrageous.

And finally: A First Lady turned President – fast forward that to 2008, November 4th.

A good start into to the week to everybody and take care!