Religious Right’s Political Power Ebbs

From McClatchy, by Steven Thomma:

WASHINGTON — Palm Sunday two years ago was a glorious day for Christian conservatives.

A president who’d proclaimed Jesus his favorite philosopher was racing back from vacation to sign a bill rushed through a compliant Congress at their bidding — a last-minute gamble to keep alive a severely brain-damaged woman in Florida.

That, however, was the peak of the Christian conservatives’ political power.

Today, their nearly three-decade-long ascendance in the Republican Party is over. Their loyalties and priorities are in flux, the organizations that gave them political muscle are in disarray, the high-profile preachers who led them to influence through the 1980s and 1990s are being replaced by a new generation that’s less interested in their agenda and their hold on politics and the 2008 Republican presidential nomination is in doubt.

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Boo frickin’ hoo.  Guess what bible-thumpers, people don’t like to be told what to do by religious extremists, money-grubbers, and closeted hypocrites.   This is not a “Christian” nation, and never will be.  Even your best boy Fred Thompson won’t go along with your hyper-religious ideas, and he’ll sell his soul for just about anything.  So run along, go back to your Sunday School and Bible Studies, keep your religion private, and learn to mind your own business.  We’ll all be happier that way.