How to use teabags.Sensibly.

There are so many uses of teabags, which are really doing something good. I have my own thoughts what the tea partying crowd out on the streets can do with their teabags, but that’s not fit for printing. I’ll stay civilized, at least a bit.

1. You have been deprived of your sleep and need to dress up to the nines and look splendid ? Lie down for ten minutes, make yourself a strong black tea and place a cooled teabag over each eye. The pouches will go away in no time and you will look your best for your date.

2. The tannic acid that occurs naturally in black tea is also said to help eradicate warts (skin warts, not the ones mentioned in the link above). Place a warmed, wet tea bag directly onto a wart for ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat two or three times each day and you will notice the wart shrink in size after just a few days of this treatment.

3. Soak a tea bag in cool water and place it on to the site to stop the bleeding and pain of a lost tooth.

4. Sprinkling some used tea bags near the rosebushes enhances their growth by nourishing them.

If you should have had a run in with one of the foolish teabaggery crowd that’s on the loose today, you can soothe your blackened eye, or, preferably, be a good samaritan to the other party by placing a teabag on their injured spot. For forcibly extracted teeth, see # 3 above.

And for those GOPers over 18, see here. Here’s to your sense for symbolism.