The Watering Hole: Monday, December 17, 2012 – Can We PLEASE Talk About Guns In Our Society Now?

On the morning of December 14, 2012, it was Newtown, Connecticut.
Before that it was Clackamas Town Center, Oregon.
Before that it was Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Before that it was Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
Before that it was Aurora, Colorado.
Before that it was Seattle, Washington.
Before that it was Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Before that it was Oakland, California.
Before that it was Seal Beach, California.
Before that it was Carson City, Nevada.
Before that it was Tucson, Arizona.
Before that it was Manchester, Connecticut.
Before that it was Fort Hood, Texas.
Before that it was Binghamton, New York.
Before that it was Carthage, North Carolina.
Before that it was Northern Illinois University, Illinois.
Before that it was Kirkwood, Missouri.
Before that it was Omaha, Nebraska.
Before that it was Virginia Tech, Virginia.
Before that it was Salt Lake City, Utah.
Before that it was Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Before that it was Seattle, Washington.
Before that it was Red Lake, Minnesota.
Before that it was Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Before that it was Meridian, Minnesota.
Before that it was Fort Worth, Texas.
Before that it was Atlanta, Georgia.
And before that, on the morning of April 20, 1999, it was Littleton, Colorado.

These are all places where someone, or several someones, took a gun, or several guns, and began shooting people at some location, or several locations. Does this list strike you as being rather long? These are just ones since Columbine. There were others in between and before that. Many people died in those mass shootings. Too many. And too many were children. Far, far too many. And yet, we can’t seem to have that talk about all these mass shootings and the prevalence of guns in our society.

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How You Pay For Military Proselytizing

Regardless of what your personal religious beliefs are, you are paying to have some of our soldiers preached to against their will, forced to attend religious concerts and events, and punished for exercising their Constitutional and Military rights to refuse to participate. The events are called “The Commanding General’s Spiritual Fitness Concert Series”, Continue reading

CNN: Obama YouTube Videos are the most watched!

Obama Campaign is putting out a video every two hours.  It is incredible!!  Abbi Tatton reports that Barack Obama videos are the most watched.

“There’s Nothing We Can’t Do”

Barack Obama, in the midst of a rainstorm, tells Virginia that only we have have the power to change this country. Go to to get involved before it’s too late.  (This is the most watched video that the campaign put out today.)

VA Governor Kaine sued by NAACP and Advancement Project

Virginia Governor and top election officials are being sued by the NAACP and the Advancement Project for failing to allocate resources at polling places for expected record turn out.  Local officials are expecting between 80% to 85% of voters to turn out to vote compared to 67% to 71% in the last election.

The polling place resource problem is particularly acute in the cities of Richmond, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. In particular, election officials in Richmond, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach have adopted resource allocation plans that unconstitutionally and otherwise unlawfully under- or mis-allocate polling place resources, including, specifically, voting machines and poll workers, in a manner that infringes and burdens the rights of the voters in these cities and that disfranchises voters in these locales, including, particularly, African-American voters in Richmond and Virginia Beach.

“The Commonwealth is under-resourced for this election this will lead to long lines that will disenfranchise voters who cannot wait, particularly in communities of color,” continued Browne-Dianis. “It boggles the mind why officials would stubbornly refused to prepare for the increased turnout that could potentially result in a meltdown on Election Day.”

In the suit, it states that they are not distributing the voting machines and poll workers fairly.

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Voter Suppression In Colorado By Republican Clerk

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Republican county clerk Robert Balink lied to Colorado College students, telling them that if they’re from outside the state they could not register to vote if their parents claimed them as dependents on their tax returns. It seems that Balink’s shenanigans are being used by election officials in Virginia and South Carolina as well. More from McClatchy Newspapers:

At a news conference in Colorado Springs, Democrats also criticized Robert Balink, the El Paso County clerk and recorder, who was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, for taking other steps they said would dampen voting by college students, who are expected to heavily favor Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“When election officials spread false information about who is eligible to vote and remove, not add, polling places, we need to be concerned that eligible voters will be denied their right to vote,” said Pat Waak, chairwoman of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Balink issued a statement saying his office had misinterpreted state law and “mistakenly published information that was incorrect.”

This is just another tactic by Republicans to discourage college voters, many of whom have put great effort into the Obama campaign. The manager issued a statement on the matter:

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McCain Proud Of Terrorist Flier Sent To VA & MO

This is another reprehensible lie that John McCain is mailing to the states of Virginia and Missouri.  

The Washington Post has the full details of this particular flier. 

Sen. John McCain this week gave his personal stamp of approval to one of the toughest pieces of direct mail in the 2008 campaign. The brochure features a picture of what is either a plane about to crash into a building full of people or an airport departure gate, along with the words: “Terrorists Don’t Care Who They Hurt.”

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Minister’s Shocking Replacement – A Confederate Flag

The Baptist Minister holds no ill will in his heart for the person who took his Obama sign and replaced it with a Confederate rebel flag. Mr. McLaughlin found out when a family member called him to let him know that his 4 ft x 8 ft sign was taken. 

“I was kind of upset and shook up,” said Reverend Leroy McLaughlin, the signs owner. has the details.

Surveying the scene that night, McLaughlin, 78, a Baptist minister and an Army veteran who lived to see the first black person nominated to a major-party ticket, had a message for whoever left the flag, viewed by many as a symbol of racial oppression: “I love you, and God does, too.”

Yesterday morning, in the 15 minutes that a reporter and photographer were inspecting a new sign with McLaughlin, a small car sped back and forth past his house three times. Occupants rapidly beeped the horn and appeared to shout “No change,” apparently a reference to McLaughlin’s new sign. Like the one it replaced, it says: “Vote for Change, November 4th.”

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