Kucinich Opposes The Army’s “Virtual Reality” Video Game

Dennis J. Kucinich, Democratic Congressman for Ohio’s 10th District, seeks to eliminate federal money used to support a virtual reality warfare game used by the United States Army to lure in new recruits.

The Army’s traveling virtual reality experience which glorifies killing; costs an estimated $9.8 million to run.

Six fully-armed military vehicles, 70 flat screen displays, 50 players. It’s 19,500 square feet of video game firepower, and the Army has aimed this beast directly at America’s youth. The Virtual Army Experience represents one of the latest examples of how the military has embraced video games both as a training, and especially, a recruitment tool. The traveling Virtual Army Experience allows recruitable teens to run through a simulated mission to deliver supplies to aid workers in a fictional city. It also lets them wield laser guns and show off their driving skills against virtual opponents.

Under the fold is a video that shows the Army’s VAE (Virtual Army Experience).  After watching the video, I can completely understand why he opposes this propaganda so much.

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