President Obama’s Weekly Address

Excellent address.  He points out what the tax cuts for the rich will cost — “borrow and spend” — perfect.

Naturally, the first thing a couple of Republican governors-elect did was kill jobs.  Shocker!!

President Obama’s Weekly Address: Good news in the auto industry and more Republican obstructionism

This week, President Obama speaks to us from the GM auto plant in Detroit, Michigan.  Many jobs have been saved in auto companies that might have otherwise liquidated — despite the efforts and dire warnings of the “Just Say No crowd.”

He goes on to talk about the Small Business Jobs Act, a bill that would provide tax breaks and lending assistance for small businesses, so that they are able to build their business and hire more employees.  Naturally, Republicans in the Senate faux-filibustered the bill.  The President once again called on Republicans to “stop holding America’s small businesses hostage to politics” and allow an up or down vote on the matter.  Remember when the Republicans were in front of the microphones just about everyday whining and demanding an up or down vote?

Finally, the President reminds us that Americans are tough, we work hard, and we don’t give up.  We will push this country forward inch by inch — in spite of those working so hard to hold us back.

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Obama’s Weekly Address: Filibustering & Obstruction

While Democrats try to go about the business of getting things done for the people — helping create jobs, boosting small businesses, extending unemployment insurance payments, and more, a minority of Republicans continue to obstruct the business of the Senate by filibustering EVERYTHING.

The best way to jump start the economy right now is extending unemployment benefits, so families will be able to buy the things they need to survive.  But Republicans stubbornly insist on “making their stand on the backs of the unemployed,” by screaming and moaning about the deficit — oh my god, the DEFICIT!!!

No Republican will so much as utter the word “deficit” when they are in power — while they happily destroy any surplus, spend money like drunken sailors by giving unbelievably generous tax cuts to the richest people, prosecuting two wars completely off the books, and trying to permanently repeal the estate tax.  This is how Republicans prove they are not in government for the people — they only think about the “small people” at election time.  It’s all about trying to make President Obama fail.  Period.

If the Republicans want to filibuster EVERYTHING, according to the Senate rules they certainly may do that, but no more of this “cloture” crap — make them stand up and do the damn filibuster.  Bring in the cots!  Make the Republicans stand up for their mighty principles so the American people will have the opportunity to understand what all the fuss is about.  Do it proudly, Republicans!!

I dare you.

President Obama’s Weekly Address: Veterans

Among other things like support and education for veterans, the President and VA are implementing a new policy that will make it easier for veterans with PTSD to get the help they need — by not requiring that they document a specific incident that caused the condition.

I fully support this new policy.  I’ve always felt that anyone who served in the military should have life-long access to free health care — and not just at VA hospitals, but at ALL hospitals and clinics.

Also, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would do wonders for limiting the number of service members with PTSD.  Just sayin’…

Obama talks about tax relief for average Americans

In his weekly address to the people, the President talks about the tax breaks for 95% of Americans (a campaign promise kept); tax credits for first time home-buyers and for making your home more energy efficient; and guides us to the Recovery Act Tax Savings Tool at

Barack Obama’s weekly address – Open Thread

President elect Obama is surely tackling the roots of many of your problems. I wonder, if there is enough money around to really accomplish the project. But he is right, a recession is the time for governments to spend, but bail-outs and such are not the way to go if the money spent doesn’t have a lasting effect.

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