Sunday Roast: Harvest Time



Photos by Zooey

I don’t know why I like combines, but I just think they’re awesome — especially when they’re harvesting a steep hillside.  I didn’t get any good shots of combines on hillsides, because I didn’t remember to toss the tripod in the car.  *sad face*

I took these photos outside of Moscow, Idaho, earlier this month.  Typically, the entire month of August is spent getting the wheat harvested.

Another awesome thing about combines is the annual Combine Demolition Derby at the Lewis County Fair in Nezperce, Idaho.  I’m not a fan of the demolition derby, but switch out the cars for combines, and I am transfixed!

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The Watering Hole: July 31 — As the wheat turns…

Photo by Zooey

After a wonderfully mild winter, extended spring, and cooler than usual summer, the wheat is browning up quite nicely.  Unfortunately, harvest usually starts the first part of August, and that certainly isn’t going to happen.  The farmers now have to hope for an extended dry summer so they can get the harvest in before the fall rains.  I don’t envy them that particular balancing act.

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