The Frozen Hole, Saturday, February 21st, 2015: M-m-m-more S-s-s-snow?!

It seems like more than half the country is getting hit by more snow, ice, and other nasty cold stuff through this weekend.

We humans are just not designed for this. So, everyone stay warm inside and have a look at lots of animals who were much better designed for snow than we are. As usual, thanks to The Weather Channel for gathering the pics in this slideshow. While they do include some of my favorite ‘snow’ animals, such as the snow leopard:
snow-leopard-normalI think they were a bit remiss in not including others of my favorite snow-loving animals, like the Arctic Fox:
Arctic-fox-Wallpaper-arctic-fox-muzzle-eyes-snowAnd not a single one of Arctic Hares, either:

Arctic Hares High-Fiving

Arctic Hares High-Fiving

But I have to say that my favorite ‘wildlife-in-snow’ themed photo that ISN’T in the slideshow is this one:

"Hey, maybe one of you two cubs is small enough to reach in there..."

“Hey, maybe one of you two cubs is small enough to reach in there…”

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Sunday Roast: The Snowman

This is one of my eldest’s holiday favorites.  I love it, too.

What are your favorite holiday videos or memories?  Hey how about recipes, too?  We haven’t done that in a long time.  🙂  Please share in the comments section!

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The Watering Hole: December 17, 2010 — Sledding!


Photo by Zooey

This was taken in January, 2008.  It always amazed me that before this I’d only seen the kids sledding on this hill once.  17 inches of snow in one day kind of brought ’em out.  They had loads of fun, and I had fun watching them and staying warm inside the house.  🙂

Sadly, this hillside has been cut away, and now has an apartment building sitting in front of it.

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The Watering Hole: December 10, 2010 — Winter Wonderland

December, 2008

Photo by Zooey

Ahhhh, the horrendous winter of ’08/’09.

In addition to about a foot of snow on the ground by the day I took this picture — much more would fall — we were treated to about ten days of freezing fog.  This produced some lovely hoarfrost, which is what you see on this bush with the thorns and pretty red berries.  Absolutely gorgeous!

I’m hoping we don’t have as much snow this winter, and I wouldn’t even mind not having the hoarfrost.

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Global Climate Change? But, but, but…I feel cold…

Rachel goofs on moronic commentators from Fox and denier politicians about global climate change, and their hysterical declarations that it doesn’t exist because it’s SNOWING — IN WINTER.

Bill Nye the Science Guy helps out with a very easy to understand explanation of global climate change.  He calls deniers UN-PATRIOTIC.

The Watering Hole: January 4, Last Winter

January, 2009

Photo by Zooey

At this time last year, the snow around here was epic.  This year, we’ve had nothing like it, and the next ten days are looking good.  🙂

What’s your winter been like, so far?  Typical?  Unusual?

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It may look pretty but…Friday’s Open Thread

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Well,this is just swell.

I opened my garage door to what I thought was a couple of inches of snow, backed out of my driveway and promptly got stuck in the skirt.  Those couple of inches turned out to be almost 10″ and since the plows had done their thing, even my AWD couldn’t handle it.

Thank goodness for neighbors!  Two of them helped me rock my way out of forever stuckedness.

How are things in your neck of the woods.