The Watering Hole, Saturday, September 28, 2013: There Are No Death Panels In The ACA

Yesterday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (who was actually born Cow Blitzer) tormented his viewers by hosting retiring Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann for a discussion on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare” by its supporters and “the end of Civilization as we know it” by its detractors. During the conversation (it wasn’t really an “interview” because she pretty much evaded answering just about every single question Blitzer put to her), Bachmann brought up the myth that the ACA has “death panels” in it. And while she also brought up a great number of other lies (I only noticed Blitzer pushing back on one of them, to which she said she would send him the proof; yeah, right), I want to focus on just the one about the death panels. They don’t exist.

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The Right Stirs Controversy – Bush’s Hand Holding vs Obama’s “Bow” To Saudi King

The Pittsburgh Tribune wrote an op-ed ‘The Bow’: A troubling metaphor.

In the least, it was an embarrassing protocol faux pas; Mr. Obama is not the king’s subject but his equal. The Washington Times called it “a shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate.” But “The Bow” actually was worse than that. It’s a troubling metaphor for a deferential presidency.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer felt he needed to talk about the “Royal Uproar” with Dana Perino and Donna Brazile.  I will give Wolf this, when he showed the video of Bush giving the Saudi King a kiss and then holding hands with him to Dana Perino, Wolf said, ” Could you imagine the uproar if President Obama had given the Saudi King a kiss?”  Dana Perino wrote it off to protocol they received on how to greet the King of Saudi Arabia.

I think there are much bigger issues that Wolf should be covering.  This is the right making a big deal over nothing and it should have been ignored.  By giving it airtime you are justifying or legitimizing this non-issue.   The nit-picking is getting ridiculous and needs to stop.