Sunday Talking Heads

ABC’s This Week“Gov. Bill Richardson talks ’08 and Iraq & Sec. Michael Leavitt and Gov. Jon Corzine debate SCHIP and Pres. Bush’s veto” … “On our ‘Roundtable,’ Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jay Carney, Claire Shipman and George Will.”

NBC’s Meet The Press – “Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) joins us exclusively this Sunday to talk about his race for the White House. Then, a political roundtable with David Brody, David Broder, Margaret Carlson & Ted Koppel. Plus, a special look back at the 50th anniversary of Sputnik with NBC’s veteran space correspondent, Jay Barbree.”

CBS’s Face The Nation – Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York, Chairman, Ways and Means Committee; Rep. Adam Putnam, R-Florida, Chairman, House Republican Conference; Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council; Roger Simon, Chief Political Columnist,

FOX’s Fox News Sunday – “In her first interview on ‘FOX News Sunday’ since taking control of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gives a progress report.”

CNN’s Late Edition – President Jalal Talabani, Iraq; Lam Akol, Sudanese Foreign Minister; Susan Rice, Fmr. Asst. Secy. Of State, Brookings Institute; John Prendergast, Co-Chair, Enough; Alan Greenspan, Fmr. Federal Reserve Chairman

Talking Heads – “Once in a Lifetime”

~ Egreggious

23 thoughts on “Sunday Talking Heads

  1. Since we are going to turn them into heads, I quess it counts as “on topic”. What are pumpkins running in all of you folks’ areas. Including my 25% discount I still spent close to 15 on two. Admittedly they are large and well shaped and the local farmers have been whinning about a lack of rain and a weaker crop then usual….

    just wondering and thankfully we aren’t going to carve turnips.

  2. I’ll have to do a little math as all retail sales here are by the piece rather then weight. Idaho isn’t big pumpkin country is it? Until recently a local community held the lite jackolatern record so it is sort of a big deal in these parts.

    Beautiful fall day here. Hope the same for you. Full color won’t reach the southern tier for another week or more likely two

  3. I think we get our pumpkins from California. When I lived down there, we used to go to Half Moon Bay and pick our own. Now it’s a big tourist trap.

    Idaho is the southern tier? Heh. We’ve had our leaves changing for a few weeks now. Gorgeous. Although nothing like the NE, I’ve heard.

  4. All things autumnal are a major aspect of our economy plus it allows use to tax visitors which is ultimately the NH way. Don’t ask about the gondola ride…

    See ya later as there seems to be some howler monkeys with a jump rope out front.

  5. Places like Safeway (Dominick’s) and Sam’s Club have pumpkins at bargain prices but buying a pumpkin from them takes the fun out of it.

  6. Forget the price of pumpkins. How does one balance the preciousness of their time with their kids with their responsibility as a parent to give them time to foster friendships in their neighborhoods with their peers?

    I can’t believe they sent me inside. What a biter!!!

  7. dbadass, it’s the kids who don’t have friends to play with that are cause for concern. Sometimes quality time is the kids knowing where you are so they can come beg you for something whenever they want it.

  8. I hear you but it would still be cooler if they where burying me in the leaves rather then the kid nextdoor. It’s still interesting to watch them from the window!!

  9. Well boys and girls, I’m gonna pull on my woollies and head out to the Math Lab.

    Pay attention to the talking heads, and post anything more interesting than blah, blah, blah. 😀


  10. Are you doing the stats for a project? If so I am curious the nature of the research. Doesn’t sociological work require much more nuanced math what with the difficulty for the control of so many variables?

  11. Shayne:
    Temps out of the norm for the greater Chicagoland? We were predicted to be 20 above the norm a few days ago but I don’t know how that worked out. Still the last week or too have seemed a bit too hot for my liking

  12. It’s only 80 today. Yesterday was hotter and it’s verrrry humid so really uncomfortable. It feels hotter than 90 today. Plus when it’s warm and fall the yellow jackets get really aggressive. Of course the spiders are using the weather to make a break for the house. There was one the size of a mouse trying to come in yesterday. I’d rather have a mouse, personally.

  13. It’s late Fall weather already here in Portland. Currently a scorching 64F, but most of the week the high temperature is forecast at 60F.

    Oh, and wet, although we’ve yet to get the sort of rain they keep predicting. Also a possibility of a serious windstorm on Tuesday.

    Our punkins are local. There are a number of pumpkin patches in the area where you can slog around in the mud for hours finding the perfect squash. The best one has a nearby tiny car ferry (4 cars) and a miniature train to ride out to the pumpkins. They always have some huge structure built out of straw bales for the kids to climb in and around on, and lots of delicious fresh cider. Heh. I almost miss having little kids around, thinking about those days.

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