Music Night: Non-Traditional Holiday Songs

Our friend, Gary Herstein, suggested holiday “songs that don’t make you want to put out your ears with an ice pick,” which I think is a perfectly reasonable request.

Be warned!  If anyone posts that stupid grandma/reindeer song, I will find a way to hurt you.  🙂

Having gotten that off my chest, have fun all y’all!


Daily Gnuz

Thurzday, and we be thirsty for the gnuz…

Deputy AG Rosenstein: Mueller Probe ‘Is Not A Witch Hunt’
Uh, oh…He didn’t get the memo? Something about a Trump size shoe up the rump for those who aren’t toeing the line? I see a firing of the Deputy Dawg AG in his near future!


USA Today just ran the most anti-Trump editorial of the year
“Rock bottom is no impediment for a new president who can always find room for a new low.”

H/T Vox
Mel Brooks coulnd’t make up a toastier roast.


‘I would have won Alabama’: Trump spreads blame for Moore’s loss
H/T WaPo
If it wasn’t so incredibly pathetic, you’d almost feel sorry for a person who has to make shit up every day to not feel like he has tiny hands.

Open Thread, and a toast to Thor, or Crom, whomever you think will be less pissed off at you for not toasting him!

RUCerious @TPZoo

Daily Gnuz

Wednezday, post Alabama Election and here’z all the gnuz I can stand…

Republicans fear deep losses in 2018 elections
H/T The Hill
Be afraid, be very afraid. Pass the tax cut for the rich if you can, and then watch as the entire Congress flips in 2018…Bozos.


Doug Jones’s stunning victory could be the beginning of the end of tax reform
+ Doug Jones and – Susan Collins = real trouble for the GOP’s big tax overhaul.

H/T Vox
According to my math, there’s one more vote needed to get past the VeepCreep’s tiebreaking vote. Hoping that McCain might do the right thing, but not holding breath.


Republican mocks Steve Bannon: ‘looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered onto the national stage’
H/T Raw Story
Thrown to the wolves by his own Party, now Bannon will be…(disheveled drunk…nice touch)

Open Thread, enjoy today, tomorrow we go back to Drumpfian demagoguery(sic)
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Daily Gnuz

Tuzeday, erection, er..election day in Alabama. Will they or won’t they elect a pedophilie pervert to the U.S. Senate?

Meanstwhilze, here’z the gnuz…

Trump: Dems Didn’t Find Collusion, Moving On To ‘False Accusations’
Dear Dumbass-in-Chief, it’s not the Dems investigating your orange ass, it’s the Special Counsel, a prosecutor, in your Justice Department. And he’s not effing done yet…


Nikki Haley Infuriated Trump with Show of Support for His Accusers: Report
H/T Alternet
Uh, Oh. She’s in deep doo-doo. Prediction – Nikki gets fired and is replaced by the mutantmoustached Bolton…


Trump says Gillibrand begged for donations ‘and would do anything for them’
H/T The Hill
I do believe that this can easily be interpreted as implying that Senator Gillibrand is a prostitute.
And if that’s not sexual harassment, then nothing is.
Congrats tweetidiot-in-chief (note, cannot capitalize anything in that title..)

Open Thread, crossing fingers is hard to to when one of them is being used to salute a pedophile candidate.
RUCerious @ TPZoo

Daily Gnuz

Today, Monday, December 11th is here. and HERE is the Gnuz

Republicans fret over tax bill’s unpopularity
H/T The Hill
Really? I find that very difficult to believe. To fret:

verb: fret; 3rd person present: frets; past tense: fretted; past participle: fretted; gerund or present participle: fretting
1. be constantly or visibly worried or anxious.
“the congress fretted about the chance of losing their jobs when people figure out the consequences of the tax bill.”

gradually wear away (something) by rubbing or gnawing.
“the tax laws fret the American worker’s standard of living”

Three Trump accusers reveal to Megyn Kelly new details about ‘gross and dirty’ experience with president
H/T Raw Story
Gross and dirty. Says it all about this Prezidunce.


Pipe bomb explodes in subway passage near Port Authority Bus Terminal, one suspect in custody
H/T NY Daily News
I sense a crackdown by the Trump administration. Time to round up all the ______…whatever ethnic group the suspect may be a member of…

Open Thread, get through the day, week, years until the next election…
RUCerious @ TPZoo

Daily Gnuz, Sunday Shitehole

America’s descent into hell is accelerating inexorably.

From Friday’s ThinkProgress, another murderous police officer gets off in a stupefying “innocent” verdict. WARNING: the article does include the graphic bodycam video of the murder. I did NOT watch it, as the article’s description of the senseless killing was more than enough. Read it and weep – I did.

Next, here’s what Rep. Mark “Trailhiker” Sanford said about the “tax reform” bill in a brief interview with Erica Werner of the Washington Post:

Mark Sanford (R) admits tax bill is a sham.

A new survey shows that 30% of white Evangelicals are still willing to overlook pretty much every non-christian thing that trump says or does. Here’s a brief excerpt from an article by Christian Post reporter Samuel Smith:

“On Tuesday, PRRI [Public Religion Research Institute] released its annual American Values Survey titled “One Nation, Divided, Under Trump,” which found that just over four in 10 white evangelicals (42 percent) were weak Trump supporters, answering that although they support Trump, it is still possible for them to lose their support. Meanwhile, 30 percent of white evangelicals say they approve of Trump and “there’s almost nothing President Trump could do to lose my approval…”

NOTE: Definitely check out the link at “One Nation, Divided, Under Trump”, interesting statistics laid out there.

Last, in keeping with the above Christian Post theme, another article confirms that not ALL Evangelical “christians” believe that getting another anti-abortion vote in the Senate is worth the cost. This opinion piece by Craig M Watts in The Christian Post starts out:

“Once again, abortion is being used to justify supporting a political candidate that deserves nothing but condemnation by Christians.”

Open Thread – enjoy! (or whatever more appropriate term you want to use.)

Daily Gnuz

It’s finally Friday, this week felt like a month and a half…Here’s the FriGnuz

The GOP is trying to pass a super-unpopular agenda — and that’s a bad sign for democracy
Political science (and common sense) says they ought to pay a price at the polls. They might not.

H/T Vox
We now live in a pluto/kleptocracy, where corporations rule the people, money is speech, and elections are bought and paid for by PACs funded by the 1%.

Russian social media exec reached out to Scavino, Trump Jr. during campaign: report
H/T The Hill
Just a matter of time until they connect the micro targeting of the Russki ads on social media to the Trump campaign, digital wing and the bastards at Cambridge Analytics…

Congress clears spending bill, averting shutdown
But Democrats and Republicans remain far apart on a broader budget agreement.

H/T Politico
Can has been punted two weeks down the road. Let’s kill the gummint for Xmas! (Note: Picture of Nancy Pelosi surrounded by white male assholes and their body language is bizarre

Open Thread, Hope you survive the weekend!

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