Zoo Gnus and ‘Toons

First, again, our Zookeeper needs our help. She’s staying temporarily, during the current heat wave, at an inexpensive hotel (near the shelter that she’s in.) It’s the Regency Inn in Springfield Oregon, phone # is 541-746-5621, she’s in Room 18. As far as I know, Zooey’s there (and is paid up) until Friday, but if anyone can help out with an extra day there, or with any other help, it would be wonderful.

Please text Zooey first: 541-731-2398 – she has limited minutes on her phone.

Just let me know if anyone can help – thanks, Zoosters!


Next: Our good friend Paul Jamiol will soon be hanging up his political cartoonist hat, at least for the 2020 election season. Here’s a couple of his recent works:

A few older ‘toons that are still quite relevant:

These last three are the most recent, and go straight for the heart:

I will continue to post Paul’s excellent ‘toons as he winds down towards the end of this month.


8 thoughts on “Zoo Gnus and ‘Toons

    • Thanks for offering, I know this is awkward. Let’s hold off until we can touch base with Z again. Of course, if she responds to your text, please let me know. I’m hoping to get a mailing address, despite the sabotaged USPS service.

    • I don’t have a cell phone, and I didn’t know who her carrier was, so I had to look up various extensions in order to text her via email. Meanwhile she ran out of minutes, so it took a couple of days to actually get through to her. She did replenish her minutes, so a text should get through to her.

      I had been calling her, but not recognizing the number, she didn’t pick up until I tried calling twice within a few minutes. Which is making it a little harder to get anything done. If you want to let me know at least your area code, I can call and let her know that you’ll try to call or text her. Does that sound like a plan?

  1. Hi Jane & Gary, thank you so much for all your help! I’m paid up to Monday morning, and then I’ll return to the camp. It’s hella smokey, but the heat wave will break by then. 💜💜

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