Trig Paxson Van Palin-Less Than a Day Old and Already a Celebrity

The date is April 18, 2008. Palin’s premature baby is less than one day old.

When you look at the photos below, remember, this baby was born just hours earlier, and is 1 month premature – with Down Syndrome. Where’s the surgical gowns, the masks, the incubator? Does this look like a premature baby born that same day?

By the way, this one-month premature baby was scheduled to be released from the hospital the very next day.

Evacuation rules got it right this time

When Katrina struck three years ago, part of the awful news to follow had to do with people’s pets. People being evacuated or stuffed into the stadium were prevented from bringing along their pets. Thousands chose to stay behind rather than abandon their animals, and many thousand more pets died in the flooding that followed the hurricane. Thousands of animals did survive and were eventually rescued; many of those found homes around the country. My own friends, who barely made it out of the city in time, had to leave their cats behind. One of the cats survived in the attic of their house, but it was a skinny animal they retrieved when they could get back into the city.

This time around, none of this should happen.

Authorities evacuating residents from New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Gustav are making amends with four-legged friends after thousands of pets perished in Hurricane Katrina three years ago.

Animal welfare groups tried to make sure that evacuees had their pets with them, while shelters away from the Gulf Coast accommodated animals this time around.

The group stacked up boxes for residents who planned to carry their small pets with them as part of an evacuation on buses and trains through the Union Passenger terminal.

Pet owners stood in line to register their furry friends. Then they were given a machine readable band to tag on to their pet, in case they became separated.

Republicans Asked to Change Their Hats for Gustav

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In light of the massive Hurricane Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, and wishing to spare his party the embarrassment of appearing unconcerned while hundreds die and a major American port city drowns (again),

A mighty fine American hat

A mighty fine American hat

Senator John McCain announced that activities at the Republican Party Convention would be scaled down. The Senator said that this was a time for his fellow Republicans to “take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats.” For me, this begs the question, “Don’t the Republicans wear their ‘American hats’ all the time? Or does this support the contention that Republicans put party before country on a routine basis?”

Three years ago the President blew it big time and a lot of good people died as a result. They have pledged to do better this time, but we’ll only know for sure once the damage has been done and the hurricane has passed. May whatever Gods our people believe in have mercy on all their souls. Good luck to our fellow citizens in the path of this hurricane (and, possibly, the one right after it.)

Crescent City Stories

by Harry Shearer

This week Harry Shearer launches a series of videos from New Orleans – his part-time home town. In today’s episode, Harry introduces us to four determined people who will share their deeply personal stories of just how hard life has been in The Big Easy since Hurricane Katrina.

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This is a 6-part series (continued below the fold).

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Silence From The Press About RNC Police Raids and From The Politicians

I was under the misguided delusion that all of these raids, police harassment, snatch squads, and arrests made in St. Paul would cause a media blitz to descend upon the Twin Cities.  Oh, there was a blitz, but it wasn’t by the media.  It came from concerned bloggers and journalists that don’t work for the MSM.

So I checked the front page stories from all the newspapers today; to see what they deemed important for you to know.  This is what I found.  NYT’s has “Thousands Stream From New Orleans Ahead of the Storm”, good start but “Troops Surge Took Place Amid Doubt and Debate” could have been buried on page two.  How about USA Today, maybe they thought is was noteworthy, no it didn’t appear there either.  “Bush, Cheney skip GOP Convention” made it.  Wall Street Journal headlined Gustav, Bush Cancels Convention Speech and the Highlight of the Day “Night Runner”.  You ask “Night Runner”??  Is about McCain VP pick Gov. Sarah Palin discusses her unusual workout and fitness routine.  Do I care about the workout habits of Sarah Palin??  OMG, since when did a government official’s fitness training become of National Importance.

Robert Kennedy Jr., in his speech, notes that the decline of our media could be traced to the 1988 repel of a Federal Communications Commission regulation known as the Fairness Doctrine, which Reagan threw out the window.

I agree with that view to a certain point, the rest of it IMHO is the 5 or 6 men that run all the media outlets.  The Rupert Murdoch’s of the world have killed any fair and balance reporting that most of us remember.  It is not in their best interest for you to know about  civil rights violations that are happening around the country.  If you did, you would probably write your congressman, email the government, or even protest on the White House front lawn.  That is not a problem Bush and his cronies want to deal with. So to protect them, media giants like Murdoch squash any chance of you hearing the truth.  That the US is under siege, in a manner of speaking, that you could just disappear or have policemen break down your door with automatic weapons in hand, cuff you and take you to jail.  Your crime, you thought about, or were going to protest a corrupt government, and you asked to see a warrant.

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