Republicans Asked to Change Their Hats for Gustav

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In light of the massive Hurricane Gustav bearing down on New Orleans, and wishing to spare his party the embarrassment of appearing unconcerned while hundreds die and a major American port city drowns (again),

A mighty fine American hat

A mighty fine American hat

Senator John McCain announced that activities at the Republican Party Convention would be scaled down. The Senator said that this was a time for his fellow Republicans to “take off our Republican hats and put on our American hats.” For me, this begs the question, “Don’t the Republicans wear their ‘American hats’ all the time? Or does this support the contention that Republicans put party before country on a routine basis?”

Three years ago the President blew it big time and a lot of good people died as a result. They have pledged to do better this time, but we’ll only know for sure once the damage has been done and the hurricane has passed. May whatever Gods our people believe in have mercy on all their souls. Good luck to our fellow citizens in the path of this hurricane (and, possibly, the one right after it.)

13 thoughts on “Republicans Asked to Change Their Hats for Gustav

  1. No, they DON’T wear their “American hats” all the time — otherwise they’d be called Democrats.

    Party before country — it’s the Republican way.

  2. I’ve been following the news about Gustav online and it’s bittersweet. Most of the people have left New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, but I just read that 20,000 people are estimated to have stayed behind, for whatever reason. Perhaps this time, people are being allowed to bring their pets, although I haven’t seen any mention of this (must look into that).

    What seems likely to happen is that the Republicans will take all the credit if no lives are lost this time, but if the levees break again, they’re screwed.

  3. If McCain and Palin go to Mississippi during the hurricane, the only thing that they will do is get in the way of rescue operations. They will take needed local resources away from helping the people.
    Ms J got it right. Republicans always put party before America. Nothing but greedy all about me politics. The sad thing is that the Republican Party wasn’t always that way.

  4. No Cats, they weren’t. There was once a time (and I remember it) when liberals were welcome in the Republican Party. It was around the time Reagan took office that liberals were started to be given the cold shoulder. They weren’t greedy enough, money-hungry enough, pro-capitalist enough, or anti-communist enough, so they were gradually pushed away from the leadership positions. And that’s how they ended up with morons like Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay running their party.

  5. Would those Republican hats be an unrecognizable mash of Exxon, Mobil, BP, Clean (sic) Coal, glowinthedark Nukular Radiation button logos?

  6. Wayne:
    “Anyone who chooses to remain can expect no city services,” and “People who do not evacuate are on their own.”

    Weren’t those statements made by the Mayor of NO? Last I checked, he had a (D) after his name.

    And sometimes they say “Caterpillar” or “New York Yankees” on them.

    Was that a jab at rural/middle America?

  7. New York Yankees is a jab at rural/middle America?

    And Caterpillar has plants in very urban suburbs of Chicago.

    Somebody is really overly sensitive these days.

  8. Sorry, Shayne, I didn’t see too many Caterpillar hats on any of my trips to Chicago. Most of the times I have seen them they are on the head of some good-old-boy on a tractor in Oklahoma or Kansas.

    But, back on topic:

    The Rubulicans are putting party above country? Who made these quotes about the current hurricane?

    “(Hurricane Gustav) is proof that there is a God in heaven”


    “(Hurricane Gustav) is proof that God is on our side.

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