Eating crow

I want everyone to know that it is not our Raven who is spouting this bullshit.

How does one decipher whether a person is truly mentally ill, or is exploiting their [sic] battle experiences to their [sic] fullest advantage?

How do we know if Troy is the person he is because of the battlefield experiences, or if he is choosing to be this person because others are enabling him? Since we’re not hearing from Troy’s pre-war family and friends it is difficult to really know what he was life [sic] prior to his tour in Iraq.

As evidential experience continues to reveal conservative ideology as — at the very least — flawed, it seems our friends from the other other side of the aisle have determined to drop the word “compassionate” from before their name. Jillian writes:

I love this new version of conservatism. There is nothing too base, too venal, too cold-blooded for them to say. There is no one they won’t smear, no reputation they won’t seek to tarnish, no depth to which they will not sink in order to destroy anything that interferes with their pet narratives about how they think the world works, whether it be ‘government insurance is socialism’ or ‘the Iraq war is a war for civilization and therefore worth any sacrifice (as long as it’s not mine).’ Anything — absolutely anything at all — is acceptable, except for even the barest hint of the thought that they might actually be wrong about something in even the slightest measure.

Of course, the left isn’t entirely innocent of the smear tactic either. For according to liberal sources, it turns out that Mickey Kaus may well be blowing goats. Apparently Mickey comes up for air only long enough to spout more innuendo about John Edwards’ alleged affair.

~ Egreggious

UPDATE: I am amused to see that Raven has shut down the comments on her post, but not before she got in the last word:

You have proven to me, once again by the tone of the comments here, that I made the right choice by changing my politics. I used to be just like you all. Rightfully I changed my mindset when I saw too many people taking advantage of your liberal views; too many government programs enabling the able to not take care of their own.

I am so content I am no longer a Democrat. But I am totally ashamed at how you all just come over and attack like this- but alas, you’re Democrats and thats what they do. Attack. Accuse. Make assumptions. And nothing else.

You’re all losers as far as I’m concerned and I am proud to no longer be politically associated with your lot.

She is simultaneously proud and ashamed. And, if you think you are telling Raven anything new by calling her “brutal,” well, she has already owned that trait in her latest post on SCHIP. Live free or die, indeed.

UPDATE II: Raven says she used to be just like us … until she saw “too many people taking advantage of your liberal views.” Well, I think that means she was never like me at all. Yes, some people undoubtedly take advantage of some government services. But that doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bath water. Abuses of the system should be exposed and corrected, but in the meantime I’d like to think we still have the humanity to take care of those who are truly in need and to not verbally abuse them for being in that unfortunate position.

14 thoughts on “Eating crow

  1. She sounds like one of the TP trolls (or several of them). I love this approach: “$500 a month is a lot of money, but if people were more careful they could afford that”, referring to a single mom earning about $40,000 a year. No one who has actually had to balance a budget or raise kids would stay anything so totally asinine. $500/month is a lot of goddamn money for someone grossing less than $4000. It’s huge. Comments like that can only come from someone who is young, healthy, childless and lucky enough to have good health coverage from their employer. So then it’s all “Fk you if you don’t have things as good as I do.”

  2. Huh. In Raven’s “personal stuff” she admits to having had a heroin addiction. I guess she got everything she needed from her time sucking off the system, and now believes in screwing people just like her.


  3. Here is the comment I left for Raven before she closed the comments.

    Try living with someone that has PTSD, or better yet, try living with PTSD yourself and you might have a better understanding. You make a diagnosis that you are not qualified to make from an article you were probably barely able to read. Wow, simply f*cking amazing!

    Get a life

    Funny, it never showed.

  4. Funny how my husband, the auto mechanic can’t diagnose a car without seeing it but this bitch can diagnose a patient she’s never seen. No way she’s in the healthcare business, if she is that’s even scarier.

  5. She sounds like ‘Dr.’ Senator Bill Frist who ‘diagnosed’ Terry Schiavo from watching a matter of minutes of a video tape and decided to make a national stand. What an idiot.

  6. That Raven woman has some serious growing up to do.

    In her post on the SCHIP, she goes out of her way to find ways not to help people. “Work three jobs”, “don’t have kids”, etc.

    What I find absolutely mind-boggling, is that she objects to helping those who need it on ideological grounds (“No no. This is socialism, pure and simple.”) She can label it whatever she wants, but the suitability of a program should be measured in terms of how it helps your fellow citizens -not whether it’s “socialism”. That objection is both shallow and asinine.

    The first article -the one about the returning troops- is simply beyond the pale. I am at a loss for words. Soldiers “exploiting their battle experiences to their fullest advantage”? What is she, a Coulter wannabe? Just amazing.

    Another example of a “conservative” supporting the troops.

  7. i wish you’d all heard the caller on sam seder show today…

    sam has the sammy cam going while the show is on, so watching him while this guy, moe, was talking was funny… moe was upset about having to pay for insurance for ANYone… afterall, “they” just go out and buy booze and cigs and drive fast (“i drive 65”) and go to casinos…

    … “and besides, i believe that only the wealthy should have children”…

    sam’s jaw dropped – as did most of the audience’s, i’m sure – and he made the decision to just let the guy talk on, digging his hole ever deeper… “uh huh… i see… hmmm… … well, moe that’s an interesting perspective you have there… bye now…”

    moe was totally serious… we’ve heard similar ideas from the trolls, but this guy came right out and said it… he was completely sincere…

    they really are out there…

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