Thursday Open Thread

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.

Alan Cohen

20 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Huh, well can you tell me where that button is so I can turn it off tomorrow when the show’s going to hit here.? That would be so nice since I don’t do weather…How about a wind button.? No wind or snow please…..LOL….Good Morning and Blessings all.

    I think it’s Thursday..Oh well, maybe not.

  2. I have discovered a technical drawback with the snow. The plug-in that creates it (I watched them load in the lower left corner of the window), uses large amounts of your processor capability. With two Zoo windows open, mine is maxed out at 100%. Two windows of TP open only require up to about 17%. This slows your computer down accessing other sites, like if you research something, while you have the Zoo on the taskbar.
    How do you access processor usage? Hit Control-Alt-Delete and the Windows Task Manager will appear. The percentage is on the bottom, and the middle tab is “Performance”, which shows current usage and a graph of events.
    I have a problem with Air America because their advertising does the same thing. NovaM uses only 3-4% and AA takes up
    about 50%.

  3. Good Morning houseofroberts,…Well I got part of what you printed, noticed my macbook went into slow whirlegig when I checked in last time and still had the TP site up….All the rest is greek to me but know the computer whiz’s here will get it…LOL..

    Hope you are having a great day…I’m off with the men to the food bank and then home to get ready for a big storm here…Suposto have wind, rain and snow along with low temp’s by tomorrow night…If like year’s in the past may be out of power again for day’s…Blessings

  4. Hope the storm doesn’t put you off-line, Witch1, stock up on milk, bread and eggs, LOL! Down here, that’s the standard joke, if the weatherman says it might snow, all the eggs, milk and bread will be gone in the stores.
    If you aren’t on as regular, I’ll hold the left one ’til we hear from you again!

  5. Comedian Wanda Sykes on the Tonight Show talking about Prop8 and the Obama Presidency. At the commercial in the middle, just move the slider to 9:20 to skip it.
    The clip on Huffingtonpost is just the bit after the break.

  6. Thanks for the clip house. She’s a riot. Her show, New Adventures of Old Christine, was very funny last night too if you can find it.

  7. I’m always at work when those shows are on, Shayne, but I saw the short version of that Leno show, at Huffingtonpost, found the longer one on the Youtube, and liked it better. The part about Leno’s cars was good, too.

  8. I have to confess that I like sitcoms. That one is good but the best one on now is The Big Bang Theory if you’re ever home on Monday night.

  9. I’m going to sit this one out tonight, the tendons in my toes are too sore to pound the concrete. Shayne, is Kath and Kim any good? The British version used to be funny. Converted BBC shows seldom work well here. The last sucessful one was Steptoe and Son, which became Sanford and Son.

  10. Long day…Stocked up on everything houseofroberts, all year long I’m ready…Don’t need to go any where untill next Thur’s..

    Thank’s for the link, love Wandas humor..Re your post above quote…”If you aren’t on as regular, I’ll hold the left one ’till we hear from you again.”.Ummm , now that’s funny…LOL.

    Sorry you are having a bad day with your foot, will light bigger candle’s in the morning…Healing thought’s and Blessings

  11. Thanks Witch1, I had to be up walking too much last night.
    There is a scene from “Operation Petticoat”, when they are about to try to start the engines of the submarine. Cary Grant turns to his exec next to him and asks, “Which one are you holding?” The exec says “The left one.” I believe that scene was cut out for years when that movie would be shown on regular TV. I’ve only noticed it when it runs on cable.

  12. My personal jury is still out on Kath and Kim. Did you watch it tonight house? It was pretty funny tonight. The Office worked pretty well but then I never saw the British one. Ricky Gervais slays me though. He had a stand up special on HBO a few weeks ago that was great. He had a series “Extras” on HBO that was really good too.

  13. houseofroberts, guess I missed that scene and line…Still very funny..LOL…Well youngster’s I’m done in so calling it a day…Have a great evening posting….Blessings

  14. Shayne, actually, Kath and Kim was Australian, not BBC, and I saw it on Sundance channel, when I saw it. I was looking up the cast of the new one trying to identify Selma Blair, who plays Kim. It was ok, but in most comedies you have to know the characters. Then I pretty much stayed with NBC to see 30 Rock. I wasn’t that impressed.
    I saw Ricky Gervais on HBO. He was funny.

    Has anybody heard of the Boycott Alabama website? I just found out on my local news. My outgoing Rep. Bud Cramer (D, 5th), was the only Alabama lawmaker to support the Automakers’ Bailout. I feel special!

    John McCain is on Letterman, does anyone care?

    Goodnight Witch1, see ya in the morning!

  15. In light of the tragedy in San Diego, where the F18 killed the two adults and two young children, why did Letterman and McCain have to bring up crashing fighter planes? Strictly bad taste, if you ask me. I felt so bad for that guy, he left for work and comes back to his entire world gone forever.

  16. Dear houseofroberts, I heard about the plane crash and then on Wed. I saw in my paper and the TV the sad result’s..I did not comment on it but knew the devastating grief the young husband was going through…Like the war, Katrina and all daily losses no matter the cause there are no word’s to portray what a person go’s through when they loose a loved one…I think it is more devastating when one looses their children..I grieve every day for my loss and for all who have lost loved one’s….I guess that was to be my destany…All I can do is send healing thought’s and Blessings….

    The human experiance is a joy at best and terribly sad at worst..Many who haven’t gone through the loss never get it…TV personalatie’s are as clueless as they come…Good thing I missed that show, I might of broken the TV…

    Many healing thought’s and Blessings to you and all today….

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