Music Night. Happy birthday, Willie

(and Gummitch). Willie Nelson is certainly one of, if not the most, recognizable cross-over rock and country singer/songwriters. Beginning in the 1970s, “outlaw country” was defined by people like Nelson and Waylon Jennings, writing and playing for a rock and roll audience as well as the Grand Old Opry crowd. I found it interesting that most of the videos on YouTube feature duets or group performances; there is relatively little of him singing solo. More after the jump.


98 thoughts on “Music Night. Happy birthday, Willie

  1. I’m sorry I can’t join you here, I don’t have audio just yet (oooold computer and not really good). If you can spare a moment or two, I have two posts up about the oil spill.

    Enjoy yourselves, I will hunt up headphones tomorrow and listen in.

    Good Night!

  2. In another age, Willie would have been called a bard. His voice may not be the most mellifluous but his music and his words tell the tale like few others have managed.

  3. Totally awesome, house. I’ve been a huge Wheel fan for a long time. Old time Texas swing and cajun, ah yes.

  4. So I like Patsy’s version best, Leanne did a fine job and this version is just a great tribute to one of Willie’s best songs.

  5. Hood’,
    They were on Austin City Limits not long ago. I liked that song so much I already had it on my list.

    You can watch it online here.

  6. Diana Krall… peel me a grape…. you don’t say baby, whatever you want….

  7. Yes, EV, sorry you can’t hear the music. I did look at the two posts already. G’nite!

  8. As long as that’s not Prisoner Zero, it’s ok.

    According to Youtube, I like this.

  9. As the oil comes ashore in Louisiana…..

    Midnight Oil from the New York Exxon protest in 1991. U know it makes sense…

  10. This might line up with what 2ebb and Terry like.
    Watch the audio level before the music starts, it has this squeaky thing.

  11. It’s Fish Fry nite here and I need some supper so I have to toddle. Have fun all.

  12. Hey Everyone! Love the diversity of tunes tonight!

    I’ve been on a 60’s bubblegum/70’s “jangle” bent over the past few days; apologies in advance if it’s all too “sweet” tonight πŸ™‚

  13. Lass,
    That was not near as bad as I was afraid it would be!
    The Chicago tune was pretty. Pankow on the ‘bone solo at the end has always been tops with me!

  14. During my travels, WDST’s signal got me through some pretty quiet areas. So, I’m dedicating this next one to that sleepy little town in upstate New York:

    • Lass, I’m entering “dead week.” The week before finals, in which nothing is supposed to be due, so we can study our hearts out. I wish it worked that way…

      How’s the head?

  15. Indeed, ebb – thank you for asking . . . it has been a week! I originally went to school for music therapy, then switched majors early on.

    When you think about it, it is all about particles, waves and entrainment – the “vibe”. The sounds tonight have been healing . . . I’m very grateful to you all for being part of that . . .

  16. Zooey, you’ve inspired yet another song . . .

    My head still sits atop my shoulders, aches on the right side near my jaw, radiating to the temporal lobe area behind my ear. There are three distinct tinnutis sounds that have joined the choir/orchestra that is already constantly playing in my cranium, making for quite a cacophonous (if not just plain “confusing”) time. The dizziness and nausea have subsided a bit . . . further testing next week . . . πŸ™‚

    • Lass, never did. I re-created it, and put a threatening message on the front of it.

      They don’t dare cross the mythical Zookeeper!

  17. lass, those are serious injuries – must have been a very hard fall.


    • Thanks, lass. I do kick ass sometimes. I just need to remember to do it when it really matters. πŸ˜‰

      That fall sounds epic. Tiles are meant for walls, not floors.

  18. It’s just the women this evening. (yes, you’ve known all along – I’m a falcon, as opposed to a tiercel).


  19. Agreed on the tiles, Zooey. I’m told that I “levitated a few seconds like a plank” before I fell; hey, at least I remained conscious for this one πŸ™‚

  20. Flashback on “the Forest”:

    I heard them live in a fairly small venue back in 85; we were way too close to the speakers and when this song came on and gradually got louder, my fillings (which have since been replaced) “hurt” to the point I had to run out of the hall with my fingers in my mouth!

  21. Think you are depressed, watch this sad prat and you’ll think wow it’s not that bad is it? …..

    It’s Morrissey, helping teenage boys meet their mediocrity head on…

  22. How about some great Robert Palmer / Duran Duran (love those new romantics with their hair)

  23. How’s this Lass, a tight leather, big hair, hard rock….

    David Coverdale, did you break his heart Lass?

  24. Sorry that’s not that good a version….

    … let’s let David take it down a touch…..a great love song.

  25. Oh killer Lass, I’ve been looking for a great vid of the Oils doing Read About It – it’s a great cut on the Scream in Blue live double CD

    Night night Lass, enjoy your weekend.

  26. I dunno, that Power Station vid took me to Dead or Alive (scary man), Simply Red, which was cool because they filmed the vid in Whitby, which SammytheTurtle liked. I could go cock rock or 80s poseurs at this point….

  27. Oh crap, I just Rick-rolled myself…. the dangers of 80s poseur music.

  28. Ah well, here’s where I ended up, after Spandau Ballet, Falco and After the Fire….

    A bit of Irish-interpretation of soul from the Commitments. Night all.

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