The Watering Hole. September 6th, Arctic Oil Sandwich

The melting of Polar Ice makes the Arctic much more accessible than it used to be and with accessibility comes the greed for oil. Some 30% of undiscovered gas reserves and 13% of undiscovered oil are thought to be under the arctic ice. Now the race has begun. The risk, however, is huge:

Any serious oil spill in the ice of the Arctic, the “new frontier” for oil exploration, is likely to be an uncontrollable environmental disaster despoiling vast areas of the world’s most untouched ecosystem, one of the world’s leading polar scientists has told The Independent.

Oil from an undersea leak will not only be very hard to deal with in Arctic conditions, it will interact with the surface sea ice and become absorbed in it, and will be transported by it for as much as 1,000 miles across the ocean, according to Peter Wadhams, Professor of ocean physics at the University of Cambridge. (read more)

The exploitation of oil reserves has become more and more frantic. Voices calling for getting renewable energy off the ground were ridiculed when oil was relatively easy to be had, now because those voices went unheard we do not have an alternative at the ready.

This is our Open Thread. Spill! Your thoughts on this and anything else are most welcome.

141 thoughts on “The Watering Hole. September 6th, Arctic Oil Sandwich

  1. Good morning to all.

    It seems like we have reached peak oil. Yet, the oil industry owned Republicans refuse to fund renewable, alternative energy sources. The oil and gas industry are squeezing the earth dry. There will be repercussions for this. It’s not nice to mess with mother earth.

  2. Good Morning!

    What happened to the heat? Saturday it was 96, and today we’re not supposed to get above 60? Footballs.
    Tropically Depressing Lee feathered out 5 inches of rain over about 36 hours, never really raining hard, and very little wind. If it’s headed your way, don’t panic, just take an umbrella.

  3. A rain squall with high winds sweep through here about 7:45 AM EDT. It was seemingly a fragment from Lee (No other recent storm fronts around). Current temp is about 80 F.

    • You know what they say? Volunteering is for suckers.

      Of course, that’s a truly shitty way of thinking, but it really does demonstrate the “me first” attitude of these un-American morans.

        • Time to let Texas be that independent, can-do state and for Rick Perry to ahve that small government he wants… as they say in Texas – “Handle it!”

          Anyhow, isn’t ‘the Lord’ supposed to provide?

          • .
            From that blog:

            Considering I’m right smack dab in the middle of the fires in Northeast Texas at this point its not about the political scandal between the governor and president, it’s about why isnt Washington rushing to help us down here like the hurricane and earthquake victems? Because the president is holding our govenor against us and it’s childish if you ask me. Plus Texas is a Republican state, another strike against us.

            Comment by Jenn | September 6, 2011

  4. Obama at his all time lowest in the polls.

    As much as I am unhappy with President Obama with his obsession with pleasing the republicans and lack of a backbone, it sure would be nice if the media or better yet the democratic leadership would start pointing to the republican majority in the house who ran on a jobs platform but have yet to bring any real job creation solutions to the table.

    It would also be nice if the media would point out the poll numbers of congress, particularly the House, who have done very little for the average American since the republicans took control.

    It’s time someone with a “D” after their name start pointing out the following:

    * Republicans were against extending unemployment benefits for millions of unemployed workers, while fighting for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

    * Republicans want to cut or eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    * Republicans are against ending subsides to multinational corporations and American businesses who outsource American jobs overseas.

    * Republicans want to go back to the deregulation that led to our near collapse of our financial system and the BP oil spill in the Gulf.

    * Republicans want to eliminate the minimum wage.

    * Republicans want to take away a woman’s right to choose.

    * Republicans got us into this massive debt by supporting two unfunded and unnecessary wars, supporting tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans during a time of war and supporting the unfunded Medicaid Part D Prescription plan.

    * Republicans were in complete control of our government when we saw the lowest domestic job creation in over 50 years.

    * Republicans only represent the fetus, the wealthy and the corporations NOT the middle class, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the unemployed, children, the American working class.

  5. Here’s something to lighten the morning..
    Homosexuality and the Bible

    On her radio show, Dr Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, penned by a US resident, which was posted on the Internet. It’s funny, as well as informative:

    Here’s the first two questions asked:

    1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

    There are ten questions in all.

  6. HOFFA: Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong! Thank you very much!

    Fox edited tape to make it look like Hoffa was calling for violence. Because he didn’t out of office they’re suggesting he meant murder apparently. And the theme was belabored on “Morning Joe” for the almost the entire show. And of course they’re blaming Obama who wasn’t there yet for not calling Hoffa out for his “violent rhetoric”. The Ministry of Truth is very busy these days.

  7. Quote of the Day:

    “If Democrats are going to accept Republican premises, they shouldn’t be surprised if a majority of people eventually conclude that Republicans ought to be in charge of government policy,” – Bruce Bartlett.

  8. Good lead post BTW EV – the talk is all about the policitics of ‘how and who’ for the Arctic, not the ‘why’…..

    That oil is going to be bloody expensive to get…. why are we not investing in something else?

    And the answer to that…. the politics of big Oil… corporations are sociopaths.

      • Well, here’s the thing. All that extraction will lighten the planet considerably, see, and what that means is that when the earth is not so heavy it’ll rise up, drift further into space and away from the sun. And the good news is that if there’s any global warming from burning all that oil and coal and gas and stuff, when the earth moves farther from the sun it’ll get less warming, and that will counter everything and keep things cool. So all in all, it’s a good thing to do. Burn more oil and gas and stuff.

        Explanation brought to you by Exxon-Mobil (more or less).

    • Terry, Germany is up to 20% of renewables when it comes to energy production. Guess what gave it a huge boost. Government (yes the evil ones) decided to close down all nuclear reactors, people still want their internets, investments (private and corporate) in renewables are up. That’s what effective government can do for you. We (as in “We The People”)had them in a stranglehold, however, they would like to get reelected and we told them they won’t if they stick to nuclear. Even took to the streets.

      Summing it up: The streets’ the place to be these day.

    • Read a fun book this weekend that introduced me to something I had never heard of before. Abiotic oil. Something about how oil isn’t dead dinosaurs but made deep in the earth’s crust like diamonds and if we wait long enough many oil fields will get refilled. Sort of calls for an old Artie Johnson response.

      • By Jerome Corsi – I lasted 3 chapters before I fell about laughing and took it back to Library where I challenged the librarian on whether it was correctly filed in the Non-fiction section.

        Other works by Jerome Corsi – “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” – now you get the idea.

  9. I frequently refer to GOPers because its short and reminds me of “gomers”. I’ve been thinking about the wisdom of that, since the abbreviation is from Grand Old Party. Fuck that. There’s nothing grand about them, from top to bottom. Maybe I’ll go back to “Republics”.

  10. A friend sent me this from, and it tells me to forward it to everyone I know.

    It’s interesting in that it’s apparently one of those 3 minute spots aimed at scaring the crap out of folks who see money as that stuff that jingles in your pocket when you walk fast. Guaranteed, Paul Krugman was NOT asked to contribute to the piece.

    • God must love Pennsylvania, too. I appreciate that Katia is not heading up the coast. We are getting bombarded with rain and we don’t need another hurricane which acts like a No’reaster dumping on more rain.

    • Yup, I was just digging into that one….. Greenpeace says that Mother Jones has some audio….

      Seemed like all the sock-puppet-wanna-bes like Rick Perry, Scott from Florida and maybe Gov Wankpot of Wisconsin were there, sucking it up to the fat-fascist-bastards with the deep pockets.

      “”We have Saddam Hussein,” declared billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, apparently referring to President Barack Obama as he welcomed hundreds of wealthy guests to the latest of the secret fundraising and strategy seminars he and his brother host twice a year. The 2012 elections, he warned, will be “the mother of all wars.”

      Bastards, all of them

  11. Americans need to wake up to the fact that this upcoming election will be the testing ground for how much money the Kochfueled Reichwing can throw at people in an effort to get them to vote against their self interest.
    A ‘how stupid are you’ index should have people logging the number and length of infomercials against progressive candidates and blatant lies for teabaggers. As the number of hours of exposure increases, people should get turned off to the message proportionally.

    I wish.

    • Goebbelsian is the word to describe the current situation and project exactly the dilemma truth is facing these days. Funny how it is that the more fascism changes, the more it stays the same.

  12. I’m thinking we need to add an incentive to vote. If you want to file a tax return you need to have voted in the last election. If not, you obviously don’t care what the government does with your money so no return. Too bad, so sad.

    • I’m surprised that they didn’t place a scarlet “A” on her when she “apologized to the congregation for getting pregnant.”

      Shameful actions on the part of the preacher and he got what he deserved. I hope the girl (now 29 and living in AZ) has gotten the appropriate mental help to help her through this.

    • Why is it, one might ask, that the major investigations of major political events in the last 50 years or so by the US government have generated a massive cottage industry in conspiracy theories? From Roswell through the assassinations of the 60’s to 911 the weasels seem to be able to convince the chickens that it was PFM and nothing to do with the weasels.

  13. Just got an email from Alan Grayson, which I’m passing along for its entertainment value — and because it’s so bizarre to think of a Member of the House (former) who wasn’t essentially a coward.

    Dear Gummitch,

    One of the few “perks” of former Members of the House – pretty much the only one, actually — is that we can go to the Floor of the House whenever the House is in session. Return to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

    That’s always fun. I remember when Newt Gingrich did it a year ago.

    By way of background, Newt Gingrich went on Fox News and called me “fundamentally dishonorable.” Twice. In case you didn’t hear him the first time.

    Remember, it was Newt Gingrich who went to the hospital to demand a divorce from his cancer-stricken wife, so that Gingrich could marry the woman with whom he’d been having an affair. And it was Gingrich who condemned President Clinton for having an affair, at the same time that Gingrich was having another affair.

    Newt may be “married,” but it’s not the way that you and I think of married. He has disavowed his vows. You almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the times he scores.

    When Gingrich was asked to explain this behavior on TV last month, he could have said – should have said — “because I’m fundamentally dishonorable.” But no, Gingrich said that it was because he loved America so much. Well, certain females in America, anyway.

    So Gingrich came to the Floor of the House a year ago. I went nowhere near him. I just don’t like the smell of sulfur. But another member, whom I like very much, told me that she wanted to introduce me. I said, “no, that’s OK, thanks anyway. I really don’t know what to say to him.” But she insisted.

    She introduced me to Newt.

    I said to him, “you look like you’ve gained a lot of weight.”

    Newt stared at me.

    I said, “I remember you being much slimmer back in the 1990’s. When you were relevant.”

    Newt scowled at me, and walked away. Good comeback, Newt. By the way, Newt Gingrich scowls just the way you would expect Newt Gingrich to scowl.

    I would like to think that that light little love-tap on Newt Gingrich’s ego may have pushed him just a tiny bit toward running for President. Which is great. Because Newt is really going to be hammered. If it’s an eight-person field, Newt will finish ninth.

    It’s the Giuliani Effect. The more you know Newt, the more you hate him.

    In 1980, John Connally spent $11 million running for President, and won one delegate to the Republican Convention – Ada Mills, of Clarksville, Arkansas. I think that Newt is going top Connally.

    But that’s enough about Newt. This note is actually about you. Yes, you.

    Don’t look behind you; I’m talking to you.

    • I got the same email. Right after the one from Debbie Wasserman Schultz that said she wanted me to be in Charlotte. While I am sure Charlotte is a nice woman, I have to say I need to have at least a social introduction before I have the equivalent of a social introduction.

      Kidding aside, it is encouraging that they are beginning to speak up. Even if they are preaching to the choir.

  14. Perry’s Texas has 27.2 percent of its population without health insurance – the worst record in America. Massachusetts has an uninsured rate of 5.2 percent – the best. And yet Romney is still apologizing for this achievement.

    So is it actually a Republican goal that people cannot have decent access to healthcare? Do they have any proposals to help? So far, the answers seem to be yes and no.

  15. I also got an email from someone in the Obama camp asking if I could organize for him here. My delete finger hit it too quickly. I should have written back, Why? I’m hoping Hillary resigns and primaries his ass. I’m tired of his weak sister compromising. I’ll vote for him in 2012 but only because he is less obnoxious than the others. Tell him for me…How does it feel to think your chances at a 2nd term are only good because the opposition is totally nuts. Wouldn’t you rather have people vote for you because you are doing a good job?

  16. I still haven’t heard any fundies claim that the Texas fires are God’s way of telling us to combat global warming. In fact, they seem to be silent on the subject. I guess that it wouldn’t do to blame a very Christian/Republican state for their misfortune but the Northeast is fair game.

  17. Batscat Bachmann’s campaign manager quit. When one views her record of losing people important to her staff one is forced to conclude that those who know her best are the most eager to leave her company.

  18. zxbe on September 6, 2011 at 8:07 am said:

    It’s said that when a bell rings, and angel gets its wings. However, when John Boehner cries a middle class American gets phucked….

  19. The Preamble to the Republican/Koch Constitution.

    We the Rich People of the United States, in Order to form a more profitable Union, establish Just us, insure domestic Dominance, provide for the profitable defence, promote the general corporate Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and no one without a bank account in 6 digits and our Profitablity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • (psst – don’t you have to invoke God or Jesus? At least use the word christian – you know, to make it all neat and tidy with the lord?)

      • Rich people don’t believe in God. They just sell that snake oil to the people who think they want to be rich and think for some strange reason God agrees.

  20. I will even go so far as to say there is not a single rich Christian on the planet. It is a contradiction in terms. It is impossible to be a true Christian and rich at the same time.

    • The Reichwhiners are all over the local paper with their “guns don’t kill people” crap. It pains me to no end that we can’t even have a discussion about better gun regulation in this country. I haven’t seen anything about the legal status of the shooter but most of these incidents are committed with legally purchased firearms. If existing law isn’t keeping deadly weapons out of the hands of psychopaths, should not the laws be examined and/or changed?

      Any federal standard would be helpful and we need a national database of those who are ineligible to own firearms. It would be even better if we followed the whole 2nd Amendment. Being part of a “well regulated militia” would entail periodic inspections and would, hopefully, help us determine if someone is mentally, emotionally, and morally fit for the responsibility of gun ownership. Alas… Any time anyone so much as mentions an examination of gun laws we are beset by a shrieking horde of nutbags. I can only conclude that the shriekers are afraid that they are not mentally, emotionally, and morally fit to own firearms.

    • 1000 homes and 3.5 million acres – that represents about $3 billion in losses for just the current year. Add to that the effects of the drought and Texas is looking at one hell of a loss without even accounting for the toll in human lives.

  21. Seriously, has there have been such a bunch of whiny crybaby victims ever? “Yah, 2nd amendment! Blood of patriots. Kill the fucking liberals! Wah! !!! Pelosi hurted our feelings!”

    • Life is so damn difficult for the Repugnant party. Attempting to weave a satin garment from straw is impossible- just ask Gretchen as she attempted to bait Debbie into the ‘big bad Hoffa’ debate.
      Wasserman-Schultz showed aplomb – Carlson a screeching rodent.

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