The Watering Hole: March 20th – Europe’s Hate Crimes

Ok, ok. I knooow. There’s Illinois tonight. But still. Europe has it’s own stories to tell. We do have elections coming up, some really important, too. Most prominently France. And here’s what setting me off, once again:

You do not pander to the right wing haters without consequences. Marine LePen, daughter of ill-reputed right winger Jean-Marie LePen is running at around 16% of votes in recent polls.16% that Nicolas Sarkozy desperately wants to have, to get a second term. Sarko himself has been busily blaming minorities for France’s problems for years now, to get the right to vote for him and LePen wouldn’t be her father’s daughter if she didn’t, never mind her switch of focus.

Look what happens:

The neighborhood near Toulouse railway station where the Rue Jules Dalou is located is shabby and depressing. The houses are narrow and mostly only two stories high. There are no gourmet shops or chic boutiques. It’s a long way from the image of France that you see in the tourist brochures.

On any normal evening, the area would be deserted at 10 p.m., but this is not a normal evening. Since Monday morning, nothing in Toulouse is normal. That was when an unknown perpetrator on a motor scooter drove into the Rue Jules Dalou and shot dead three children and a teacher.

The shooting took place in front of and inside a Jewish school, the Collège et Lycée Ozar Hatorah. Now, photographers, cameramen and reporters are gathered in a crowd outside the cordoned-off building. Local residents, students and friends have placed flowers at the entrance, where the killer fired the first shots. “You will always be angels,” is written on one of the notes.

The four haven’t been the only ones to die. Three paratroopers of North African descent were killed recently as well as well as one of Caribean descent wounded. By the same perp.

This, obviously, reminds me of the German so-called Döner killings mentioned in the earlier post on the subject. Random shootings of immigrant small business owners, that could recently be traced back to a Nazi cell.

I dare to predict it is going to be a right wing Neo-Nazi behind this all. He will be, of course, a lone lunatic, as the three Germans behind the killings were lone lunatics, as Breivik was a lone lunatic and it has nothing at all to do with the fact, that hate speech and pandering to the right wing of politicians is making the Nazi’s sick views legitimate and sets the violence off. Nothing at all.

This is our open thread. Join us and yes, you may mention Illinois.

March 21st, UPDATE: The Washington Post has an UPDATE today.

119 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: March 20th – Europe’s Hate Crimes

  1. AP News: Job seekers getting asked for Facebook passwords

    SEATTLE (AP) – When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn’t see his private profile. She turned back and asked him to hand over his login information.

      • The lord of the manor would usually like to have his way with your wife and his son could roger your daughter (or son based on persuasion) too.

        • Terry, “Gosford Park” should be your kind of movie. It didn’t stop anywhere near the middle ages, serfdom and stuff I mean.

    • I can’t remember mine. I haven’t logged in to F’book in a while. Anyway, there’s nothing there to look at.

    • Once employed, some workers have been required to sign nondisparagement agreements that ban them from talking negatively about an employer on social media.

      Where’s the right wing outrage over giving up our right to free speech?

      • I think it is right next to the outrage over having to sign away your due process rights in favor of ‘binding arbitration’.

    • If you wanted that job badly enough, you’d be tempted to hand it over.
      I’d prolly ask her for hers, and if she didn’t reply tell her to put it where the sun won’t ever shine.

  2. Another Trayvon Martin witness comes forward

    Maybe our local lawyer can weigh in here (although he’s not criminal right?) But with the police not doing a damn thing, what damage is being done to the case where witnesses are having to come forward (because the police don’t seem to be seeking them out), make their statements to the media, *just to put pressure* on the f***Ing cracker police force who refuse to do their jobs!?

    • I read an article somewhere this morning reporting that the police have no choice in the matter because the case wouldn’t be prosecuted. Some recent NRA-sponsored law in Florida extends the old Castle rule about killing (if he’s in your house, blam!) to any location, any time you feel threatened. Of course, in this instance the assassin followed the kid and then claimed he’d been attacked.

  3. GOP Secret Service code names overheard: Romney chose “Javelin” probably a reference to the ’60s muscle car made by American Motors Corporation, the company once run by George Romney.

    Santorum? The papist chose “Petrus,” a biblical allusion—as in St. Peter, the first pope. (The Latin name is derived from the Greek word for “rock.”)


  4. Btw, how over is it for Ron Paul? In Puerto Rico, he lost to Fred Karger, a former actor who bills himself as “The first openly gay Republican presidential candidate.

    • It’s been over for a while, but the candidate/corpse continues with delusions of convention broker/kingmaker/moron-ness

  5. Heard about this on Stephanie Miller this morning. Romney has launched a series of ad featuring Santorum’s 2008 endorsement.

    Freedom’s Lighthouse » New Mitt Romney Ad Uses Santorum’s 2008 Endorsement of Romney – Video UPDATED: Now It’s a Series of Ads

    “This is Rick Santorum. I think everyone knows, no one puts words into my mouth. The words out of my mouth are, if you want a conservative as the nominee of this party, then you must vote for Mitt Romney.”

    Oh, those pesky recording devices.

      • This is in fact true. She and Bill Press will have their radio shows broad cast live on Current TV. Bill from 6-8, and Steph from 8-11. They’re not changing the format or moving to a fancy set or anything. It will be their current programming, simply telecast. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  6. In other news from Arizona… Russell Pearce, “Architect” of SB1070, has decided to run for State Senate again. Oh joy, he thinks he’s destined to be President of the Senate again…

  7. QOTD:

    “On May 2, 2011, Obama, in a fit of political correctness, sent a SEAL team to kill Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The SEALs, upon entering Bin Laden’s compound, inexcusably failed to call him a radical Islamist … Bin Laden wanted a religious war. Bush and Obama refused to let him have it. At the end of his life, isolated by left-wing drone strikes and marked for death by PC commandos, this was Bin Laden’s chief lament. And that, Sen. Santorum, is why you don’t call it a war on radical Islam: because choosing your words carefully is part of winning the war,” – William Saletan, Slate.

  8. Just what we don’t need. Another war. I’m sure the neocons and the “bomb Iran” crowd would disagree. But we can’t afford it.

    Pentagon war game forecasts U.S. would be pulled into a new war if Israel strikes Iran | The Envoy – Yahoo! News

    A classified Pentagon war game this month forecast that an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would likely draw the United States into a wider regional war in which hundreds of American forces could be killed, the New York Times reported Tuesday.
    The war games’ results have “raised fears among top American planners that it may be impossible to preclude American involvement in any escalating confrontation with Iran,” the Times Mark Mazzetti and Thom Shanker wrote.

    • And Bibi knows it and we know that he knows it and Ahmadinnerjacket knows that he knows that we know it. I am just not sure that ‘we’ know that he knows that we know that he knows it.

      We’re one dead Archduke in a convertible away from a major clusterf***.

    • Heh… he’s trying to time travel back to a time where there wasn’t any divorce or murder or incest or division in America… good luck with that, Kirk.

      Those times in the past weren’t exactly hunky dory for everyone. Women couldn’t vote and couldn’t even own property, the existence of slaves was prevalent in America. In Europe, Things weren’t that much better… kings and queens and serfdom was the norm.

      Of course, if you were a rich white man…

      • And if we could travel back in time then Kirky boy would have never become known to anyone other than his homohating friends.

    • Kirk is one of the stupidest and most dishonest freaks in the freak show. He’s definitely one of those who thinks that he can say any damned thing he wants as long as he shouts his love for Jebus loudly enough. Martin Bashir hosted a “debate” of Cameron and Comfort vs “The Rational Response Squad”.

      Their stated purpose was to prove that creationism is true without resorting to Scripture as, so-called, evidence. They didn’t last ten seconds before they went all preachy and started citing the Ten Commandments and the Book of Genesis. The funny part is that they chose to disbelieve they had violated the terms of the “debate” from word one.

  9. Fox currently has this as their lead story on the website. Keep waiting Bristol. Your’e not that important.

    Bristol Palin Awaits Obama’s Call | Fox News

    Bristol Palin, the daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, on Sunday asked President Obama to call her about some long-standing insults, just like he did after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recently called law student Sandra Fluke a slut.

    But three days later, the 21-year-old Palin appears still to be waiting by the phone.

    • Joe Romm is a better analyzer of weather patterns than John Kyl and Jim Inhofe combined. That’s is like comparing the tax policies of Warren Buffet and either of the Koch brothers. Who in each of these comparisons is a self-made man?

  10. Happy Spring, indeed. The earliest since 1896, in fact.

    “The vernal equinox — the first day of spring — arrived today at March 20 at 05:14 Universal Time, or 1:14 a.m. EDT. Even more intriguing is that for those in the Mountain and Pacific Time zones, the equinox actually arrived last night, March 19.”

  11. Will the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare? Probably not:

    “Las Vegas hasn’t posted odds on whether the Supreme Court will reject health care reform. But the American Bar Association has done the next best thing. As part of a special publication devoted to the case, the ABA surveyed a group of veteran observers and asked them to predict the outcome. The results? Eighty-five percent predicted that the court will uphold the law.”

    • The one reason that the majority of the Supreme Court will validate the act is that this is an election year. If the law is struck, the GOP will be shucked. Enough of the law has phased in to the extent that liberals will have a handle on just how conservatives offer a blow to people in the 99 percentile.

      Many families who have post college members up to age 25, will see those medical benefits expire. Those with preexisting conditions will be expelled from the system. Premiums will explode. High risk pools will fall by the wayside.

      All of this will fall immediately before the 2012 election. This could well become the silver wedge that splits GOP voters who have voted Republican merely because their folks did from those who thought that the Republican Party offered financial well-being to their families.

  12. “In other political news, former Sen. Rick Santorum revealed that he made his first sweater vest himself when he tore off the sleeves of his straitjacket.”

    – Andy Borowitz

  13. Rantorum’s Reverend Wright Moment.

    “I do remember him saying that and I wasn’t quite sure if he was saying it for himself,” Santorum said. “I wasn’t quite listening to everything to be quite honest with you. But I wasn’t quite sure if he was speaking for himself or speaking quite generally, but I didn’t clap when he said it because that’s not how I think.”

    For some reason I don’t think FAUX”News” will spend spring, summer, and early fall condemning him.

  14. Well, that’s another bag. The light isn’t good for pictures, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

    It’s pretty cute, even if I do say so myself. 🙂 Of course, I wouldn’t mention the ugly bags.

  15. …Monday evening, the former Massachusetts governor told a voter to “vote for the other guy” if she wanted access to “free birth control” and said that the federal government should not subsidize women’s health care through Planned Parenthood…

    Sounds like a plan to me….

    • It’s time to start writing Ronny some notes again, and a visitation to one of his town halls. Health issues, especially for older Oregonians has been his leading issue for years, but he keeps coming up short by leaning to fiscal conservative ideas that hurt, not help.
      I’ve been unable to understand his positions, asked his staff for clarification, got some, and still am confused. Might be time to primary Ron a few years down the line.

    • Hmm…wounded vet vs. deadbeat dad, what’s a patriotic amurkan to do? The tree is the view from my kitchen windows.

    • I gave her $25, not much, but she deserves to win. Her site is The last time she ran, Rush did not think much of her.

      My reasons include the insults that she received from the GOP on her military service.

      If the loss of two legs and her record of civic and veteran’s spokesperson rises her well above the political excrement from the GOP.

      The GOP harps on the need to support our troops, but omits the soldiers.

      • They are useful tools, Walt. It’s horrific, but it’s true.

        Only the rightwing (I don’t bother with “extreme” anymore) can smear a veteran into nothingness.

  16. Listening to Mittens’ victory speech in IL. What a fucking putz.

    “Community organizer”

    I would kick his fucking ass if he got close enough to me.

      • Brrrrr. The WaPo has a piece on Santa’s Opus Dei leanings (or even connections) I have yet to read it, but that is one scary guy.

        • He is horrible, no matter how you look at him. When I see the crowds cheering him on, I get chills up the back of my neck.

          I never would have thought we’d be in this situation right now. I remember thinking when I was a little girl, that when I was all grown up with children of my own, we’d be past racism and inequality.

          I’m really sad that it didn’t come true. And shocked.

          • I’m fairly sure he is not going to be the nominee, but look at the alternative. I do hope Obama will get that second term.

            • We really have to work hard to make sure Obama keeps the presidency. We can’t let people get into the thinking that he’ll win over these clowns.

    • I love your choice of words, and I agree. For the most part I don’t give any of them that power to dictate how I feel. But Mitt…..gets to me. I truly believe he is a sociopath that will do anything, say anything, lie, distort, misrepresent, flip-flop depending on who he is talking to, ANYTHING to achieve power. He truly disgusts me. Rantorium, Gingrich, Paul, are sideshow clowns performing for my political amusement. Romney is everything that I despise in a whore politician.

      • AND he’s the “reasonable” one, compared to the others.

        I’ve been terrified of Santorum, but when I really think about it, Romney is more frightening. He’s a meat puppet for the 1%, and that’s the last thing we need in this country.

        • Yep. I’ve rooted on Rantorium just to show this country what these people are about, and to damage Romney. Make all of their energy, and money being spent on a incoherent, vile voice that would only appeal to the 30% of the walking dead that inhabits this country. Btw that 30% has always been here. I grew up in Orange county, the petri dish of the John Birch Society on the west coast. I know these people, and here they are again, not necessarily in larger numbers, but definitely got the money, and the internet to relly fuck this country up. But I preach to the choir,

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