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Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle Editorial Cartoonist and Animation Artist.
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2 thoughts on “Stampede!!

  1. And that is exactly what will happen. Americans will rush to the polls to elect somebody to get George W Bush out of office and they will end up with Bush lite.

    John Edwards dropped/is dropping out.

    Now I don’t have anybody to vote for. I guess I am now one of those people that is on the fence.

    Here’s where I say “I may not vote.” and others will say “But, then you are giving your vote to the Republicans.” Which I would follow with “Voting for Obama or Clinton is throwing the vote away to the Republicans also, so what’s the difference.

    Could somebody try and convince me otherwise?

  2. Yep! I’m on the same fence, have been since they shut out Kucinich…I did waver for a week, was going to cacaus (sp) on the 9th for Edward’s because he was the only non corprate, honest runner left and now he’s out ….Sorry, can’t convince you or me…..It’s so over…..Blessings

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