Can you hear me now..?

Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator and now ‘most gagged whistleblower in history’, has a story to tell – and yet nobody will let her speak.

This story could very well impact the safety and security of our nation, and expose acts of treason at the highest levels of government. Yet, there hasn’t been a word of it in the US mainstream press. Dead silence..

(Updated: 2/5/08) I stand corrected on the last two sentences. Apparently there were a few articles written several years ago. I have linked to them below. They pretty much chronicle the efforts of our government to silence her.

Is it because the story isn’t important enough? Or is it because this explosive story is being suppressed? By whom and for what purpose? Her credibility has been established, so who is shutting her up? (or down as the case may be..) And why?

We are in a war that has cost the lives of 4,000 US soldiers and hundreds of thousands (if not over a million) Iraqis. It has cost us over a trillion dollars, with no end in sight. It has been fed to us that we need to be afraid, and our national security is at risk. What if the people who are actually putting our nation at risk to terrorism are actually a part of the highest levels of our own government?

This story ties into the Valerie Plame Wilson story, and the Lewis “Scooter” Libby case. (Interestingly enough, the same judge [Reggie Walton] that heard the case on Sibel Edmonds’ gag orders – and shut her down – is the same judge who heard the Scooter Libby trial. He just happened to be appointed by GW Bush..).

This story ties into the fact that CIA agent Plame, whose alleged employer, a company known as Brewster Jennings, was really a cover for a CIA unit investigating nuclear proliferation issues, and the exposure of that fact shut down their operation. Edmonds has information to share that exposes the significance of the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson. I don’t believe for a second it was an “accident” or a slip of the tongue – or typewriter.., nor was it about retribution. I believe its much deeper – and insidious – than that.

This story makes Watergate look like a high school prank in comparison. I think it will also lend a lot of weight to the argument about whether impeachments are necessary or not. (They are!!)

This story is far too important and it MUST come out. Congress MUST do their job and conduct oversight and hold hearings – and let this woman speak. There is no amount of money or influence that justifies what is happening right before our eyes, and with the apparent blessing of a passive Congress. If the true goal is to protect our country, then this woman needs to be allowed to testify to what she knows, and actions MUST be taken and people MUST be held accountable – however high this goes.

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8 thoughts on “Can you hear me now..?

  1. Thank you, muse, for continuing to keep us informed on this vital issue. I guess between annoying my Congressman about his lack of support for impeaching Cheney and Bush, I can bug him about Sibel Edmunds. I’ll start by asking him if he ever talked to her and, if not, why not?

  2. sans panties?
    All joking aside, this is important stuff
    No really all joking aside
    Oh never mind…

  3. Really? No “mainstream press” coverage? Hmmm… There are at least 13 stories dealing with Sibel in the NYTimes dating back to 2004. Check it out:

    Oh, and here’s one from the Washington Post dating back to April of 2004:

    Wait… wait… here’s one from 60 Minutes, also from 2004:

    Are these “mainstream” enough for you?

  4. Hmmm, maybe it’s just me, but 2004 was a long time ago, and the story is still very hot today. The MSM is missing in action.

    If stories from 2004, and nothing since are good enough for you, then fine.

  5. First off, I agree that this is important. No denying that. But here is what I was responding to:

    “This story could very well impact the safety and security of our nation, and expose acts of treason at the highest levels of government. Yet, there hasn’t been a word of it in the US mainstream press. Dead silence.”

    Several stories from the MSM when it first broke is not “dead silence.” Let’s get our facts straight, okay, otherwise you come out looking foolish.

  6. thedevilyouknow, thanks for the input. I’ve updated the post to be more accurate. I was aware of the 60 minutes interview from 2004. I should have been more clear in what I wrote. Thanks.

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