54 thoughts on “She’s a Witch!

  1. Thank you EV, Cute clip, and interesting info from around the world…

    So ya all know tonight is Party time for the old crone and tomorrow is Beltane ( May Day)….Have a Happy all….Blessings

  2. One of my favorite scenes of all time! Thanks EV!
    Tomorrow may be a may-day for me, a wildfire in the Manzano Mts. “blew up” in the strong winds today, I’m likely to be gone soon.
    I enjoyed my morning off today with you all!

  3. Thanks witch1!
    One of the whales of the population which I used to work with was named Beltane and I never understood the name. Sadly Beltane died back in the 80’s

  4. Thanks, the winds are expected to continue for a couple more days, along with very low relative humidities, 7 to 13 percent… not good.
    (God may be wreaking vengeance upon us ’cause of all the wacko christians in the neighborhood lately…)

  5. Stay safe Raven, don’t let the fire get at you! Hubby’s been firefighting in Canada in the early 80’s once. Well, that’s what he says. He admits, he was just banging on the embers with a shovel. The pros wouldn’t let an 18 year old rookie nowhere near the action. Hey, and he almost got lost in the woods, when looking for a nice tree to water 😉

    (I guess I shouldn’t have told that one)

  6. Thank’s Ev, you made my day twice…

    Will light a candle for you Raven..Don’t think any of the god’s or goddesses are doing any vengence stuff, their to busy chasing each other around in the big “out there”…LOL.Party on with Blessings

  7. Heh. I love this scene! My English instructor used this bit to teach about so-called logical arguments. Loved that!

    Stay safe, Raven. Thank you for all you do, and your wonderful pictures. Stay safe. 🙂

  8. Just got in from filling my water jug’s, saw the prettiest little bird I have seen this year..He was so close I could of reached out and touched him..Looked in my book and coulden’t find any just like him.Some kind of woodpecker or flicker..Bright red head, all black with a light white stripe down the out side of the wing and make’s a sound like a cat..meow softly..To small to be the closest one he looked like, he’s maybe 6 to 8 inche’s long….Anyone.?…Blessings

  9. witch1:
    We should be able to figure this out pretty easily. What region of the world are we talking? What do you mean by outside of the wing? Was the head entirely red or only some red? I am guessing redheaded woodpecker.

  10. Thank’s dbadass, Washington state, on the wing out side edge, his head was bright red all over…He looked just like a red breasted sap sucker but his breast was not red and he didn’t have the white fleck’s on his back or toward’s his tail..My Kaufman book has served me well untill now…..Thank’s for any help…He sure was pretty…Blessings

  11. Hi dbadass. 🙂

    Sure she shows up and starts calling people woodpeckers! Nice going tb!
    I was actually going to make a comment about the animators innuendos, but that’ll do, Shayne.

  12. witch1:
    I have just found a reference to a red naped x red breasted sapsucker hybrid but I have no images of said critter.

  13. Doe’s it sound like this little guy.? Hybred huh, do you mean inbred?…Sorry.The Bailey’s is kicking in, high gear…Well were close on the idenety any way..BTW are you still working with the whale’s.?..

    Must shut my part of the party off and walk the Bear one last time while I still can, walk that is..Blessings all..

  14. red naped x red breasted sapsucker hybrid

    Birding must be a really sensual/sexual pastime, because I can read a lot into the titles.

    Or do I just have a really dirty mind?

  15. Birding must be a really sensual/sexual pastime, because I can read a lot into the titles.

    Or do I just have a really dirty mind?

    I think you’ll have a better idea after we go birding together

  16. Wow. Three of my friends threw me under the bus.

    That or I must face the fact that I do have a dirty mind.
    Shayne – Thank you for your blunt assessment. Dang!
    Zooey – I won’t even tell you my first thought after reading “Blue-footed Boobies”

    Dbadass – I drive by an Audubon place in Osterville all the time and think about you trail-blazing it Hunter S. style.

  17. Just as I have suspected, I’m being pulled away from the computer by miniblue to watch
    “Ghost Hunters”. It’s her favorite show. Sci-Fi channel.
    I’ll be back soon.


  18. Nice job Zooey! Now I just have to get you up to speed on the cuisine thing. You folks have some really cool birds out that way

  19. Thanks, dbadass. That’s a compliment, coming from a birding kind of guy.

    Naturally, I was looking that up since I have a paper due tomorrow. Anything but that!

  20. I see the kids looking at these during class on their laptops sometimes.

    Word of warning: When your girls go to college, forget the laptop. I’ve never seen one used for notes in class — ever. Desktop is the way to go.

  21. See the thing is that my girls will suffer the problem of having their old man sitting next to them in class as I can never imagine letting them go

  22. Heh. I used to feel that way. There seems to be a change in thinking that comes about, when you realize you just can’t teach them anything more, and they need to find out the rest in the big, bad world.

    It’s really amazing how that happens. You’ve got a long time before you have to worry about that one!

  23. Thank’s for all the pic’s and note’s…My little bird look’s the most like a red breasted sap sucker except, his head was bright red and no red below his neck..Also he was jet shiny black all over his back, tail and wing’s with one thin white feather on the out side of his wing’s…Pale peachy beige chest…

    Gonna start takeing my digital every where I go for awhile, now I know what he sound’s like and have been hearing that cat like sound for a couple of week’s…Thank’s critter’s….Blessings…..P.S. Thank’s for the pic site Jane and Lady Z..

  24. A little late in the conversation…
    dbadass, by the time your daughters become 17 years old, you will feel happy for them to leave home. I always said that if children remained as sweet and wonderful as they are when before the age of 13, we would never let them go. Then the teenage years happen and… you can’t wait for them to grow up and leave. After all, when they are teenagers, they think they are all grown up. Now this is coming from someone that has a wonderful relationship with her daughters. If you let your children spread their wings and fly away, they always come back as best friends forever.

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