Michelle Bachmann (R-MN): Congress should be investigated for being Un-American UPDATED

Michele Bachmann (R-MN), one of the crazier members of Congress, says members of Congress, whose philosophies she does not share, should be investigated by the media as being un-American.

This is just over one minute of a longer segment of Ms. Bachmann on Hardball just moments ago.  If the entire segment becomes available, it will be posted.

The full clip is below the fold, as well as a response from an Obama surrogate Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation.

28 thoughts on “Michelle Bachmann (R-MN): Congress should be investigated for being Un-American UPDATED

  1. Also, it is a shame that Matthews didn’t have the balls that David Letterman has in questioning Ms. Bachmann about McCain’s association with G. Gordon Liddy – whom could be considered a domestic terrorist, serving several years in prison and who remains proud of his acts – including the possible need to kill someone during his Nixon era Watergate break-in. Liddy has supported McCain, donated to his campaigns, held fundraisers, and done more in support of McCain than Ayers ever did for Obama.

  2. This interview made me ill.

    I got the sense that Chris Matthews was giving her enough rope to hang herself. She dug her own hole and then shoved herself into it.

    This was sickening. It is hard to believe there are people in this country who actually think like this.

  3. All you need to know about Michelle Bachmann is that, next to her, Pat Buchanan comes across as reasonable, rational, and centrist. That’s an amazing accomplishment.

    Frootloops like her are on the edge of the cliff, just about to get tossed over.

  4. Hey gorn, would you do whatever magic it is you do and find out how Bachmann looks for reelection? Maddow just said that her opponent (whose name I will not even try to get right) got $30k in donations within a couple of hours after Bachmann had her little tirade.

  5. I don’t know gorn, Buchanan looked more than a little crazy himself. In fact, Mathews admonished him to reign in his Republican tendencies. Buchanan was being a lot more reasonable until he found out Palin had been a supporter of his.

  6. Jane, I am with you. My mouth was agape when I watched this live. You could have knocked me over with a feather (not a feat for the lighthearted since I am a pretty solid gal who holds her ground well).

    Appalling…completely appalling.

  7. How silly of me I thought way back in the late 50’s and 60’s we were done with crazie’s like this….What a total nut bag this scarry ann is……

    My mail in Ballot came in the mail today, although I am still not happy about the Fisa vote and a couple of other thing’s I will be casting and sending off a vote for Obama in tomorrow’s mail…Just hope all my nightmare’s go away and our world return’s to some sanety…

    Happy posting all….Blessings

  8. I signed, and included this:

    It’s a sad and frightenting day when a Representative in the United States Congress says that her fellow Representatives may be anti-American simply because they have policy differences. This woman has not only given the greatest insult to her fellow public servants, she has given this greatest insult to the people who voted those respresentatives into office. Her words are divisive and despicable. Ms. Bachman (I cannot call her “Honorable”) MUST be censured IMMEDIATELY.

  9. Chris, you missed a question:

    “Rep. Bachmann, can we switch to German for the rest of your interview, it just sounds better that way?”

  10. Signed sealed and sent off. Thank’s MsJoanne for posting it…I’m alway’s good on the patition’s, signed thousand’s these past 7 + year’s..Hope it do’s some good…This old woman sure is tired of all these lunatic’s pukie palin helped bring out..

    I’m of the opinion if these nut cases know we won’t tolerate their terrible behavior and many were jailed for their hate speech’s and inciting riot’s they would crawl back under their rock’s and stay there…I so hope it change’s…

    Thank’s all for your comment’s…..Gonna settle in with The lake House movie, great chick flick and I love the music..Night all and Blessings

  11. Wow…I’ve seen the linking between the current campaign tactics and McCarthyism, but have always read them with a very skeptical eye. This, however, is just blatant. First, she suggests that “radical liberalism” equates with anti-American sentiments. Then she sprinkles around a little suggestion that there are members of Congress who have these ties (ooh, I wouldn’t wanna name any names now, except for that Obama fellow…but I don’t know who else might have these ties). Then she calls for public hearings…err, I mean, “media investigations” to find out who is anti-American. There’s kinda no denying this one…she’s taken it way too far, and should at least apologize and have her remark censured.

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