The Watering Hole: Tuesday, February 28 – EPIC

HT to @KathyAngel over at Twitter and who had it first. I had to repost this, it will cleanse our souls until we get the results for tonights primaries.

This is our Open Thread. Ranting is welcome.

126 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Tuesday, February 28 – EPIC

  1. “Be proud to be a decent American, rather than just a wanker whipping up fear.”

    We ought to make that a bumper sticker.

    Good morning/afternoon all.

      • It’s true EV, the link has pictures of heavily armed state police lurking in the shrubbery around the governor’s mansion. I think my country lost it’s collective mind on 9/11. The feds provided (and still provide) monies to states and localities to purchase equipment to fight terrorism. My son lives in a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains, that town recently purchased an APC with homeland security money. Once the police became militarized, their response to any perceived threat became increasingly military. Some 20 years ago my husband was upset with then Gov. Doug Wilder. He drove around the governor’s mansion in our truck yelling for the governor to come out. No one even bothered to chase him off, now they call out the big guns for a candlelight vigil. Just my take on things, I could be, and frequently am, totally wrong.

    • The GOP ‘leaders’ know what right wing protesters are capable of and for some reason believe that left wing protesters are just as dangerous.

      • That’s because RWers have a greater tendency to suffer from Projection than LWers. Not that LWers aren’t capable of it, but it’s more prevalent in the mind of conservatives who see threats in everything different than they. They think that we would react to things in the exact same way that they would, and they would react violently to many things we would just shrug off, like a person with a different skin color.

    • OMG – it was all those vaginas that frightened him.

      The Republics always have to be dramatic. The presence of all those law enforcement officers is part of the drama that runs through their pea brains. They can’t keep drama for the stage or film. Everything they do requires that the camera or the media or the crowd be totally focused on them. I live next door to two tea bagger families and they are boring and tiring. It’s always about them and I could care less. Just stay off my lawn and out of my business, which by the way, is something that they can’t do. They obsess about what everyone is doing whether it be on a small local scale or a much larger national scale. The war on women is an example of the Republic drama. Unfortunately, many people suffer because of their drama (acting out).

      • Absolutely right Cats, it is all about them. That attitude is reflected in how the religious ones force their religion on the rest of us. They really believe they are good and are doing what God wants. Those christians, like myself, who are a bit more honestly introspective will spend the rest of our lives just trying to ascertain God’s will. All I’m ever really certain about is that I’m required to care about others.

        • Pennsylvania will be voting on a state sponsored rape law sometime in March. My guess is the Republic controlled state government in Pennsylvanian will pass their anti-abortion bill. Here’s a link to the most current bill as it was passed out of committee. I’m sure there will be a protest in Harrisburg. What concerns me is how will Gov. Corbett react. Corbett is PA’s Dick Cheney. He is secular and is a puppet for big money, particularly oil and gas money. The Koch’s own Corbett and they also own several of the state legislators. On second thought, Corbett will hide out at someone else’s place, maybe out of state. Just like Cheney, he will not face the public. Governor Tom Corbett is a coward. When Corbett was AG of PA he should have followed through with the investigation into Sandusky’s sexual abuse of children. Instead, he walked away from it and then put all the blame on Joe Paterno.

      • Zooey’s Sunday thread comes up #4 on a Google search for ‘government’ ‘vagina’. Seems a lot of folks read her thread.

  2. Couldn’t stay up to watch the continuation of the race last night. Just finished watching it this morning. A decent race without the pairing up we’ve seen in the last couple of years. Although I think there were less challenges for the lead then in previous ‘pack’ oriented racing. Could be that Kennseth, Biffle and Earnhardt just had slightly better cars. Typical demolition derby in last 30 laps.

    Glad that the jet dryer driver and Montoya are ok after that freak accident. It was like the Daytona that wouldn’t end.

    • How many racers does it take to ignite a jet dryer? Just Juan…

      Btw, the family shortened its name, which was originally Montoyota.


  3. The Irish were wise when they elected Michael D. Higgins President in 2011. My friend that was born and raised in Ireland sent me this rant in an email several months ago. I enjoyed listening to it then and I enjoyed listening to it again. Higgins put a sock in Graham’s mouth and that is exactly what the Democrats need to do with these unpatriotic GOPers and teabaggers that flood the media with their hatred and lies.

  4. Skimming Fox’s site looking for their nonsense of the day. Down under the “Latest News” category was this headline that caught my attention:

    OPINION: Soros is rich man hated around the world

    Of course, why it’s under “new” is a bit odd, but it is clearly marked as an opinion piece at least. It’s written by Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center (the right-wing nut place).

    It’s a comical read. Just a bunch of random tidbits (some of which it’s not clear if they’re truthful or not) clumsily pasted together in a hatchet piece. It concludes with a shot at the liberal media, of course:

    Soros has spread billions around he world – even to helpful projects. But his liberal views and aggressive undermining of governments makes everything he does suspect.

    Given his sweeping global influence, you would think some traditional media outlet might look into that. Oh, that’s right, he funds journalists, too.

    • “Given his sweeping global influence, you would think some traditional media outlet might look into that. Oh, that’s right, he funds journalists, too.”

      Oh, that explains why Fox is unable to pursue this.

    • “He funds journalists, just like our owner, Prince Rupert of Morlock.”

      Still, it’s amazing there is any admission at all that some of Soros’ nefarious projects are “helpful,” although I shudder to think what a Fox “journalist” might consider helpful.

  5. Ev, your video makes me think of this quote aimed at Senator McCarthy in 1954:

    Mr. Welch: You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

  6. I find this whole Democrats for Santorum in the primary races to be disgusting on several levels. I understand the theory at work here but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

    Republicans helped throw 1972 and 1988 Democratic primaries to George Wallace and Jesse Jackson. For what? Does that help the country at all? Even in a far from perfect world, I want to see TWO reasonable candidates for president.

    • I don’t agree with Dems doing this. Like you said, “be careful what you wish for.” Helping get the R nomination for Santorum (ew) is just too damn close to the presidency for comfort.

      Having said that, are there any reasonable repiggies? 😉

    • I tend to agree. While Rantorum seems to be an appealing opponent I’m very uncomfortable with the idea that he might have even a slim chance of becoming our president. He could prove to be far worse than the Brush Boy. Mittens may have a better chance against President Obama but he would also, probably, be the least damaging if he was actually elected.

  7. Santorum Proposes Replacing Church, State with New Entity Called ‘Sturch’
    Would Offer Salvation, Motor Vehicle Renewals on Sunday

    LANSING (The Borowitz Report) � Telling a crowd of supporters that the separation of church and state “makes me want to throw up,” GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum today proposed replacing church and state with a new entity he called “sturch.”

    “Merging church and state into sturch will benefit all Americans,” he said. “Except maybe Jews.”

    Mr. Santorum said that the combined entity would offer greater convenience to the American people than the separation of church and state currently does, since Americans would be able to get salvation and motor vehicle renewals at the same place every Sunday.

    Turning to another campaign theme, Mr. Santorum told the crowd, “I support the rights of the unborn child until it is born and wants an education.”

    He contrasted himself with President Obama on the education issue, stating, “Barack Obama speaks in complete sentences. What a snob.”

    In other campaign news, singer Kid Rock endorsed Mitt Romney, which means that his music is no longer the worst thing about Kid Rock.

    An upbeat Mr. Romney visited the Daytona 500, where he told a reporter, “I love this stuff. I’ve always been a big NASDAQ fan.”

  8. The ignorance of Rick Santorum:

    “‘Go and read the speech,’ Mr. Santorum said. ‘[He says] ‘I will have nothing to do with faith. I won’t consult with people of faith.’’ But JFK said nothing remotely like that.

    He expected, of course, to consult his conscience, as all presidents are expected to do, and in his case it would be a conscience informed by faith and the teachings of the Gospel. But he promised to listen to no prelate, however well-intentioned, telling him how he must make public policy. This distinction is so simple that even a caveman would understand it … The temptation of any presidential candidate is to do whatever works in a primary, figuring to tone down red-hot rhetoric later. Mr. Santorum may be unique. His appeal is based on saying whatever pops into his head, as long as he pleases his inner priest. If that upsets the congregation, tough. But it’s difficult, for Catholics, Protestants and others alike, to envision a rogue priest presiding over the White House,” – Wes Pruden.

    • I have to quibble. Sick Rantorum is stupid and/or insane. It’s fairly easy for smart, sane, people to cure their ignorance but Sicky’s mind makes connections that don’t occur in the minds of smart, sane, people. He wears his ignorance like an armor against the cause and effect universe we live in.

      • He wears his ignorance like an armor against the cause and effect universe we live in.

        He allows the voices inside his head to speak all at once.

        • This has been explained scientifically through understanding the way the brain is wired.
          There is a connection between the amygdala and the hippocampus that forms a persons ability to feel right or wrong.
          Sociopaths have been analyzed as being unable to empathize and correspondingly have a weak neurological bridge between the the two brain functions.
          This weak primal link in the brain tends to make this type person become a serial killer, a used car salesmen, or a politican.

    • Wait. What? That’s in the Washington Times? I’ll be damned.

      The missing piece is (well, the rest of the speech of course) that JFK was addressing a conference of Baptist clergy and his intent was to reassure them that he wouldn’t be taking orders from the Pope. Maybe that’s the part that made Sanitorium’s tum tum hurt.

    • The RWBB seems kind of pissed off.
      I was lucky this year.
      I had a pair of wood ducks show up on the pond out back.
      Been a good year for waterfowl compared to other years.
      There was also a three foot gator floating around looking for territory.

  9. Ebb, you wanted a report on the new sewing machine. It’s fantastic! It makes me realize how much I’d been struggling with the old machine. It does very well with the heavier materials I’m using.

    Sadly, I couldn’t find a non-industrial machine that’s made in America, and while it’s called “heavy duty,” it’s not nearly as well-made as my old machine.

    • It does very well with the heavier materials

      Excellent! Few things worse than listening to a machine struggling just before it says “enough. enough. I stop here”.
      or having a needle break every fifteen minutes.

    • My mother made a choice without knowing she had one. I made a choice without having all the information. Neither choice is bad or good; neither is this one thing or the other.

      Santorum this is what it’s about. Neither black nor white. Good nor evil. Angel nor Satan.
      You are the “satan” you seem to detest..look in the mirror!

    • …from the lawsuit article..
      As Barack Hussein Obama II is of the ‘mulatto’ race, his status of citizenship is founded upon the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the race of ‘Negro’ or ‘mulatto’ had no standing to be citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.”

      Note to clueless baggers….The Fourteenth Amendment was actually fucking ratified and IS the fucking law of the land…

      • Slight linguistic revision recommended for the nitwit who has brought the suit:

        …your status of gun ownership is founded upon the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Second Amendment, guns had no standing to be legal property of citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.

        There. That oughtta do it, right?

  10. I’m sure Wingnuttia will pitch a fit:

    Opting to play a game on a Wednesday for the first time in more than 60 years, the NFL will open the regular season on Sept. 5, to avoid conflicting with Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention the next night.

  11. So far, twice as many Dems have voted in the GOP primary as in the Democratic one. Geeze.

  12. We have quite a mess brewing tonight. A nice steady rain and 32 degrees. Ice is already forming on trees and stuff so I figure it’s just a matter of time before power lines start falling. Ah well. At least I don’t have anything pressing tonight or tomorrow so I shouldn’t be too inconvenienced. And, maybe, there will be some opportunities for pictures of ice; assuming It’s possible to stand!

      • Heh! Actually, I have yet to figure out if there’s a wireless remote available for my camera But I can always just set it to record video and capture snapshots. Taking stills of the fish is damnably hard. The dang things won’t hold a pose!

    • petelngh, do you have a backup generator for the aquarium?

      It has clouded over getting ready to rain – no chance to have seen the alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.

      • I have a light enough fish load that I’m not too concerned about the aquarium. If there’s a protracted blackout I can just mix the water by siphoning out a bucket of water and pouring it back in. My filters are purely mechanical so shutting them down doesn’t present much of a problem.

  13. The under-30s go for Ron Paul again in Michigan. Meanwhile, 2 percent of the vote was black. 92 percent was white. That’s the GOP we have come to know.

    • I’m guessing it’s San Scrotum winning in west Michigan, and Romnoid on the east. East side is wealthy auto industry types, west side is the many flavors of christian and christian reformed. Lots of old world catholics there too.

      • Santorum wins every segment under $100,000 household income; Romney wins the richer. Santorum wins easily among union members.

        Class war!!

    • MI seems to be very topsy-turvy.

      Rmoney must be shaking his head about now wondering what the hell happened. He’s so sure of himself and that the vote shouldn’t be so close.

    • Interesting. Things are probably more complex than I’m imagining. I do know that Kent (Grand Rapids) and Ottawa (Holland, home of Erik Prince of Blackwater infamy) counties are notoriously anal, and would suck up to Ricky’s vision of paradise.

  14. The black percentage of the Arizona Republican vote? Zero percent.


    Just guessing that’s not a good sign for the general election.

  15. The turnout is abysmal and the demographics of those who actually turned out are astounding. I think it’s safe to say that the GOoPers have succeeded in alienating all but the basest of their base. I will try not to get too excited at this early date but I’m starting to think that most of the American electorate are a bit smarter than I once thought.

    • They’re wising up. There will still be that stubborn percentage of poor, and poorly educated, racists who cling to the belief that the big man with the nice hair and all the money has their best interests at heart.

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