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Thought I would get some conversations started with this…

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  1. Holding Democrat presidents tied to the stake siince 2009… BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

    I would speak my mind, but I have to clean up all the coffee I sprayed on my keyboard…
    I’d add a second line, something like:

    Dumbing down America since our inception in the greasy neverworld of Ruprecht Mudrock.

  2. Giving Republican Presidents a pass since inception….and ex candidates a job as an analyst always.

    • And hiring shills for former Republicon executives, with the intent of offering them a platform to contribute their personal lies to the propaganda mainstream.

  3. This makes me sad. I always loved the rotary engine. Got to drive an 80’s RX-7 and absolutely fell in love with it. The power was amazing, but the smoothness of the power is what really memorable. I suppose direct-electric drive, with their smoothness and high-torque will be quite the the thrill too.

    Mazda ends production of rotary engine | Fox News

    • When we were kids we used to have belching contests.
      Anyone that could belch “Wankel Rotary Engine” was generally the winner.

      I also have an old see through model of the Wankel.

      Wankels make great power until the seals blow and then it burns more oil than gas.

    • Something is definitely wrong in Kansas… no wonder Dorothy wanted to run away with Toto.

    • Ten years old? What kind of idiot can’t see the mental and physical damage a ten year old child would suffer if forced to give birth? I’m sorry, but I really do hate these people. The hateful right likes to accuse liberals of being full of hate. In this case they’re correct, about me at least. Did I mention that I really f’ing hate these people?

      • Who will raise the baby? Who will financially support the baby? This child isn’t even old enough to get a job. Yes, I hate these people, too. They are mean and ugly.

        • I agree with the hate of these sick fuck ignoramuses.

          One day they’re all worked up about “life” and forcing a 10 year old to give birth, no matter what the consequences to her body and mind, and the next day, when they see her pushing a stroller down the street, they’ll condemn her as a whore and throw her to the wolves.

    • It’ll be exciting and a bit nerve wracking for the scientists until it alights, safely!

  4. Nooooooooooooooooooo! Not two of them.

    Fox “News” is in the entertainment division.

    News Corp Spinoff: Media Giant Considers Splitting Into 2 Companies

    News Corp. is thinking of splitting in two, dividing its publishing business from its entertainment division, the company’s own Wall Street Journal reported late Monday night. News Corp. confirmed the report on Tuesday morning, saying that it is “considering a restructuring to separate its business into two distinct public companies.”

  5. Damn, I’m going to have to wait ’til I get home to discover what you’re all talking about–for some reason the photo/whatever is not showing here at work. 😦

  6. Check out the Cantor thread at TP. They show polling that gives a chance he could get defeated in 2012!

  7. Aarpn Sorkin’s The Newsroom is getting very mixed reviews but I love Sorkin’s snappy banter. Here’s Sorkin stealing from himself. A supercut:

    • I like Sorkin. And I liked The Newsroom. Incredibly more watchable than “Life’s a Tripp.” With messages that need to be said. The critics? Either jealous or the subject matter is cutting too close to home.

      • “Either jealous or the subject matter is cutting too close to home.”

        I don’t particularly like the casting, but let’s see where it goes. I agree with some of the critiques; the characters are preachy and this is probably not an accurate portrayal of cable news journalism. Duh.

        But the characters in The West Wing were pretty preachy and the media tended to let that slide.I think the negative reaction stems from the fact that the press knows that it isn’t doing a very good job.

      • Most of the negative reviews I’ve read are about episodes after the first two. I liked the pilot episode a great deal, actually, and I loved the opening scene with the rebuttal to American Exceptionalism. I can imagine the RWNJs are shitting themselves. I’m going to stick with it to see if the writers level out or the whole thing is a bust.

        Incidentally, if you have not watched The Hour (all of you!) you must do so. Them Brits know how to make teevee.

  8. Able to stretch and twist his record to fit any need, he’s the…

    PLASTIC CANdidate

  9. via LGF

    Texas GOP Releases Platform, Goes Full Wingnut

    The Texas GOP is opposed to critical thinking

    When you have the time – peruse .
    Here’s just a very small sampling of the idiocy:

    “Protection from Extreme Environmentalists – We strongly oppose all efforts of the extreme environmental groups that stymie legitimate business interests. We strongly oppose those efforts that attempt to use the environmental causes to purposefully disrupt and stop those interests within the oil and gas industry. We strongly support the immediate repeal of the Endangered Species Act. We strongly oppose the listing of the dune sage brush lizard either as a threatened or an endangered species. We believe the Environmental Protection Agency should be abolished.”

    “Free Speech for the Clergy – We urge amendment of the Internal Revenue Code to allow a religious organization to address issues without fear of losing its tax-exempt status. We call for repeal of requirements that religious organizations send the government any personal information about their contributors.”

    • the local oil companies chartered buses to transport employees are their spouses to the town hall meetings in southeast New Mexico while this was being debated. i know they spent hundreds of thousand dollars to campaign against the status of the lizard. Steve Pierce (R) New Mexico is one of the biggest bastards in bed with big oil in this part of the world, he was saying the creature’s protection from extinction would cost thousands of jobs…..which is total bullshit.

    • I guess I’m not a candidate to become a Texas (or any other, for that matter) wingnut, given that my position on those issues is exactly the opposite, 180 degrees, from theirs. Strengthen and increase EPA authority, ESP ANY and ALL ENDANGERED SPECIES PROVISIONS!, also tax any church that opens its political yapper on any issue, period. I’m also leaning toward recommending lifetime incarceration for any wingnut anywhere, but haven’t worked out the precise wording yet.

    • The only extremists in the room are the Republicans. Yeah, I bet they want to abolish the EPA, because the EPA has been an incredibly effective tool to keep industrialists from polluting air, water and ground for decades. They do not fucking care if the air is foul and the rivers burn just as long as they get their dividends, and the morons who support this Party and will never see a dime of the profits are just, well, they’re fucking morons.

    • Protection from Extreme Environmentalists

      Guess it’s a bad time to bring this up…

      Greens, Automakers Hail Greenhouse Gas Ruling

      In a surprisingly sweeping win for the Obama administration’s climate policies, a federal appeals court said Tuesday that the Environmental Protection Agency is “unambiguously correct” in the legal reasoning behind its regulation of greenhouse gases.
      The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit strenuously backed the EPA’s finding that the climate-altering emissions pose a danger to public health and welfare. It also upheld the agency’s early requirements for vehicles and new industrial plants while rejecting every challenge brought by a host of industry groups, states and other critics.

    • The Sand Dune Lizard is found only in the shinnery oak dunes of southeastern New Mexico and adjacent Texas.

      This doesn’t read well for the species:

      Agreements that will stabilize the species’ population, foster habitat restoration, and allow the oil and gas, and agricultural industries to continue to thrive. More than 90 percent of the lizard’s habitat in New Mexico is protected through the agreements.

      Mumbo-jumbo for let the oil and gas industry continue to call the shots.

        • Well, there you go. And if God lets them go extinct it proves they were from the Debbil. God gave “us” (aka white males of property) the whole universe to dominate and to with as we will. In other words, God apparently doesn’t give a shit about his Creation, only about “us” (aka white males of a Protestant disposition).

          • Haven’t you white males of a Protestant disposition done enough? Now you’re dragging the Catholics like Paul Ryan and Justices Roberts, Alito, and Scalia into your abyss?

    • The poor kids don’t stand a chance. Here’s another story on the same subject from last week.

      Thom Hartmann also noted that a Muslim school qualified for the public funds and the Christian Reichwhiners went nuts. So? there might be a chance that it will be overturned.

  10. From WaPo:
    “If Obamacare is not deemed constitutional, then the first three-and-a-half years of this president’s term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the American people,” Romney told more than 1,000 supporters gathered outside Carter Machinery in southwest Virginia. ”
    Wasted? Like Mittens term as governor?
    Carter Machinery also received stimulus funds.

  11. Getting ready to leave my dad’s house, since the happy couple are soon to arrive. I’ll check in later if I can get the motel wireless to work.

  12. Nora Ephron may have finally died. If she hasn’t yet, she’s expected to soon. Been getting conflicting reports all day that started with Liz Smith’s column to Nora that almost sounded like a eulogy.

  13. This Abrahamic god is interesting. The first group spent the past 1,900 years as the masters of the low profile. The second group managed to invade and destroy almost every civilization in the New World after they had declared war on the third group which they pretty much lost. All three tend to be pacifistic at heart in their teachings yet in the past 100 years or so the radical wings have managed to ignite a three way war zone. With the Zionists, the Fundamentalists and the Jihadists they have managed to turn basically peaceful religions into the fire of war.

    And all of them claim that the exact same god is on all their sides. If this isn’t solid proof that the Abrahamic God has never existed, I can’t imagine what could be.

    • All three have always claimed to be peaceful but the founding books of all three contain little but imprecations to slaughter all who stand in the way of “their god’s” wishes. So, of course, all three have always obeyed their god and slaughtered anyone they feel should be slaughtered. The best proof that there is no God, IMO, is that all sides have won victories and suffered defeats. Logically, only one side should have won every conflict. Of course, Faith, even the benevolent faith of kind people, defies all logic.

    • SCOTUS will reveal their decision on the ACA on Thursday. What do you think the over-under wager is on when Romney will have a comment on the decision?
      By Friday night?

  14. Underemployed son went to renew his food stamp eligibility today and asked about Medicaid, as his ex seems to think everyone poor qualifies. Virginia only covers children, pregnant women, and the disabled. His caseworker told him he was not eligible for Medicaid because of Obama. The ignorance is stunning.

  15. Badmoonman: Fox News’ Rome correspondent, a numerary of Opus Dei, becomes the director of the Vatican’s media operation.
    So we can expect these types of stories from the Vatican in the future:

    Breaking news from FOXVAT@9: An anonymous Vatican spokesperson stated that US President Barack Hussein Osama has been behind the massive coverup of all the sexual molestation and pedophilia cases against children which has been blamed on the Catholic Church by the evil liberal media in America. More on this breaking story at 10.

    • Coming up at FoxVAT@9: John Paul the Second – is BHO correct that it happened on George Bush’s watch? When is it right for BHO to be held accountable?

  16. I’ve got one of the Twilight movies on the teevee machine, and even on mute it’s mind-numbingly boring. I should have started counting how many times this one guy flips his hair. 🙄

      • I don’t either, unless it’s Dark Shadows — the original series, not the movie. 🙂

        The flippy hair dude is a werewolf, it seems. And he takes off his shirt A LOT.

        • As best I can tell, and my DIL is obsessed with these movies, werewolf dude taking off his shirt is pretty much the highlight of these things.

          • Somehow, the werewolf dude’s hair got short. Must have been to the groomer.

            And now the moody chick has jumped off a cliff. Jeebus, I’m glad I’m not hearing the dialogue. 😀

            I don’t get the attraction — especially among grown women.

    • I’ve heard that playing Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ syncronised with Wizard of Oz plays out really well – especially with a few mind-altering chemicals to help out.

      Maybe you could try it with Twilight? Or maybe Abba’s Greatest Hits?

  17. Open thread for today is up. Sorry it’s late, BnF had asked for someone to do the open thread for him today, but I didn’t see it until this morning.

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