Sunday Roast: McDonald Creek


Photo by Zach Meier

I was going to call this post “Babbling Brook,” because the water is so low, but since this water actually has a name, I thought I should call it McDonald Creek…because that’s what it’s called.

This is the creek that feeds into Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier National Park.  The water is so clean and crisp, and doesn’t my baby take a great picture of it with my awesome camera?  🙂

This is our daily open thread, and yeah, I totally admit it — I got nothin’ today, so chat among yourselves.

77 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: McDonald Creek

  1. From the ‘Our Fundies are not crazier than their Fundies’ department:

    Top Saudi Cleric Says Women Who Drive Risk Damaging Their Ovaries

    One of Saudi Arabia’s top conservative clerics has said women who drive risk damaging their ovaries and bearing children with clinical problems, countering activists who are trying to end the Islamic kingdom’s male-only driving rules.

    A campaign calling for women to defy the ban in a protest drive on October 26 has spread rapidly online over the past week and gained support from some prominent women activists. On Sunday the campaign’s website was blocked inside the kingdom.

  2. From the Miami Herald:
    Carl Hiaasen: Americans aren’t buying what Cruz, Rubio are selling

    The batty Cruz is being seriously discussed as a front-runner based on his hijacking the Senate floor and saying, among other things, that accepting Obamacare — a law passed by Congress — is tantamount to placating the Nazis in Germany.

    “Batty” is indeed a good word to describe Rafael Cruz, but Hiassen should have pointed out that Cruz has it backwards (probably intentionally), that in reality it is the right wing’s constant efforts to REJECT or DESTROY Obamacare that are “tantamount to placating the Nazis in Germany.” Placating themselves and their own Fascist philosophy (by any means) is the ONLY thing at which Republicans do truly excel.

  3. If they want to shut down government then let them do so.
    With the proviso that until an agreement is reached, every member must dress as a clown, adopt clown names while in session and they must get there in a small car crammed full of as many as can physically fit in all compartments of the vehicle.

  4. Here Comes the Shutdown: Three Reasons It Will Hurt the GOP by David Frum

    All in all, it’s hard to see any positive outcome emerging for Republicans from this confrontation. Yet the party is charging forward anyway. Why?

    The short answer is a breakdown in the party’s ability to govern itself. It can’t think strategically. Even when pressed to do something overwhelmingly likely to end in disaster, as this shutdown looks likely to do for Republicans, the party has no way to stop itself. It stumbles into fights it cannot win, gets mad, and then in its anger lurches into yet another fight that ends in yet another loss.

  5. Gov. Goodhair’s wife steps in it:

    ‘Anita Perry, wife of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), declared Saturday that abortion “could be a women’s right.”

    When pressed on women’s rights by Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith at the 2013 Texas Tribune Festival, the First Lady of Texas said, “That’s really difficult for me, Evan, because I see it as a women’s right. If they want to do that, that is their decision; they have to live with that decision.”‘

        • Ugh. Of course winning is always #1, but there are reasons you inherit one of the crown jewels of college football and fall like a rock that go beyond reduced scholarships. (Btw, the NCAA screwed USC while giving a complete pass to Texas A&M, or AtM as it’s known.) The only reason why Kiffin wasn’t fired this offseason is because Haden didn’t want to look bad after giving Kiffin a vote of confidence: “I’m behind hm 100%.”

          Kiffin had all the tools to be a championship contender last season, and USC instead fell flat. They were the ONLY team to ever go into the season ranked #1 and finished out of the top 25. Losses to inferior teams was maddening to the private school base that must fund the operation.

          Kiffin managed to fool plenty of people along the way that he is head-coach material. See: Tennessee Vols, Oakland Raiders. Although Kiffin has a way of attracting recruits, that attraction was just superficial glitz more associated with L.A. and USC’s history. Once the surface was peeled, recruits started to realize that Kiffin is just a sham of a head coach, because there’s no point in being convinced to attend a school whose head coach, frankly, stinks at coaching. There has been more than one recruit who has stated that they would consider committing to USC football if Kiffin were to leave. Their recruiting class for next year is ranked #50, or so. USC was hamstrung by the sanctions but instead of doing a better coaching job, Kiffin made the worst of a bad situation. Don’t get me started on his off-the-field shenanigans but he was fired because he was embarrassing the program on the field.

          Kiffin told Alshon Jeffery that if he played for South Carolina that Jeffery would be pumping gas for a living. Today Jeffery is starting for the Bears and Kiffin is unemployed.

          • Alshon Jeffery went to the right school for any QB or wide receiver. Playing successfully for Steve Spurrier will get you into the NFL. Kiffin was wrong about that, but I expect that most recruiters say disparaging things about their rivals.

            Considering that a number of players transferred out before the 2010 season, and he nevertheless went 8-5, and 10-2 in 2011, it would seem he was doing more with less from the beginning.
            I still find it hard to see where he did so badly in 2012, because the scholarship reductions would really start to show up by then. He lost to a highly ranked Stanford team, #2 Oregon, #17 UCLA, and #1 Notre Dame. The loss to Arizona was the only outlier, but preceded losses to some really good teams. Late in the year is when your skill players really start to be ‘used up’ because they play too many downs, due to the lack of quality backups.

            I’ve been through scholarship sanctions with Bama in the 90s. The effect isn’t felt right away, and lasts several years after the end of the reductions. The next guy will have the advantage of full scholarships and time to make things get better. Kiffin may not have been the best coach, but he was willing to come in under dire conditions and try.

            • Alabama was hit with similar NCAA sanctions in the early 2000s that were aimed at setting the program back a few years, right? And they did.

              USC is Alabama in 2004. Lane Kiffin is Mike Shula, a.k.a. “The Caretaker Coach.”

              Nick Saban was smart enough to know Alabama was going to be Alabama again someday. Kiffin wasn’t Haden’s hire, but the next coach will have to be a slam-dunk and a big name who also succeeds.

            • The big sanctions were in 1994-5, right after Alabama won the ’92 national championship. Antonio Langham’s senior season, the next year, was when he had improper contact with a sports agent. The university knew about it, and didn’t declare him ineligible, so they got zapped.

              I see Ed Orgeron is interim coach, acc to ESPN.

    • Except during Prohibition, there’s never been a law against Legislatin’ While Intoxicated, and even then I bet it wasn’t enforced!

    • A while back (ten years or so?), a Louisiana man was acquitted by a jury after he shot and killed his teenage daughter after she and a friend jumped out of a closet to scare him as a prank. Some on the jury said, “He suffered enough.” I beg to differ. All they did was send a message that if you are able to come up with a plausible reason for doing so (and I’m not saying this father didn’t), you can get away with killing anybody.

      • If the shooters were Muslim, they’d be terrorists. Why is the definition of “terrorist” so one-sided, esp. since in Amurka, guns kill — each and every year — at least ten times the number of those who died on 9-11? Who are the REAL terrorists running loose in this country — Muslims, or gun owners/the NRA??

  6. One down, seventeen to go…

  7. Jonathan Gruber, the mastermind behind Romneycare:

    “The number of people covered by employer-based health-care plans is dropping by a percentage point a year. The system is falling apart. So you put in a new safety net. That means a few more people are going to come in. If you’re not willing to risk making some things worse, you’re never going to make anything better. My estimate is that 80 percent of the people are not going to feel any change at all, and that 17 percent or so are going to find that things are better, and that about two or three percent will be worse off, and those are the people who benefit from the discriminatory nature of health-insurance at the present time. If health-insurance companies can’t discriminate any more, those people will have to pay a little more. When we decided that people couldn’t discriminate in what they paid black people or women any more, people had to pay more because employers couldn’t discriminate in what they paid black people and women. Was that a bad thing?”

    • Of course the number of people covered by employer group plans is dropping. When unemployment is high, benefits like health insurance is not needed to attract skilled workers, in some sectors. Even the people who don’t lose their insurance are finding it costs them more out-of-pocket, because the employers have been choosing cheaper plans, and passing along more of the premiums to employees at the same time.

      • The current system is feudal – to get healthcare most of us have to swear fealty to our corporate barons…. or else….Obama offers an alternative…. in some ways it reverses the concentration of power in the corporations. At least at a minumum level.

  8. There’s no racism in the country///

    Black Nurse Who Was Told By Racist To Not Touch Baby Settles Lawsuit

    But rather than ignoring his request, the hospital supplanted Battle — and the other African-American nurses — with other nurses.

    …When Battle was working in the center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit last fall, she says that a father requested that no African Americans care for his baby. Afterward, the man allegedly showed her a swastika tattooed on his arm.

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