Sunday Roast: Vivaldi Spring

Well, it’s acting like Spring more and more around here — gorgeous sunny days, rain, hail, overcast, wind, flowering trees, sneezing, more sun, more sneezing, etc — so I thought I’d post the definitive music of Vivaldi’s Spring.

Feel free to post your own Spring-ish music or photos in the comments section.

This is our daily open thread — What are you doing today?

10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Vivaldi Spring

    • That was in the north side of Dodge City. South of the railroad track, where all the brothels and most of the saloons were, guns were common. The railroad was known as the ‘dead line’.
      In 1878 the town sheriff was William Barkley ‘Bat’ Masterson, and the territorial US Marshall was Wyatt Earp.

  1. Man accidentally discovers ‘perfectly preserved’ Roman villa in his backyard

    A man stumbled across a Roman villa in his back garden which is being hailed as the most significant discovery of its kind for a decade.

    Luke Irwin, from Wiltshire, was laying an electricity cable in his barn when he uncovered a mosaic underground.

    The rug designer, who was making the alterations so his children could play table tennis, took a photo and sent it off for more information.

    Mr Irwin said: “I sent a photograph to the council and within 24 hours they were here with archaeologists to see what we’d found.”

    Man accidentally discovers ‘the foundation of a’ ‘perfectly preserved’ Roman villa in his backyard.

    • Yes, well tha’s all good, but I’ve got perfectly preserved, and perfectly round glacial till that’s about 12,000 years old buried in MY back yard!

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