Minister’s Shocking Replacement – A Confederate Flag

The Baptist Minister holds no ill will in his heart for the person who took his Obama sign and replaced it with a Confederate rebel flag. Mr. McLaughlin found out when a family member called him to let him know that his 4 ft x 8 ft sign was taken. 

“I was kind of upset and shook up,” said Reverend Leroy McLaughlin, the signs owner. has the details.

Surveying the scene that night, McLaughlin, 78, a Baptist minister and an Army veteran who lived to see the first black person nominated to a major-party ticket, had a message for whoever left the flag, viewed by many as a symbol of racial oppression: “I love you, and God does, too.”

Yesterday morning, in the 15 minutes that a reporter and photographer were inspecting a new sign with McLaughlin, a small car sped back and forth past his house three times. Occupants rapidly beeped the horn and appeared to shout “No change,” apparently a reference to McLaughlin’s new sign. Like the one it replaced, it says: “Vote for Change, November 4th.”

“I’ve been praying for them, because we’re all going to be charged with what we do,” he said. “It’s sad that we’ve grown and we want to keep fighting with something and can’t be peaceful and thankful.”

Kevin Griffis, a spokesman for Democrat Obama’s campaign in Virginia, said there have been other incidents in Virginia and across the country “that have had racial overtones.” “I think on both sides we see overzealous supporters,” he said. “We urge both our supporters as well as those of Senator [John] McCain to disagree in a respectful way.”

Stolen campaign signs are a problem every year around election time but Rev McLaughlin says this act crossed the line and seems racist. “I don’t know what it’s all about but it definitely seems like it for them to put that up… There’s a lot of folks still out there, who don’t want this to happen but there’s going be a change.”

Hopefully, once this election is over, the mean and disrespectful behavior we have been witnessing across the nation will end. Unity is the message, not divisiveness.

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1 thought on “Minister’s Shocking Replacement – A Confederate Flag

  1. Of course whoever did this didn’t have the courage to do it in broad daylight. These people are cowards and operate in the shadows. Just another example of a fine Mccain/Palin supporter.

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