The Watering Hole: April 2 — Spring has sprung

Photo by Zooey

I kind of feel bad about being so relieved that it’s finally Spring, since we basically had a six month Fall in this area.  I think it’s the browns and grays that get to me after a while.

When I rented this apartment in February, I was SO excited to see daffodil shoots sticking out of the ground, in the planter boxes in front.  They’re blooming now, and just looking at them makes me smile.  🙂

I took this picture of one of the first buds on the tree across the driveway.  I think it might be an apple blossom, but I’m not sure.  I don’t want to ask the landlady, because I want it to be a surprise.

I know, I’m a friggin’ weirdo.  Tell me something I don’t already know!

I’ve been pretty much gone from TheZoo for a few months, but I’m working my way back.  Just finally starting to remember that I have something to say now and then, and there might be a few people out here that might like to hear it.

This is our daily open thread — Go for it, all y’all.

46 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 2 — Spring has sprung

  1. One thing is certain, in the 6,000 – 4 billion year history of this planet. Spring always follows winter. Granted, at times things were warmer or cooler than they are now….but… know what I mean….

    need caffine…..


  2. Springtime in the Rockies! Yes! A week ago this morning, the temp was 6F at 6AM, and there was about a foot of snow (average) thanks to the blizzard on the prev. weekend. Meanwhile, on Easter Sunday the snow was all gone, the temps were in the low 70’s, and all was well. Today? Cold, foggy, with rain changing to sleet changing to snow both today and tomorrow is on our docket.

    SO: basically my suggestion is that when we set up our Zoo commune, we go to Hawaii maybe, or someplace like it.

    Meanwhile, last night Rachel’s bit on the Republican Party’s deeply embedded (in SPITE of Rob Portman’s gay son story) HATRED of all things gay is well worth the few minutes it takes to watch it —

    As a former Arizonan, it tickles the shit out of me that their Senator-elect (Jeff Flake [most appropriate last name in all of human history]) and their new Rep-elect Matt Salmon, both of whom are Mor(m)ons, are split on the matter of LGBT rights, esp. the marriage issue. Flake sees it as inevitable, Salmon can’t get that far upstream. Sotospeak. Something like that.

    Maybe I’m the only one, but damn, I am SO FUCKING SICK of the IDIOCY that runs rampant these days on these shores. What has happened here? In my younger days, the political nutcases were relatively scarce, now they’re all over the place. 😯

    • political nutcases were run out on a rail….now days their heralded by the knuckledragging, mouthbreathing morons who call themselves republicans.

      thanks Dick Armey…you fat fuckwit!

  3. Kim Jong Un….wow….kid with a new popgun running around acting like some sort of military genius, which will eventually result in annihilation of his people, and more military spending we have to deal with.

    that’s a pretty grim picture, but unfortunately seems that’s where we’re headed unless china slaps him upside the head a few times and get’s his attention.

    boys and their toys….

    • I’m still working on what’s the fundamental difference between Kim Jong Un and George Walker Bush . . . the mental aspect, I mean, that which lies beyond the resources at their command.

      Lessee: how to spell S*T*O*O*P*I*D. I’d look it up, if only I could spell it.

      Sometimes I misunderestimate myself. I’m in famous company, at least.

      • According to the Urban Dictionary:
        ‘stoopid’ – Having the quality of being really, really, really, stupid

        • Wow. Sometimes I surprise myself with my o-so-obvious and maxed-out perceptive genius as demo’d by my infernal ability to spot and point out TEH STOOPID!

          I’ve obviously really, really, really misunderestimated my inborn stuff! 😆

          But seriously, folks, aside from age differences and only one of them with epicanthic eyes, what’s the difference twixt the two? Is there any? Oh, and also I do wonder: does N. Korea have a Dick Cheney equivalent pulling the strings from behind the curtain?

          I do think if Kim Jong Un had been born here he’d be an up-and-coming Republican, but that’s just me and my commie . . . ummm . . . wait. Un’s a commie, int he?

          Hmmh. Well, as we used to say, ‘back to the lab.’

    • I saw the program and got so into it 45 minutes had passed before I knew it and it felt like only 10 minutes had gone by. I enjoyed the intelligent conversation and hope an intelligent republiscum or two will dare to be a guest.

    • I only saw about 15 minutes of it, but it looked pretty much like his Saturday/Sunday shows, as in a round table sort of thing. I had no objections to the little I saw.

    • assholes!

      They are too damned worried about the White House tours being cancelled…never mind the livelihood of the citizenry.

      Do hope it is short-lived should it come to fruition.

    • Outstanding, I’m sorry to hear that. I got one of those in May 2009. They gave us six months notice. If the sequester is the cause, I’m guessing your notice may be the minimum 60 days. Are they closing his whole plant?

    • That damn Obama. Obamacare is killing Amurka!

      Trying to sound as stoopid as a wingnut. It ain’t easy, but it is possible. See above.

      Meanwhile, I suspect Boner and Can’tor are smiling broadly. Their horseshit is actually working.

      What a stoopid country this one has become. Unreal.

  4. Ben Carson, on further reflection, plays the race card. In fairness, he’s just following inSeannity’s lead after inSeannity devoted last night’s show to wailing and bleating about how “libruls” hate black conservatives. WTF? I thought that GOoPers never played the race card. Sigh… To be perfectly honest, I’m more frightened of fundy doctors than bigots of any persuasion but it is a perfect example of IOKIYAR and DARVO.

    • Well, in case inSeanitty might happen by, let me just say that yes, I don’t care for “black conservatives.” I also have no time for “white conservatives,” or “pink conservatives” [eg Karl Rove, Limbaugh, and each and every other conservative fat fuck], My distaste for conservatives is manifest, in fact, BUT — I detest them all regardless of color, race, religion, whatever category there might be. Add the word ‘conservative’ as a defining adjective and that’s all I need to know about them. “Conservative” as an adjective implies idiotic, dumb, vacant, stoopid . . . (is that a word?? 😉 )

    • How sad. The fines will never be large enough to fix it. I’m not sure we’re capable of fixing it.

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