The Watering Hole, Monday, June 2nd, 2014: “Travel Is So Broadening”

Let’s start off the week with a quick trip around the United States. Courtesy of The Weather Channel, here’s a state-by-state photo gallery of some of our country’s natural wonders. In alphabetical order, they range from:

Noccalula Falls in Alabama…
alabama noccalula falls
…to the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois…
…to Acadia National Park in Maine…
Otter-Cliff-Acadia National-Park-Maine
…to Niagara Falls in New York…
…to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota…
…to Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.
Old Faithful Geyser at Sunset, Yellowstone Natio

Whew! I think I need a vacation after that “quick trip”!

Open thread–what’s on your mind today?

27 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, June 2nd, 2014: “Travel Is So Broadening”

  1. Great shots of our national treasures. Let’s make certain that they stay public, protected and not for sale, for-profit use, plunder or development.

  2. Obama Didn’t Violate Law By Releasing Detainees

    In this case, the secretary, Chuck Hagel, acknowledged in a statement that he did not notify Congress ahead of time. When Mr. Obama signed a bill containing the latest version of the transfer restrictions into law, he issued a signing statement claiming that he could lawfully override them under his executive powers.

    “The executive branch must have the flexibility, among other things, to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers,” he wrote in the signing statement, adding that if the restrictions “operate in a manner that violates constitutional separation of powers principles, my administration will implement them in a manner that avoids the constitutional conflict.”

    Let ’em whine. The law violated separation of powers, and the President sidestepped it deftly.

    • One could say much the same about the planet as a whole — so beautiful, save for the people.

      “Could we, by some act of common will, change our natures and become proper stewards, gentle gardeners taking care of all of the natural life of our planet? I would sooner expect a goat to succeed as a gardener than expect humans to become responsible stewards of the Earth.” ~Dr. James Lovelock, author, “The Gaia Hypothesis”

      Talk about nailing it.

  3. Fearing Rising Backlash, NRA Urges Gun Activists to Stand Down

    Evidently the National Rifle Association has come to realize that none of this is good for business. In an extraordinary move on Friday, the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action—the organization’s powerful lobbying arm in Washington—issued a lengthy statement seeking to distinguish between “responsible behavior” and “legal mandates.” It told the Texas gun activists in no uncertain terms to stand down.

    Gun Activists Cut Up NRA Member Cards Over Criticism Of AR-15s In Restaurants

    Gun lovers in Texas are furious at the National Rifle Association right now.

    In response to the NRA’s statement on Friday criticizing Texas activists’ recent tactics, members of the pro-gun group Open Carry Texas have been cutting up their NRA membership cards, and the group has issued a statement demanding a retraction of the NRA’s “disgusting and disrespectful comments.” Or else.

    “The more the NRA continues to divide its members by attacking some aspects of gun rights instead of supporting all gun rights, the more support it will lose,” Open Carry Texas said in a statement published Monday on its Facebook page.

    The NRA has its own Tea Party now. Gunbaggers? Teashooters?

  4. Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America

    Russia’s campaign to shape international opinion around its invasion of Ukraine has extended to recruiting and training a new cadre of online trolls that have been deployed to spread the Kremlin’s message on the comments section of top American websites.

    Plans attached to emails leaked by a mysterious Russian hacker collective show IT managers reporting on a new ideological front against the West in the comments sections of Fox News, Huffington Post, The Blaze, Politico, and WorldNetDaily.

    The bizarre hive of social media activity appears to be part of a two-pronged Kremlin campaign to claim control over the internet, launching a million-dollar army of trolls to mold American public opinion as it cracks down on internet freedom at home.

    This almost cracks me up. To think that Glenn Beck and WND are having to deal with trolls is just funny enough. Putin blew it with Pussy Riot, as far as the lefty sites go, so I guess they didn’t concentrate on our side as much.

  5. Today is an Alabama state holiday recognizing the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. All government offices and services are closed.


  6. Reply isn’t working for me. Yes, Zooey, we get Seder five days a week. Robert Kennedy Jr. and Papantonio, I’m not sure about yet. They may visit from time to time.

      • Sometimes Thom’s new age spirituality bugs me. His insistence that atheism is a religion dismays me. But? The fact that he insists on being so damned nice to vile guests is simply too much for me to take at times.

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