The Watering Hole, Tuesday October 6, 2015

Creator of 5-hour Energy Wants to Power the World’s Homes—With Bikes

Can I be a cynic for suggesting that this is another way to create market demand for the drink?

” Hey Honey, the lights are dimming. Go get some more 5 Hour Energy!”

Actually, aside from giving money to the GOP, he has pretty ambitions plans for the third world (and in the case of geothermal, the whole world).

Pedal power for the tiny house …in India.

Can we use the hamster for the night light?



73 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday October 6, 2015

  1. As a local Repub politician from Washington State once noted, the problem with bicycles is that they’re polluters. The rider puffs and pants CO2 out of his nose and mouth, and thereby clearly contributes to global warming. OTOH, the drivers of cars, trucks, etc. are completely relaxed and therefore don’t pollute near as much.

    One thing is certain, though. If people had to supply all of there electrical needs by pumping the pedals, the number of overweights would “shrink” rapidly! I’m also guessing that here in Amurkkka, the demand for cheap labor would cause a surge in illegal border crossings (from both Mexico and Canada, actually), and would justify Ben Carson’s plan for two walls on both borders!

    • ?
      I guess her and her children refuse to use the digit zero.
      Math class must be a blast for them using Roman numerals.

      • Roman numbers? What next? Expect them to speak Latin? ‘Murican numbers is what ‘Murica needs. Cuz they speak ‘Murican.

  2. Well now, that makes everything alright///

    Top U.S. general in Afghanistan: Hospital was ‘mistakenly struck’

    Gen. John F. Campbell, the commander of U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, told lawmakers on Tuesday that the American air attack that killed at least 22 people at a hospital in northern Afghanistan were not intended to hit medical staff or patients.

  3. WTF? Booby Jindal knows what caused the most recent mass shooting. Video games, single parents, and the dad who said he didn’t now his son had guns and had never even held one himself. The gun nut mom the shooter lived with who didn’t get him psychiatric care, appeared to blame girls for not liking the little creep and GAVE HIM FUCKING GUNS? Nope. I would bet dollars to wood nickels that Booby would blame the mom if she had never touched a gun and Dad had been the arms distributor. The rightwhiners simply never say anything against guns.

      • I am starting to think that the Psychochristians are convinced the world has already ended because gay marriage. The scary part is that they are fully capable of, and motivated to, taking steps to try and make reality match their preconceived notions.

          • Heck! They can leave the guns. If those of us left behind decide we need guns? We got ’em! If we decide we don’t need guns? That’s a lot of high-quality steel we can recycle into stuff that makes lives better.

            BTW, frugal, it’s nice to see you up and running again. I have had really good luck with a place that sells “refurbished” computers for a very attractive price if you aren’t completely cured yet.

          • According to McCann, God “shut the door to heaven” on May 21, 2011. And ever since, He has just been preparing to blow up our puny little planet.

            Doesn’t seem they’ll be able to rapture without hitting the gate/door!

    • This is how you know they’re full of shit.(Boldface mine.)

      If you’d like to follow along while the world ends on Wednesday, you can listen to the eBible Fellowship’s audio webcast. Curiously, they still have a schedule up for October 8th and the days following that.

    • Crap! I did anything I wanted yesterday because I thought the world was supposed to end today. 24 hours of guilt is just more than I can handle! I better blow the rest of my disposable income for the year on newer and deadlier guns.

      • Funny story.

        Dad remarried in 1977 when the Bald eagle was very rare. We happened to live in one of the few places that still had them. We had told our new step-family that we saw lots of eagles but they didn’t seem to believe us.

        Well? We had the whole gang come to our house for Thanksgiving and I spotted an eagle sitting in a tree about 200 yards from our front window. No sooner had everyone gathered at said window to see this marvel when the eagle took flight straight at us. It looked like it was going to come straight through the window when it did a breaking maneuver a few feet away and shook that window like a California quake. I could have convinced them there was a Bigfoot sleeping in my shed after that!

    • I used to fly model planes with a surgeon. Heck of a guy, great sense of humor, stitched me up for free when I stuck my hand in a whirling propeller, and who died waaaaay too young. We would, on occasion, have a few beers after sunset and I’m pretty sure that there was some truth to it when he said; “the chief qualification for being a surgeon is enjoying the sight of blood”.

      Also… I don’t know if there has ever been a case of a “surgical savant” but I highly suspect that Benny suffers from some variation of savant syndrome.

      • I knew a neurosurgeon about fifteen years ago. On Jan 16 2001 she operated on my head; pulled the staples out a couple of weeks later. The first day I saw her was on 2000’s Halloween and she was dressed like a witch — very encouraging, to me at least. She was cool.

        Glad it was her and not Benny that I chanced to deal with way back then.

        • I have met good witches (i mean doctors) and bad witches (I mean doctors) and about the only similarity I have seen is their uniform. There are witches (I mean doctors) who are in the field to help other people and there are witches (I mean doctors) who are in it to enrich themselves. I’m pretty sure that Benny is in the second group and any time he managed to help someone else was just a coincidence. coinciDENSE? conincidon’t? I think you get the idea.

    • Since God didn’t destroy America after the first state passed marriage equality (as they said he would), and since he hasn’t destroyed the other countries that have legalized it (as they said he would), it’s really hard for them to argue that he’s gonna do it now.

      • One thing that’s tougher for them than even that is to find any shred of evidence, much less proof, that their god (or any other god, for that matter) exists or ever has existed. Funny they can’t see that.

            • I wrote a song about the Buybull. I’m afraid that I can’t post a copy of it but I think it stands up without the music.

              Moldy Book

              Bitter sages, long ago
              Had visions how, this world should grow
              They wrote their thoughts, down in a book
              God help us all, their ideas took

              Ancient wisdom, or psychic disease
              The word of God, has us on our knees
              Suppress your will, don’t dare to look
              We have His word, in a moldy book

              Truth is wicked, knowledge sin
              And no mere torture can begin
              To punish those who dare to doubt
              What the word of God is all about


              Now we live, with all the pain
              Two-thousand years, of fear and shame
              The truth is out there, if we look
              Beyond that ancient, Moldy book

              2nd Chorus:
              Freely slay the wretched fools who
              Follow different holy rules
              They won’t convert, they won’t submit
              So kill them all, and steal their shit!


              Don’t need to learn, if we believe
              The Word of God, would not deceive
              The earth s flat, and witches float
              And evil comes, from a talking goat

  4. Has anyone else posted this? If yes? Forgive me.

    Bad lip reading the GOP debate. Do not. Do NOT! Have liquid in your mouth when they get to Benny’s closing song!!!

    • There are two kinds of people who doubt public education.

      1. People who are worried that public schools won’t teach their children enough; resulting in children that can’t match or exceed their parents.
      2. People who are flat-out terrified that public schools will teach their children too much; resulting in children who know a whole lot more than their parents.

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