The Watering Hole, Tuesday June 21, 2016

Hope everybody celebrated Summer solstice yesterday. The days are getting shorter now. And if you lost track, only 5 billion years until the last switch is flipped. In the meantime, people with a short attention span want to improve solar fuel devices. But the good news is that no one has told California condors that it will be freezing cold and dark in 5 billion years. Their numbers are expanding.





29 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday June 21, 2016

  1. My observations.
    Britain wants out of the EU because, quite simply they hate the Belgians.
    Time and time again they voice their contempt for having decisions made for them by Belgians.
    Ironic in the sense that we, as The United States of America, endured tyranny from Britain and had a nasty parting of the ways from them with the help of the French (who are indirectly Belgians).
    They constantly reference policy forced upon them by “anti democratic fat bastards in Brussels”.
    They make claims of contributing to the greatness of the world by producing such greats as Jethro Tull.
    I would like to add that, not only did they give the world Jethro Tull, they gave the world many other great contributions such as The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton (I have a pet fish named Eric) The Smiths, The Cure, Fatboy Slim and Adele, to name only a few.
    They want out of the EU I say let them go. They can keep their dreary little island and dreadful cuisine and go at on their own.

    • When Trump modeled his 2015 POTUS campaign bid on a scene from the Simpsons in 2000 (where he rode down the escalator in Trump Tower with a bunch of paid people cheering him on), I knew his campaign was a farce. I’m just trying to figure out who the Republicans will really nominate next month, and was that their plan all along?

    • There are going to be some pissed off rednecks in my neck of the woods.

      • To me, like a cruel April fool’s day joke, the con was made public when Caribou Barbie dished out word salad for him at his April 1st rally.

    • Hooray for Condors!!
      Boo for the Drumpfians.
      In other words, Trump is using his own presidential campaign to pay himself via his own businesses.
      Knew it. It has just been a loot the fools who are ‘investing’ in me as a candidate…all along just another grift.

  2. I’m beginning to believe Trump when he said we would get tired of winning when he is President, now that I know his “wins” are personal financial gains from underhanded business practices that hurt if not destroy people and businesses that get involved with him.

    Peckerhead Pete forced me to bet $100 that Donald Trump would not be elected President! After I win I’ll negotiate payment in shrimp and crabs. Well maybe just shrimp, crabs are scarce it seems. A Florida Fish and Wildlife officer said it was because of warmer water.

    • Tell him you want Royal Reds and not the white shrimp they catch behind the waste water treatment plant.

    • That’s the same guy that Bill Clinton allegedly flew with in Epstein’s jet, the ‘Lolita Express’.

    • To add a bit to that last tweet, Trump isn’t going to get the money. These big money donors didn’t get big money by betting on losers, and they don’t throw good money after bad either. Any money given to Trump is thrown away in a lost cause, and they know it.

  3. Sandy Rios: Trump Supporters Need AR-15s To Defend Themselves

    American Family Association official Sandy Rios discussed the need for AR-15s to remain legal on her radio show on Monday, saying that Donald Trump supporters could have used AR-15s to protect themselves from violent protesters at a receny rally in San Jose, California.

    Personally, I think that since Trump is the presumed Republican nominee, AR-15 open carry should be MANDATED for ALL attendees to the GOP convention. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    • I don’t know how these vile creatures make it to adulthood much less middle age. I have never physically attacked another human being but i have never met anyone so vile in person. If I had to share an elevator with Rios or her ilk? There’s a pretty good chance it would take a mop or three to clean up the mess.

      In my defense. I needed to use the ATM and it was down so I went to the little branch in the supermarket. When she ran my card it came up “lost” and she took it away despite the fact that I just got it two weeks ago (I left the old one in the ATM and walked away. They installed a new ATM that doesn’t spit the card out before the transaction and the warning beep is almost inaudible and only beeps three times and they shred all cards left in the ATM at the close of the business day without even trying to contact the cardholder because, and I quote, “so many people are forgetting their cards that it would take all day to try and contact them all”.) and i have been using it in checkouts and ATMs since I got it, and had the effing card in my possession! And don’t even get me started about the pharmacy wanting to charge me $247.00 for a $15.00 co-pay because they screwed up!

      There are days when I think being a pacifist is a losing proposition. I hope vodka will help!

      • I’m currently not out in the real world — sciatica — but just watching Drumpf on the telly is enough to relieve any and all pacifistic notions that have plagued me most of my life.

        One nice thing about the small town is that everyone knows everyone else, so the kind of fuck-ups you’ve endured are not likely here. There are way to many goddamned Republicans here, but I guess these days even one would be too many.

  4. Yes. Indeedy. ALL participants in every Drumpf putsch meeting ( or so called rally) must be issued a brand new AR-15 with NATO military spec 5.56 mm ammo. This will ensure the safety of the crowd.
    You see, the 5.56 military spec ammo will malfunction and probably cause the gun to blow up.
    The civilian version of the AR 15 uses 223 Remington rounds. But the reichwing freaks will probably be all amped up to use “Real NATO rounds” in their shiny guns.

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