Live-blogging the 3rd (and last!) presidential debate of 2012

Okay all y’all, the final presidential debate begins this evening at 9:00 (ET), live from Boca Raton, Florida, and is moderated by Bob Schieffer.

The wingnuts have already started whining about how biased Schieffer is, and expectations have been lowered so much for Mitt Romney, that if he manages to walk onto the stage and not cough up a hairball, he’ll be the winner. Β Yeah, whatever.

I think the President will do well tonight. Β  He’s got four years of foreign policy under his belt, and he knows what Mitt’s all about — and he knows that the chances of us seeing a brand-spankin’-new Mitt Romney this evening are high.

Drink your whole glass every time Mitt says “Benghazi.” Β We’ll all be hungover together tomorrow.


410 thoughts on “Live-blogging the 3rd (and last!) presidential debate of 2012

  1. Foreign policy?

    Obama: “Find a way to get along with the rest of the world.”

    Romney: “Take as much I can from everybody else, and if they die, well then, umm, I guess I don’t know what to do then… can they be re-used in any way?”

  2. WTF – a double coin toss and Romney won both. This means that Romney will get to answer both first and last. Romney must have done a lot of whining about not being able to say the last word at the last debate.

    • He must have. Having two coin flips is a weird thing.

      Romney still won’t have the last word, because any bullshit he throws out there at the end is subject to a derisive smile from the President — and we know the camera will be on the Prez. πŸ˜†

  3. OMFG, my neighbor lady just knocked on my door to ask me if I’d gotten my ballot yet. I haven’t checked the mail today, so I hadn’t gotten it. She also asked me if the ballots were due tonight, since tomorrow is election day. 😯

    I told her, no, we have two weeks until election day, so we have plenty of time. She was relieved, and then handed me her ballot to turn in when I turn in mine. I don’t mind doing it, but I’m not sure I’d trust a virtual stranger with my ballot.


  4. I’ve got to watch this thing with husband and son. I’ll be back after son goes to bed and husband throws something at our TV.

  5. Boy, Current doesn’t want me watching their coverage. They have the screen shrunk to a fourth of the size, so they can put messages to the right of it, and take up the bottom half with a scrolling feed of twit, that changes faster than you can read it. I can’t keep any concentration on the audio at all if I try to keep up with the reading as it moves. This makes the fourth debate where I watched the Stephanie Miller-hosted hour, then switched to MSNBC just to get away from the too-busy screen.

  6. Z, if it’s your official vote by mail ballot check the back of the envelope. It will state co
    “Complete box only if this ballot is hand-delivered by someone other than the Voter.” Authorized persons must be relatives or someone who resides in your household.
    At least that’s the way it’a worded on the back of my official vote by mail ballot envelope.

  7. Remember, Mitt was the one who, in his ‘47%’ speech, said (basically) that the whole ME was a mess and he would just hope for the best and kick the can down the road. Now he wants a comprehensive plan.

  8. WAIT A MINUTE…..The idea that Mitt is now more in favor of cultural engagement than warfare in the Middle East…..This is such total cynicism and opportunism it’s staggering.

  9. Romney is endorsing Obama’s foreign policy. Simple as that. Amazing. You cannot believe it of course. you can believe nothing that comes out of that mouth.

    • Well, I remember reading that most studies show that 12 million jobs would likely be created regardless, not based on anything that Mitt would do. I don’t know if that’s based on ‘staying the course’ with Obama.

  10. About Syria is that apperantly both men realize that intervening with Syria, is the fact that Russia and China may have a say …not that we are afraid ,but that the fact is that could quickly lead to more than just envolvement with Syria

  11. Great blogging. I have the seventh game of the World Series in one ear and the debate in the other ear trying to follow you on a freaking phone.
    Thanks for blogging.

  12. We can’t afford the private contractors to fight two separate conflicts. FDR and Truman didn’t need private contractors!

  13. Obama is kicking ass on Israel and Iran. Obama has managed to out-alpha Romney on the critical area where Romney needed to score, while also seeming calmer and less trigger-happy.

    • “It’s widely reported that drones are being used in drone strikes, and I support that entirely,…”
      Yeah, that’s what he said all right!

  14. Mitt is talking about “strategy” but he is not telling us what it is. Romney is flakey. Here we go again, the talking point “we need a strong leadership” which is exactly what Obama has shown.

  15. Mitt is correct about China and the trade imbalance, but he can’t prove he’d do what he says he would do, because it would screw the multinationals.

  16. Research is great! But it’s only 2% of the jobs that result from new technology, the rest of which end up in other countries.

  17. I’d like to think the undecideds will all go read Mitt’s ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’ op-ed, but I bet they won’t.

  18. It wasn’t a debate-related convo, but I had another exchange with Robert Spencer. Note that I did not use his Twitter name (jihadwatch), I used his real name. And the only way he would have seen it is if he keeps a page open with a search on his own name.

    • Pataki always looked like that, even when he was governor.

      Except for the Cuomos, NY has had some pretty lame governors. Too bad Spitzer had that scandal. And it’s not as though I’m altogether thrilled with Andrew Cuomo, he’s no Mario.

  19. The Republics know that Romney was weak because their new talking point is complaining about Obama attacking Romney. Mitt must have been told that when his weaknesses become apparent then he is to say, “Attacking me… “

    • An excellent response by the President, but I can’t help but be a little sad that he had to explain this to a man who actually believes that he’s qualified to be President of the United States.

      • It’s not that he believes he’s qualified, it’s that he believes it’s his destiny to be president. That’s from Thom Hartmann, ICYDK.

        • Exactly. Which is exactly why Mitt should NOT be president.

          He doesn’t want to DO the job, he just wants the achievement. I really hope this country says “FUCK NO!” to this entitled rich man.

  20. On the TP liveblog thread:

    Elisa-Cristine De La Torre Β· Β· Special Angel of God at God the Heavenly Father
    I don’t know what to say now? but still believe that Romney can help us through this.
    Reply Β· Like Β· Follow Post Β· about an hour ago

    Jane E. Schneider Β· Top Commenter
    Try using your eyes, ears, and brain, instead of just belief.
    Reply Β· 2 Β· Like Β· 57 minutes ago

    So this woman watched Romney crash and burn, but still believes in him? Oy!

    • Schmidt’s bringing up ” McCains searing rebuttal to Obamas…etc. bullshit” brings up, why this man has any credibilty. You lost, because you’re not the brightest political stragetist available.

  21. I went back to listen to MSNBC analysis, and Rachel was saying that Mitt said Syria is Iran’s route to the sea, but they don’t share a border, and Iran has its own coastline. Stunning lack of geographical knowledge there!

    • SammytheTurtle spotted that…. I was like did he really say that? This guy is qualified to be president, seriously?

  22. Really? 60% of the CNN watchers thought Mitt qualified himself to be president? Or did Ari Fleischer get to the keyboard that runs the ticker?

    I saw a man floundering to have something worthwhile to say beyond platitudes, empty Bushisms and the occasional ‘whopper’ – admittedly he said it all very quickly – the volume of the verbal diarrarhea was impressive, the other guy, though, sounded like a president.

  23. If you all missed Mitt Romney’s “Great Pumpkin” moment, I’ve got it in a new thread. Feel free to make it tomorrow’s open thread, if you like.

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