The Watering Hole, Monday, October 22nd, 2012: Mixed Emotions

Since I’ve been wallowing in the throes of depression – Rmoney and Obama are more-or-less tied in the polls, Republicans are doing everything possible to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters, CEOs are threatening their employees if they don’t vote for/donate to Rmoney, my Jets lost in overtime to the damned Patriots, the list goes on and on – I thought I’d throw out something to start the week on a lighter note.

Our current local State Senator, Republican Greg Ball, had some issues with women (among other things) that plagued his last campaign, but still managed to win. His 2012 challenger, Democrat Justin Wagner, has been sending out a series of mailers taking advantage of Ball’s misogynistic reputation. Here’s the front covers from the four mailers that we received – enjoy!

Not so amusing is the fact that tonight is the third and final Presidential debate between President Obama and Elder Professional Liar former Massachusetts Governor Rmoney. So here’s just one more Foreign Policy article, listing 50 questions that various and sundry people would like to see asked of both candidates during tonight’s debate.

(Note: I could not figure out how to get the “Not so” out from between the pictures, so if any of my fellow Critters can edit that and put it at the beginning of the paragraph below them, please feel free to fix it for me.)

Last, but obviously not least: HAPPY 24TH ANNIVERSARY, HONEY!

This is our daily open thread–what’s on YOUR mind today?

136 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, October 22nd, 2012: Mixed Emotions

  1. A day of celebrations:

    Happy Anniversary, Jane and Wayne

    ~ Birthday Greetings, frugal chariot ~

    ** zxbe, Many Happy Returns of the Day**

  2. Happy Anniversary, Honey.

    And it sounds like birthday greetings are in store for frugalchariot and zxbe! happy Birthday, and thanks for being a part of The Zoo.

    Ebb, it’s good to see you again. We were concerned that we hadn’t heard from you, but I suppose people are allowed to take a weekend off from the Internets. 🙂

    Well, I have to go to work now. I’ll see everyone later.

  3. Happy anniversaries and birthdays to everybody!

    (I watched the Jets, and thought they had it after they took the lead.)

    • I’m with you Cats. The thought of Rmoney et al scares me. Actually depressing as hell. At this point, are there really “undecided” voters? After tonight, who will win the alpha male position? And is that the deciding factor for these “undecided” voters?

      • I heard that Romney might have the advantage… the only thing that Obama can say about Romney is that he is inexperienced. But Romney has lots to criticize the President on… Other than that, there positions aren’t that different. Except I would expect war with Iran if Romney gets elected.

        • Criticize the president on what? It was the Republicans that exposed the names of Libyans that were helping Americans and now their lives are in danger. That’s treason. It was Romney that came out and made a partisan statement that bordered on treason while 4 Americans were being murdered in Libya. Obama should make sure that he can show that Romney is a hothead who acts first and who’s actions can jeopardize the safety of Americans.

    • I too find the idea too horrible to contemplate. I don’t want to live i the world these people will create. I’ll probably become a recluse.

  4. In the Connecticut Senate race, Linda McMahon (R) is urging voters to vote for Obama and her, so she can go to Washington and oppose everything he tries to do. Yeah, that’ll work out fine, huh?

    • Wow, I hadn’t heard that one, house. McMahon probably figures that Democrat-leaning Connecticut will go for Obama anyway, but still, it;s a stupid idea to run on. It figures, fake wrestling, fake politician!

      • Thanks for the link, crypto. Linda McMahon is truly an imbecile if she thinks that her ads are going to make anyone vote for her.

        At The Courant, I ran across this column by George Will. I had to add my comment:
        George says: “America’s public-policy dysfunction exists not because democracy isn’t working but because it is. Both parties are sensitive market mechanisms, measuring more than shaping voters’ preferences.”

        BS, George. If “both parties” were “measuring…voters’ preferences”, they’d realize that most voters’ preference would be to have both parties working together to solve our common problems. Putting your notion in “market” terms only belies the fact that American citizens, i.e., human beings, are only considered to be faceless consumers looking for a brand to buy.

        George likes to believe this quote, “Of our long slide into financial decrepitude, Greve says: “The rate of deterioration does not correlate in any obvious way with political control over the presidency and Congress” simply because he’s in denial over the fact that, under Republican administrations over the last several decades, the size of government has grown more and the debt has increased more than under Democratic administrations.

        George, it is time for you to retire gracefully and go watch baseball.

  5. Happy celebrations, all!
    Turnout is going to be the difference. Tonight is a chance for Obama to show Rmoney up for the intellectual fraud that he is.

  6. Thanks, everyone. And happy ‘A’ to Wayne &Jane, happy ‘B’ to ZXBE; also I should wish both Annette Funicello (70) and Franz Liszt (201) the same happy ‘B’!

    And to Romney-Ryan plus like-minded republicans (lower case intentional) everywhere, a fart in your general direction.

  7. Ya think the Pres will have the nuts to go after WillardRat based on his choice of BoltOn, and the rest of the BushitCo neocon foreign policy advisors?

  8. I’m a little concerned about the polls being so close. I don’t see how Democracy survives if Romney gets elected.

    And on top of that, I spent a cold, rainy weekend in Seattle, WA…

  9. Wow, the 7th game of the Giants-Cards; Lions vs. Bears; the last presidential debate, all on your anniversary. Par-tay.

    And on the issue of pay equality (that Marco Rubio doesn’t really believe in), we have this:

    “In every state, women make a fraction of what men make. In some counties, they make half as much—or less. Women in Utah have it the worst. There, the average working woman makes 55 cents for every dollar the average working man makes. The state is followed closely by Wyoming, at 56 cents; Louisiana, at 59 cents; North Dakota, at 62 cents; and Michigan, at 62 cents. The best states for income equality are Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, and North Carolina. In each, women make about three-fourths of what men make.”

    • The equality of incomes in Florida is due to men’s pay being just as little as women’s, not because women’s pay is as big as men’s!

  10. Happy Day for all the celebrants!

    Myself included, I’m now a legal resident of the Beaver State (jokes, please…)
    Working on my vote by mail ballot, given a thick booklet on all the candidates, the measures, the arguments for and the arguments against, and time to go through it all and make informed decisions.
    I love this place.
    It is a little wet at the moment however…

    • Interesting parallels to the everyday lives of a lot of Muslim women.
      She comes off as being somewhat smug.

      I live in a tent everyday, and there’s a lot of people who only have a highway overpass for shelter.

      Be good babble woman and donate your tent to a homeless person if you can pull your nose out of your little world and look around.

      • The part I find defines the primitive aspect of ‘biblical ways’ is the idea that women are unclean and should be shunned while having a natural biological function that is a basic part of their value as breeding stock. Men can be such sissies.

    • Mittens Knows:

      BOCA RATON, Fla. (The Borowitz Report)—With just hours to go until the third and final Presidential debate, Republican nominee Mitt Romney today voiced his support “for a woman’s most precious right: to choose what she makes for dinner.”
      In a bid designed to close the gender gap in the race, the former Massachusetts Governor pledged “on Day One” to give women full control over meal planning and preparation.
      “Pot roast, meatloaf, duck a l’orange—as long as it’s piping hot and on the table when her husband comes home, I don’t care what a gal makes,” he told supporters.
      Mr. Romney also unveiled his latest immigration proposal, which would allow immigrants to become citizens “by going to fight in Iran.”

      Read more

  11. Happy Birthday, Frugal and zxbe. Happy Anniversary, Jane and Wayne (Jawayne!)

    Met two Americans on a tour of Gaudi buildings today. One, from Seattle was wearing an Obama button and the other, from Ohio but born in Edmonton, Alberta. They, like all zoosters, are amazed at the place American politics is. “Why are Canadians so much more reasonable”, asked the woman from Seattle. I replied, “We are not more reasonable, you have lots of reasonable people, you have more unreasonable people in control of your media”. She replied, “That’s the truth”.

    The woman from Ohio says, “They (the right) have us praying alright, but not for what they think.”

    The debat, the football game and the baseball game are all on too late for me to follow. Sad about the Jets but happy for the Giants. The only thing I miss while on holidays is the lack of sports. I can live with that.


  12. The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same:

    On this day eight years ago, George W. Bush’s approval number was 49.4; Obama’s is now 49.3. But Bush’s disapproval was a bit lower. And it all came down to Ohio …

  13. Bob Schieffer announced the topics for tonight’s debate. They are:

    * America’s role in the world
    * Our longest war – Afghanistan and Pakistan
    * Red Lines – Israel and Iran
    * The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – I
    * The Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism – II
    * The Rise of China and Tomorrow’s World…

    Nothing on the European economic crisis? Russia? Africa? North Korea? Pentagon or defense spending? Criteria for the use of force, anywhere in the world? Drones or targeted killings? I know it’s only 90 minutes, but really, foreign policy involves almost solely the Middle East??

  14. Tonight I wonder if Mitt will come and say: “You bet I’d give Iran the code red!! and foam at the mouth just like Jack did”

    I’d pay to say Mitt dragged screaming from the hall yelling “I’m going to put out your eyes and puke into your dead skull!”

    Zingers we won’t hear from Obama anyone?

    “My opponent’s money has more foreign policy experience than he does”

    • I agree LibertyLover. I believe they are telling us the polls are close so they can steal another election. Watergate, Iran/Contra, W 2000 & 2004. The only reason they didn’t steal 2008 was because they knew they had created a total shit hole

  15. I find that TPM’s electoral projections are consistently more gloomy than Nate Silver’s. Naturally, I prefer Nate’s predictions but his level of accuracy has been thoroughly tested in the last two cycles. He is also predicting a stronger result for Democrats in the Senate. Currently, he has Democrats with 52.4 seats and GOP with 47.6. This is very positive news, given that this was to be the year the GOP took back that chamber as well as the House–a disaster regardless of who was in the White House.

    • Yes, I trust Nate better than any of the other polls, but Shayne is right, if it is close, they can steal it…with machines.

  16. Happy B’s and A for the critters who magically appeared, and joined on this auspicious day sometime back when. Welcome back to Oregon, Raven. Hope everything is fine Ebb. Oh, btw, FU Mitt.

  17. Somebody set off a Drano bomb in a University of Idaho dormitory. Police and fire department have blocked off a main road going through the university.

    Anyone that fucking stupid should not be allowed in college.

  18. Just revisiting the Infinite Sadness of Willard. There are so many times in this video where he acts and moves so much like Michael Scott it’s kind of amazing.

    On second thought, he goes beyond Michael Scott and becomes Brick Tamland:

    • Oh Kriest, I managed to stomach just under five minutes, and now my bowels are running!!
      He’s a very funny guy who can say “You’ve been outsourced” in two and a half languages!
      Does he own a paper company, Mifflin Dunderhead, perhaps?

      • Who the heck knows? 25% of the folks will be gone by December 1st, too early for anything to get worked out. It might just be an excuse to make cuts you want to make anyway. This is the same organization that told us to watch the news to determine whether or not to come to work during the government shutdown scare.

        • I’m not familiar with the term “sequestration layoff.”
          I get laid off seasonally, this year there was an odd moment when I asked my supervisor for a date of my own choosing for the layoff.
          I ended up with an extra weeks work.

          • Sequestration = Ryan/Cantor artificial fiscal cliff. In my husband’s case, it will cut exactly what Romney will claim we don’t have enough of tonight. We’ll manage, at least my husband won’t get the layoff notice while in Kabul (like the last time),

  19. I’m starting to despise Donald Trump more and more each day. I wish he would take his ego and move to some other country. Maybe he could buy a villa overlooking Mitt’s money.

  20. There was a coordinated effort through Twitter direct messages (DMs) to launch a Twitter hashtag bomb #AdmitItMitt. At 7 PM ET, we started using the hashtag to try to get it trending, and as of a moment ago it was number two on the trending list. Here were my entries, which some people liked.

  21. 9th inning:

    Giants: 9
    St. L : 0

    2 outs

    Pouring rain…puddles between bases..
    Count 0 & 2
    Damn a wild pitch.
    Pop out
    On to the WS

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