The Watering Hole, Monday, March 9th, 2015: Monday Morning Morons

I know that we do a lot of Right-Wing-Nut-Job (RWNJ) bashing here, much of it about the more Rabid Religious amongst them (RRRWNJ) but…well, both (often overlapping) groups just come up with so many things that invite ridicule, they’re their own worst enemy. Just look at last week alone (in case you missed some of these):

Being gay is worse than Murder and Genocide. Yes, now, according to “Pastor” Scott Lively, homosexuality is the Number One sin against God. An excerpt from Right Wing Watch’s article:

“Last month, rabidly anti-gay activist Scott Lively warned that if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage, it could lead to the rise of the Antichrist by the end of the year.”

In an interview with Bryan Fischer on Friday, “Lively told Fischer that America is about to cross “a line with God that hasn’t occurred in the entire history of the world since Noah’s flood” – which Lively claims was caused by god because god apparently hates gays. Back in January of 2013, Lively had stated:

“We need to remember that in the time leading up to the Flood what the rabbis teach about the last straw for God before He brought the Flood was when they started writing wedding songs to homosexual marriage and Jesus said that you’ll know the End Times because it will be like the days of Noah. There’s never been a time in the history of the world since before the Flood when homosexual marriage has been open and celebrated, and that’s another sign that I believe that we’re close to the end.”


“I think this is the issue of the End Times, homosexuality. It’s present, if you do a careful investigation of all the scriptures dealing with this from the beginning and all the way to the end, God is painting a very clear picture that this represents the outer extent of rebellion against Him in a society and the last thing that happens before wrath comes.”

Okay…first, I thought that President Barack “Hussein” Obama was the AntiChrist in RWNJ eyes. So there’s another one? Second, I don’t know what religious sect/cult Lively is the “Pastor” of, but if it’s based on Christianity in any way, then I must have been dozing throughout my 13 years of Catholic schools.

Anyhoo…today, “Pastor” Lively is urging his followers and other groups to, according to his “Open Letter to America”

“…band together in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14 to promote and conduct a continual prayer vigil and stand-out for marriage at SCOTUS (or any Federal Courthouse for those who can’t get there) from now until the ruling comes out, probably in June…”
“This is a general call to all believers to go to SCOTUS alone or in groups to pray and hold signs. Churches and other organizations can choose dates or times to rally their own troops if they like and/or hold press conferences etc., but let’s all just put out the word to whatever circle of influence we have and let the Holy Spirit stir hearts.

I am asking every Christian and pro-family radio talk host to promote this vigil, and perhaps do a broadcast from the site. Large organizations could provide logistical support…”


“Only God can save us from the calamity and disgrace of defiling His institution of marriage in our official national policy.

Let us take the authority we have in Him, and the freedom we have as Americans, to join together to surround the federal judges with such a hedge of prayer that they will be forced to bow their knee to the one who created marriage as the foundation of all human civilization — one man and one woman.”

Hmm, “god created marriage as the foundation of all civilization”? I don’t remember any wedding performed by god himself–you’d think that the bible would have mentioned that, huh? And now Scott Lively thinks that the entire Supreme Court of the United States should get on their knees for something other than sucking Koch and refer all decisions to Lively’s god? I realize that one or two of the Justices would be happy to do so, but all nine? Rather unconstitutional, don’tcha think?

Back to Lively’s call for a prayer vigil: from BibleGateway, the 1599 Geneva Bible version, here’s 2 Chronicles 7:14:

14 If my people, among whom my Name is called upon, do humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear in heaven and be merciful to their sin, and will heal their land”
Footnotes: 2 Chronicles 7:14 I will cause the pestilence to cease and destroy the beasts that hurt the fruits of the earth, and send rain in due season.

I’m not sure how Lively uses this as an anti-gay call to march/pray, as neither 2 Chronicles 6, nor the remainder of 2 Chronicles 7, makes any reference to homosexuality. But I’m sure that Lively’s twisted interpretation is a masterpiece of pulling it out of his ass, so to speak. Considering how many whoppers he produces, one could probably drive an SUV up his asshole–well, a 4WD SUV, anyway.

Well, let’s leave “Pastor” Lively to his unChristian vigil, and go on to:

OMG, Christians are being persecuted – again! Poor embattled Ken Ham (“Answers In Genesis”, Creation Museum) is whining about being denied $18 million in tax breaks for his planned Noah’s Ark park by the State of Kentucky’s Tourism Board. The Board “cited AIG’s stated intention to discriminate based on religion in its hiring of theme park employees and to use the taxpayer-subsidized park for religious evangelism…” On a RW radio program last week, Ham stated:

“If Christians just keep accommodating and allowing this to happen more and more, we will lose that free exercise of religion.”

“It’s more and more of that trying to eliminate the Christian freedom that we have in this nation,” he said.

Yes, of course…those poor, poor Christians having to cave to the Constitution. I just don’t know how they’ll manage to keep practicing their faith, what with all their churches being shut down and religious leaders arrested, and…oh, wait, that never happens. But, but…tax breaks!

And lastly, in a switch away from the RRRWNJs to the “normal” RWNJs, Fox News’ pet climate change denier, Mark Morano of, is very upset. According to RawStory, he does NOT like the idea that “Google’s popular web-search engine is being re-engineered to direct users to more “trustworthy” websites, saying “Let the public decide what’s the truth…” The article goes on to say:

“The proposed changes at Google would move websites up in the rankings based upon truth and not popularity.

Morano, who previously worked for Rush Limbaugh and climate change-denying Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), says this would be[sic] put him at a disadvantage.

Well, fucking DUH.

This is our daily Open Thread–what’s on YOUR mind?

95 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, March 9th, 2015: Monday Morning Morons

  1. Morons? Treasonous, meddling ones. Oh yeah:
    “Republicans Warn Iran — and Obama — That Deal Won’t Last”

    “It has come to our attention while observing your nuclear negotiations with our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system … Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement,” the senators wrote.

    What condescending fucks these people are. Who are the ignorant ones here?

  2. “Last month, rabidly anti-gay activist Scott Lively warned that if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage, it could lead to the rise of the Antichrist by the end of the year.”

    hmmmm……..and yet Canada hasn’t been wiped of the face of the earth.

  3. Scott Lively is clearly nuts. So nuts that I would have no problem using his name to define each and every Republican out there anywhere. ‘Wow, you gotta admit that (e.g.) Rick Perry and Ted Cruz are definitely Lively!”

    And what’s with the name “Scott”? Does God use that name on purpose to indicate nutcakes? Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Scott Lively, Scott Brown — each and all certifiable.

    As for god, there clearly ain’t one. If there was, and ‘man’ is created in his ‘image,’ then why are there so many gays to begin with? Is god gay? Is god republican? Is god’s name Scott? Is god ‘Lively’?

    Years ago in a poem about god, I asked the killer question:

    may i presume
    to bore you with a question
    or two?
    i won’t trifle with the easy ones
    you probably had other business
    close at hand those days
    you know
    those pressing cosmic things
    but why
    why hitler?
    why the Holocaust?
    is there something you’ve
    not told us
    in your books?

    please forgive
    my final questions
    but i must ask them for myself
    and for the dead who only speak with silenced voice
    do you exist at all?
    if so

  4. Interesting to note that the God who hates gays so much that he’ll destroy all of mankind if we accept them as equals, is the same God who condones slavery.

    • God condones slavery, mass murder, guns, environmental destruction, species extinction, air pollution, global warming, climate change, nuclear weaponry, universal gun ownership, ocean pollution, fossil fuel extraction no matter the cost to anything, political tyranny, senseless wars, Amurka . . .

      God hates gays and will destroy all the good shit listed above because some are getting married.

      OK, now I gits it.

      • Yes, and the standard Xian reply to your statement is:
        Gawd gave man free will.
        And man thought he said ‘Free Willy’…

        • Yep, I’ve heard that all my life, and all it says to me is that there can’t be notnin’ wrong with nothin’ since god said ‘go ahead, whatever turns you on.’ That’s to be expected, though, from that heavenly dude who nailed a virgin that time when he “came upon a midnight clear.”

          Bottom line is, it seems to me, that if there really was a god out there somewhere it would never have created humans — for evermore obvious reasons.

  5. Yesterday’s morning low was 27, but now the ten day forecast has lows in the 40s and 50s, with highs in the 60s and 70s. I am declaring today the first day of Spring here in the Tennessee Valley.
    Now if I can just get a few dry days to work outside.

  6. “America is about to cross “a line with God that hasn’t occurred in the entire history of the world since Noah’s flood” – Snort.
    Kinda hard to cross a line with a myth.
    That would almost certainly become a mythalignment.

    • Whenever someone tells me about “God says this and so we shouldn’t do that” I am reminded of this:

      “You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead for your freedom? And you think I’m insane?”

      (the next clip features Mr Flibble, who can found these days as a commenter on Crooks &Liars)

  7. David Lane: Gay People Imposing ‘Reign Of Terror’

    What homosexuals do in their home is none of my business. What does concern me is the reign of terror, now becoming old hat, that they impose on anyone who will not celebrate their sexual lifestyle. They evidently intend their worldview to be forced upon all others. When the coming storm arrives, Christian pastors will have to make a choice. Either capitulate on the Gospel by giving approval to the homosexual lifestyle, or—go to jail.

    I support the second option.

    • ~”They evidently intend their worldview to be forced upon all others. When the coming storm arrives, Christian pastors will have to make a choice. Either capitulate on the Gospel by giving approval to the homosexual lifestyle, or—go to jail.”~

      Those poor fucking Christians….someone forcing their worldviews on them……..wait-a-minute!..

      • I remember when that “defeatist peace sign” was described as a “chicken’s” foot. There are a whole lot of people in this country who like nothing more than war and who badmouth all who hate war. Of course, a whole lot of the noisiest war lovers always manage to avoid going (see Cheney, Dubya et al), but that fer sure don’t mean they’s chickens!

    • I know a lot of people would like to see her in an even higher political position than the one she’s in, but I think she’s perfect where she is now – The US Senate. There’s actually more she can do from there than she could from the WH.

      Besides, she has made it absolutely, 100% crystal clear that she has no, repeat zero, interest in running for the WH. People need to understand that it’s not just her life that would be changed, but her husband’s and family’s, too. And she has every right in the world to not subject them to the rigors of a national political campaign. Crisscrossing the state to run for a Senate seat is one thing, but going across the entire country to run for the WH is a hell of a lot more to ask of one’s loved ones. Hillary and Joe have already done it.

      I’d rather have Elizabeth Warren in the Senate telling the Republican Senators what inhumane bastards they are. She can do it right from the Senate floor.

    • There was also that Russian dude too – fined $20,000 for the same thing…. but didn’t have the funds to pay? How’d he afford to get there in the first place?

  8. Russians using the so-called “Cease-fire” to continue positioning and provoking for the big offensive to a city of 500,000 people – Mariupol in the south. There are reports (and boasts from the Russian side) that there are 1,500 ‘committed patriots’ (read terrorists) getting ready to start a big bombing campaign in Mariupol prior to the big offensive.

    EU and the Americans preparing another ‘strongly-worded letter of concern’ for Putin for when a city of 500,000 people is flattened.

    • The Ukrainians should join forces with Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and ‘liberate’ Kaliningrad.

      • After all, I am sure there are lots of ethnic Poles, Germans and Lithuanians who feel a threatened minority now that the Czar of all the Russias is ordering people shot in the street….. they would only be protecting them…. right?

    • “I should bring one important point to the attention of the authors and that is, the world is not the United States, and the conduct of inter-state relations is governed by international law, and not by US domestic law.”

      The US Senate lectured by the Iranian Foreign Minister on International Law!

      Ouch… that’s going to leave a mark!

      • I’m not exactly sure how old he is because he’s a stray that I picked up. The vet and I figured he was about a year old a year ago so I’ll go with @2 years.

        He’s actually very well behaved, most of the time, but no one is safe when he gets really excited. Thankfully; I’m more than twice as big as him! I win every time.

  9. The republicans, most whom claim to be Christian are rooting for war with Iran. They want to start Armageddon which according to the bible begins in the Middle East because they truly believe by doing this it will hasten the return of Jesus Christ. Now I ask, who are the real religious zealots?

  10. Obama declares Venezuela as a national security threat….national security threat, code word for threat to corporate profits.

    The US government along with the oil industry so badly want to topple the leftist government of Venezuela and replace it with a corporate friendly dictator and puppet to the Western world.

  11. Wouldn’t it of been awesome if while Bibi Netanyahu gave his campaign speech in congress if while he gave a brief history of the rise of Iran’s religious zealots Bibi would have gone farther back in history then 1979, to 1953 to be exact when our CIA overthrew Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister at the behest of what is known today as British Petroleum and replaced him with the Shah who was a ruthless tyrant and puppet to the Western world.

  12. A Message to my Fellow Republicans

    While the media’s passive “attention span” excuse du jour is real, many in the press are possessed of a boundless ideological desire to change the subject right now. That’s why the press is waiting breathlessly for (and in some cases, actively trolling for) Republicans to blow it. An intemperate remark from Congressman Jackass would fit the bill perfectly. Don’t be the squirrel. Don’t give them a shiny object. Don’t give them an excuse to turn this into “Krazee Republicans Sure Hate Hillary Because She’s a Woman.” For God’s sake, candidates, take a deep breath and skip talking about your favorite social issue for just a few days. The media is desperate for another riff on evolution or vaccines or gay marriage or prison sex from a GOP contender so they can turn their undivided attention to the Republicans.

    • Apart from the guy’s premises being clearly full of hate and projection, I notice that most (if not all) of the first couple of comments were still “awaiting moderation” (though you could see them, which makes little sense), and when you look at them,, they are supportive of Hillary or against Republicans. Later comments were approved by the moderator. That’s why I don’t trust Politico. They very much lean to the right, and right-leaning “journalism” publications don’t often practice good journalism.

    • I signed early this morning and there were less than 10,000 signatures at that point, over 58,000 now and they have until April 8 to get the remaining needed to meet their 100,000 goal.

      • Likewise. I waited till there was some action here before I put it up. I might add it again tomorrow. Not that anything good will ever happen because of it, but what the hell, beats sitting back and taking it. Right? 🙂

      • I signed it. It’s now up to 68K. This will not happen, but I hope enough signatures will add to their shame, though it would be hard to top the response from Iran for putting the idiots to shame.

        • I haven’t seen any of the 47 responding to the tongue lashing given them by Iran’s Foreign Minister!
          (how shameful that Iran knows more about how our government runs than the 47 signees on that infamous letter)

    • While I do think they should be punished for what they did, I personally suspect that if the WH is forced (by nothing more than their own policies) to respond to this petition, that they’ll say there’s a Constitutional Separation of Powers issue. In order to arrest them, the Senators can’t be going to or coming from the Capitol, and they’ll find a way to say they were doing just that. Not that Members of Congress can’t get arrested (William Jefferson), but it’s very hard.

        • As defined by the Constitution, I’m not sure I see how this letter qualifies as Treason. It’s not levying war against the United States, and only an abstract, existential argument can be made that Iran was an “enemy.” The Constitution doesn’t prohibit talking with people we don’t particularly like, but that doesn’t mean it rises to the level of Treason. We are not at war with Iran, so I don’t think this qualifies as Treason under the Constitution.

  13. There’s good news today!!

    Ben Carson: The People Will Stop Obama’s Third Term!

    First, the question from WND to Carson: “Who would stop Obama from remaining in office past his second term?”

    And Carson’s reply, via email: “We the people would oppose it through our Constitution, the 22nd Amendment of which forbids more than two terms. Even some of the timid people in the other two branches of government would be willing to stand behind the fortified walls of our Constitution.”

    • The man truly needs psychiatric assistance. He’s seething with contempt and hatred for the President that reality seems to have no place in Carson’s life.

      • I can’t figure him out. He’s probably got a reasonable IQ given that he made it thru med school, but how can anyone with a reasonable IQ be so absolutely vacant politically? For that matter, how can anyone not vacant to begin with be stupid enough to be a Republican? Tricky life, this one.

  14. This should work:

    Senate GOP Invites FRC’s Tony Perkins To Politicize Hearing On ‘Religious Freedom Abroad’

    The Family Research Council announced today that its president, Tony Perkins, has been invited to testify at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing tomorrow on “protecting religious freedom abroad.”

    The inclusion of Perkins threatens to turn a hearing about a critically important issue into a political sideshow. Perkins has consistently used the persecution of Christians abroad as a political bludgeon at home, claiming that LGBT rights in the U.S. are fueling religious persecution worldwide and falsely asserting that President Obama has done nothing to stop the oppression of Christians because he secretly sympathizes with Islamic radicals.

    And, even as he accuses the Obama administration of ignoring the plight of Christians, Perkins has attacked international human rights efforts aimed at combating violence against and government oppression of LGBT people.

    • How does Raf Cruz know the football team doesn’t already shower with the girls? I thought that was one of the perks of being on the football team.

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